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Several games I see on here that I loved from other communities like RMN (Gainsboro_rmnnet) like Luxaren Allure, Heroes of Shaola, Ara Fell, Imaginary Friends etc. I searched around on GG and found this cool website.

I Also wanna give some love to H of Shaola, this game brought me here. The introduction is horrible and slow at the beginning if you're into action games and hate dialogues but the more u play the more you're hooked. My buddies hated it in the beginning because they want action orient games but this is a storydriven game like visual novels.

Isn't this from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms? If this is true then it would made this Chinese RPG and not J-RPG?

So many badass characters in this game. I love watching Leonardo improves from a victim into a badass fighter. The graphics are admittedly a little dated but I find that charming in an age where everything is either hyper realistic or 1980s arcade retro. The story and the music is where this game really draws you in.

horror games bad 4 my mental health kkkk