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HELP - Sell Itch Keys on Own Store

A topic by CleanWaterSoft created 49 days ago Views: 83 Replies: 3
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Hi there!

So, I came with this idea in mind. I already searched around some things, like the Wordpress plugins and such, but couldn't find anything that really fits into my idea (or at least for free). What I want to do is:

  1. Customer log in my store
  2. Purchase one of my games
  3. Get a key of the game(s) to
  • They can also check his/her account for keys they purchased before
Before you say that I'm are already in, so I don't need to have my own store…
  1. I need to pay 30% withholding tax because I live in Brazil, plus the money conversion taxes and all the other taxes, making selling a game there too expensive
  2. The major part of my customers also are from Brazil, doesn't have local money available and they also doesn't offer local payment methods
By creating my own store, I would kill two birds with one stone. I could keep my games on for international sales and sell locally in my own store.

I only know HTML, CSS and Javascript, I have no idea of how I could program this. Do you know any PhP free tutorials maybe? Free Wordpress plugins that have that system I described above?

Thanks in advance!


Good news there is a way but bad news, i cant find a free way to do it. Unless you know how selfhosting works and how to set it up, there really isnt much of a service that is willing to do it for free.


I just recently remember sites like MMOGA who are key sellers, so instead of looking for a way to build a store to sell keys, you should ask and look for key selling stores. The list of key stores i found for developers are:




There might be more but these are the ones i found. These are the best i can find for advoiding Brazil fees while still selling it online.

I prefer to not use these sites. There are a lot of persons still re-selling Steam Keys of my games there (without my consent of course).

I personally don't care when they have purchased it from a past bundle and decide to pass it over, but I will have a lot of "self competition" in these places.

I still prefer to use my own site and also there's the local currency and payment methods issue.