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Psionic Games

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Thanks again for all your support, I am now working hard to get Being One 6 finished ASAP - updates soon!

Available on Android now - 30 Nov 2017


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It was FREE for the first couple of weeks...

I wasn't going to make it for Android but initial tests are promising...watch this space but no promises ;-)

First off thanks, I really do appreciate it.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it and I hope that I can continue to create these games as I feel there is so much more that I can do and many more stories to tell - Hopefully as I get more fluent with Unity as well I'll be able to create bigger and better things.

Being One 6 is much bigger than KE4 already - Anyway back to work On Being One 6 - I want to get it done sooner rather than later ;-)

THANKS to everyone who has purchased it so far, your support is very much appreciated!!


Also if you didn't get KE4 whilst it was free, give me a shout and send you a key.

Thanks for playing and recording a video, it all helps!!

VERSION 1.1 - 31 Oct 2017 - Little update

  • Fixed a few minor bugs
  • Added some doors with creepy sounds behind them 
  • Added recent file on final computer for some extra information.

Oh man that was great to watch ;-) So interesting to see/hear other people's thought processes - Thanks mate, really appreciate it!!

SPOILER Hint: Level 2 = Sign + screws

Thanks for the support, I will have more games coming out soon so please check them out too if you get chance!

Thank you, I really appreciate that!!

Killer Escape 4 for PC has been released and is FREE during the Halloween period 2017 and will go up to $3 thereafter.

Please provide feedback, comments, bugs etc here if you can and feel free to ask any questions you like - Game Dev using Unity 3D or Modelling & Animating using Blender 3D (Which I switched to on this project) are more than welcome. I'm happy to share screenshots etc.

The full game is there but there are a few extra's I will be adding in next week or so, stuff that i couldn't quite squeeze in for launch. Background stuff, extra interactive objects, random events and bug fixes ;-)

Thanks for all your support, please share this game with your friends and help me continue to make games!

I'm sure it will help (and it shouldn't take too much longer to finish) - in the meantime maybe check out Killer Escape 4 which just went live and is FREE during the Halloween period ;-)


That is a great piece of feedback - wanna be a beta tester?

I may look into STEAM at some point...I have spent the last few weeks converting the whole project to C# as Unity is phasing out UnityScript (which the game was written in ;-))

So I'm basically done now and back to square one but as of next week I can finally start finishing it up the last few levels and polishing ready for release sooooon.

Thanks, appreciate the comment!

Cool, I should be finished converting all the code to C# this week and I can get on with actually finishing the game in the next few weeks!

Yeah, it wasn't the best game I ever made...Killer Escape 4 will kick ass and explain the freaky alien stuff too - Watch This Space ;-)

They are randomly generated each play through...

FIXES 25 JULY 2017

1. Intro cinematic finishes after 60 seconds.
2. Escape Quit Menu has controls recap.
3. ALT-TAB on title screen doesn't lose mouse anymore.
4. Carried Items no longer pass through walls but they do react in other weird ways - more work needed ;-)
5. Datapad text now instant display = less annoying.
6. Elevator goes back down after 5 seconds.

Agreed, I don't know what I was thinking back then ;-) Nothing I can do about it now though as Flash is long dead...Thanks for playing!

Great feedback, thank you so much!!

New FINAL DEMO BUILD coming out very very soon. Thanks for your support!

Final BETA BUILD coming this week 27 JULY 2017

Lots more stuff added, tweaked and ready for me to work on the FINAL FULL GAME over the next few weeks - MORE INFO SOON.

Thanks for all the support so far!!

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!!

Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks and well spotted...I will fix it.

This is a great feature and should really help us one-man-dev-teams/small teams get noticed and keep fans informed of what we are up to. Keep up the great work!!

Thanks, I should be getting back onto development of this in the near future...updates & news soon!

Thanks for your support!

It's possible that the laptop may not have a powerful enough graphics card (integrated) please try the game at a lower resolution/quality at the initial start/setup page and let me know if that's any better?

Will look into a sensitivity setting, thanks for the feedback and the stats, it all helps!!

hint, both broken computers reveal a portion of the code in the random messages

Thanks, really appreciate the feedback!



*Fixed shooting - bullets flying off at weird angles!!

*Removed a load of the special FX to increase playability on lower end machines - Let me know if it runs at a steady 60FPS (or not) for you in the comments below?

Download it, check it out and please give me some feedback, ideas and comments.

Most up to date news on facebook



5 NEW BEATS coming this Friday 10th March 2017

Thanks, more updates coming soon!!

Thank you, I really appreciate it!!


BEING ONE 6 - BETA VERSION 0.5 - 24 FEB 2017

*Added New area. Will be the hub to the extra levels that the full version will have. You cant open the big yellow doors in the beta!!

*Find 10 data pads.

*Find 20 Crystals.

*Hack 1 computer and discover the story so far (in case you missed it)

*Added hand and gun shoot/idle animations.

*Added various sound FX, atmospherics and 3D Sounds.

*Minor bug fixes in game and in 3D level model.

Download it, check it out and please give me some feedback, ideas and comments.

Most up to date news on facebook


And my website


NOW FREE - Donate a little to help support me or just get 'em for free ;-)

NOW FREE - Donate a little to help support me or just get 'em for free ;-)

NOW FREE - Donate a little to help support me or just get 'em for free ;-)