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Triple Eye back again to share with you all the interesting (not necessarily best) indie games you missed in August 2019, most of them coming from right here on

And what an interesting month it was. There were a lot of great ideas posted this month, if not great games. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try them out anyway. Nor does it mean the people making these games should give up either, for that matter. Sometimes a great idea needs time to develop, and we get to see (and play) that development ourselves in real time. It's an exciting process.

Anyway, here's the video, and you can find links to download all the games featured on below. Thank you so much for watching!

Winter Falling:

Dungeon Solitaire:


QR Code Killer:


Just wanted to say I had a lot fun playing Fish. I'd echo what KeronCyst said awhile ago. This would make a great mobile game, I'd love to be able to easily play this on the go.

Triple Eye here, showing you all the great indie games on you missed in the month of July 2019. I've got six of this this time around, many of them being puzzle games. Check out the video below, or just skip straight ahead to the great games, since that's what this is all about!

Dear Toki by DDRKirby:

Factory Floor by Cyberdelia Studio:

Bone Oblitum by Siltocyn:

Triolink by Humberto Duarte:

Diatris by Rob Van Saaze:

Deckromancer by Programancer:

Thanks for watching, and enjoy the games!

Hey everyone, my name is Josh but I go by Triple Eye on my YouTube channel. Starting last month, I do a series where I look at indie games that flew under the radar, and most of those games come from right here on I love this site for releasing so many great, unique games, and I want to support these developers.

So I've decided to try posting the second video, for June 2019, here in the hopes of spreading the word. So here are the games featured this month.

Project Madison:

Pumpkin Jack:

Notebook Detective:

Bunny Business:

Seeds of Love:

Night Shift:

The Midnight Bakery:

Nothing in Sight:

And here's my video talking about these wonderful games:

Thanks for checking this out everyone, I hope you enjoyed it! More importantly, I hope you check out these games.