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Why Itch don't add BRL?

A topic by CleanWaterSoft created Sep 25, 2019 Views: 524 Replies: 10
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Hi there,

I would like to understand this. Why don't add BRL as payment option? Is there any legal barrier maybe? Someone could explain it for me (even if not from Itch)? 

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Because it's not so easy to add new currencies. There can be all kinds of barriers, from accounting complications to lack of support from payment processors.

Paypal do not allow BRL currency payments for USA citizens?


I don't know, but there are other obstacles anyway.


Paypal will charge you a fee if the currency is another currency. Also yes it does have a limit on Brazil:

I bet that it also makes it impossible to use that old integration (sell and instantly x% go to dev and y% go to itch), right?


you will still have the same experience and problems with BRL currency, there is no changing it. Brazil made it very hard to get anything free on tax.

I must agree with you. -_-


Are you referring to the currencies available to PayPal or Stripe for direct payments, or adding a special payment provider for BRL?

Adding a new payment provider has a lot of logistics involved (I think I talked about these in another thread with you). We have to be careful about what new providers we add to ensure we can have the same set of features and don't overload ourselves with overhead.

No, I'm asking about adding BRL for Paypal and Stripe for direct payments.


Alright, I'll look into it to see if it's something we can just turn on or not.

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