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hi all,

i am indie developer and have created this simple yet entertaining arkanoid style game would love a donation in any amount possible. although the best way to contribute would be to play my game leave an awesome rating on google play and spread it among your peers

cheers :)

i agree on the music front i goofed up hopefully by the next jam i can can avoid my current mistakes :)

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Studio Name: DJKY Studio

Name of Game: Post-It Breaker

Quick Bio of Game: Classic Arkanoid Style game with a twist and Art styles inspired from Post-it Art

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete: 4 Months in development, it’s Still in development will devote time depending on the traction I get from this

Why you became a game developer in the first place: For the joy of creating something which can give people happiness and gaming gives me happiness so game development just kind of found me

game page :-

Andoid link :-

Hi Guys,

Recently recreated the classic Arkanoid game with a twist of my own check it out spend some time exploring the game i promise you wont be sorry 

there are various game mode to play from with amazing art in post it form with pleasant surprises as you progress ahead

Check out my Page at :-

its available in Android :-

pretty new to the indie gaming would love to get traction for this as well as any donations are welcome :)


hey guys check out my game :

its only on the google play store 

new version out now on google play

thanks a lot for putting so much time into giving me a constrictive reply which would help me in my journey forward. This has truly been my first ever platformer i have ever created and i do realize and agree with all your points and will definitely try to improve on them it is my dream to create a decent platformer :)

feedback duly noted can you suggest what type of collider should I use if not capsule and the jump length issue even I noticed but am not able to pin point why is causing that any suggestions from experience

i am pretty new to creating sounds hence couldn't work on it

thanks for the feedback mate going forward will nave to consider MAC as well :)

Thanks bro 😀

Have included a windows version just to tackle that

developed this half cooked game in my first ever GameJam have not play tested it and apologies for no exit button in the windows version feedback is always welcome developed till Test - 3 although not tested :) kindly comment if anyone of you guys make it to test - 4 :)


major brainstorming required!!!!!!!!!!!!