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Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

THANKS AGAIN to everyone who has purchased it so far, your support is very much appreciated!!

Ghostscape 4 (part 1) will be out soon and it'll be FREE thanks to your support!!

THANKS AGAIN to everyone who has purchased it so far, your support is very much appreciated!!

Ghostscape 4 (part 1) will be out soon and it'll be FREE thanks to your support!!

Get in touch and I'll refund it for you.

Had a nightmare week, Graphics card died on me and caused unrecoverable error in Windows 10!!

After almost two days of messing about I am finally back up and running using the integrated video card on the motherboard - oh well at least it gives me a more reasonably powered machine to develop on.

On top of that I upgraded to Unity 2018.2 and it broke a LOT of things in the engine, again it's taken a day but I'm finally back to where I need to be.

Game Dev eh? Fun Fun Fun ;-)

each level should only take 5-15 mins to complete so i haven't made it save the states permanently as it gets complicated ;-)

Thanks for checking it out!! More news soon...

I didn't mean on reload, I meant on exit from the puzzle and re-entering ;-)


  • Added chest puzzle
  • Made puzzles keep their state even if you quit half way through
  • Various other bits & bobs fixed & tweaked

This will probably be the last build before it becomes a proper game (at least the first part of a 4 part release i'm planning for this game) 

Thanks for all the feedback so far and I'll drop more news in a couple of weeks (in theory) when the game will be released for FREE on webGL and Android!!

Then it'll be updated with part 2, 3 & 4 as and when I create those DLC but FREE ;-)

hah hah well spotted.  

Try putting 9:35 into the clock...there will be a clue in game soon.

i think I'll lower the volume of the music and also have it fade in and out for a smoother transition.

Try putting 9:35 into the clock...

Thanks again for the feedback. I will be back on this project next week so expect lots of updates...

Thanks for the feedback!!

Agreed on the 3D drag/rotation being 'weird' it's sorted now. Updated!

12th JUNE 2018 - Another update

OK things are moving along now, getting some basic background scenery in there now and I will shortly add some decent objects to inspect.

Please let me know if it runs OK (FPS in top right corner) especially on low-end machines



9th June 2018 - Lil Update...

Converted a million things behind the scenes to work with the new 2.5D system that allows me to mix 2D and 3D elements in ways I never could before - very exciting - all the while keeping performance high for low spec machines and mobile devices!!

Added an object viewer so you can look all around certain 3D objects - obviously this has great potential for new gameplay elements and puzzle designs!!

Have a play around and let me know if it runs OK on your machine - More updates very soon!!


Sorry, I don't have a mac to develop on and without one I can't publish to IOS

Added some samples:-

Good point ;-) I'll get a preview online later today.



Steer the little Owlet as he jumps up the tree trying to get back to his momma.

*Avoid the Big Bad Crow & Nutty Squirrels!!

*Watch out for brittle branches - they snap easily.

*Eat berries for score multipliers.

*Eat Flies & Bees for extra points.

*Use Booster Branches to get to the top quicker and with more points!

*Don't's a long way down.

it's different every time...

SPOILER ALERT:- Check out the sign on the wall round the other side (more importantly the screws)

(1 edit)

Thanks for the kind words of support - It's been a lot of work for very little reward but them's the breaks I suppose ;-)

I will probably look into VR in the future but for now I have got to make a living and that means I don't have time to 'play' around with cool stuff like VR etc - but I would love to - someday.

Those were some great 'buns' - Err, I mean puns - Groan...


Thanks for checking it out!!

Please try setting the 'Quality' to 'Fastest' on the initial start up dialog, might give it a boost?

Please check out my latest fun little game, it's just a simple project but it helped me iron out some Android issues, some WEBGL stuff too along with figuring out how to make a local highscore board it was a good learning project ;-)

Hah hah yeah, much less gross ;-)

I really appreciate that and if you need any FREE codes just let me know ;-)

Great! Thanks for testing it out & for the feedback, really appreciate it.

Thanks for letting me know. I was unable to solve that issue properly. I suggest using fullscreen...

Great, Thanks! That's just what I needed to know.

Thanks, good to know it works for you, appreciate the feedback & specs!

WOW, he's got a great career ahead of him, such talent at a young age, awesome!!

Keep up the great work both of you ;-)

Great game, very addictive and love the graphics!!

Nope not yet, it's just one view, you can look under the table that's all -  very BASIC so far (a days work)  ;-)

This project is more about making a game that anybody can play regardless of their PC specs.

Video walkthrough for those who get stuck or those that want a sneak preview ;-)

Ghostscape 3D is already available on here for FREE ;-)

Thanks so glad you enjoyed it - I 'may' or 'may not' be sticking with the FPEG format...

A lot of people seem to be missing the old 2D 3D rendered look and feel of the older games so I'm doing some tests - this may help people with lower end computers too - Will be putting a test project up soon so watch this space!

Being One 6 is out there and it's FREE for the next few days so get your grubby mits on it, play through and I hope you enjoy it!!

It goes without saying I have put lots of work into this game and I really REALLY need your support !!

A quick Tweet, a post on your Facebook page, a share on Reddit, Google+, a YOUTUBE video of you playing it all help to get my game noticed so I can continue to make these games.