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This game is the sequel to my game Kill Those Klowns! In this game you run around shooting killer clowns with different guns. It is a very hard, but also addicting game!




Do you have permission to use the images? If not then you are not allowed to publish your game. If you do have permission then its fine, just don't forget to leave credit!

To me smaller files are always better since a smaller file is usually more optimized. My computer is complete garbage and a more optimized and smaller game will usually run a lot better. Plus my internet is pretty slow as well so smaller files download a lot faster.

If I ever make another adventure game I will remember to improve this art style!

i wish that happened to me...

i love hard games so i think this is a cool topic. i like to have it start of simple to learn the different controls and actions. then i make it get harder by making the player have to be more precise in order to survive. the enemies will get closer together and there will be less room for mistakes.

i see your point but i dont plan on working on the art anymore since the game is done

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How do you use it?



So in my latest game, I tried a different art style and I think it is very cool. The pictures were hand drawn in oil pastel and then scanned onto my computer. Then I reduced the resolution to 320x240 and saved it as a 256 color bitmap. This art is based off the art in the games King's Quest 5 and King's Quest 6. I think they came out great so I wanted to share them here!

I would call him Fred

My favorite games of all time are Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 and Robot Arena.

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cool game!

This is a point and click adventure in the style of games like King's Quest! I hope you like it!

Here's a link: https://ssman.itch.io/adventure

Its because your gpu doesnt work with unity games. This happened to me. The only solution is to get a new graphics card or play on a better computer.

In my game you run around shooting killer clowns. It is a very hard but addicting platformer game.


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hi everyone! i like to make games with game maker. i hope you like them!

nice game

nice game!

it reminds me of diep.io

This game was on Game Jolt for a while but last night i put it on itch.io!

Come check it out!

You run around shooting killer clowns and the game is really hard but it is also addicting. There are 6 levels and 4 different game modes. You have to go through the forest, the city, and the circus before you face the Clownty Sheriff, The world's most evil clown!