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Hey Check out this Awesome Indie Game with AAA Visuals..

Thank you I will check it out ASAP.

I will upload to my YT channel:

You will surely love it

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If it is possible could you please send me free key of the game ?

Yes Sure...Where should i send it?

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Thank you. Please send it

Check  your mail.

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Thank you very much I wil play and review your game ASAP at my YT channel: Every comments likes dislikes subscriptions are welcome.

Occult is a good FPS game that have zombies around. Horror and a little bit jumpscare actions mixed. It takes me 5 star! Pros: It has good environmental design art. Especially cars and trucks like objects used a lot. Rusty appearance at night is good. Photo realistic effects are awesome. Cons/Additions: Enemies have smart AI that can easily find us, but I was a little bit forced to kill them, even with pistol. So in my opinion,  they should have died the easier way. Pistol or axe or other weapons should be able to hold with both hands. Axe's movement is slower may be it will be speed up.

Thanks to the Insane Game Studio, keep going!