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help name this character!

A topic by nixodemus1 created Jul 23, 2017 Views: 465 Replies: 9
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I have been strugling to come up with a name for this character from my game for a while now, so i decided to turn to the community! help me name this character! He is an english fellow, extreamly tall, (like, 7 something) as you can see, very VERY buff. he is very addicted to the idea of being strong. despite his love of strength he is actually very peaceful and friendly, and can be seen enjoying a cup of tea somewhere. In game he is the tank of the group. He is very slow but he has a lot of health and can hit like a truck. 


I would call him Fred


Could he be Bob?



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He should be called Cecil.

After getting beat up so much as a kid, because of his somewhat obscure name, he decided to beef up and give some pay-back on the bullies. Only to find out that they had all died years earlier in an electric toothbush incident while on a short stay at a mental institution. 

Now, with nothing but pent up revenge coursing through his veins, he wanders the world looking for a herbal tea that will, maybe, satiate his unspent revenge.


He could be Mr Finch ! =D

It's Mr.Philip T. Bellay for sure



stronk man

It could be Mr. BoB