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'twas for FUZE basic wasn't it. :)

Very interesting! :)

What I was able to understand from your post: "Can I publish on other websites as well as itch even if I published on itch first?"

Yup! As far as I know you can do whatever you like with your own IP.

Will do. Now to find out what I did with all of my d20s and d4s... ;P

oops, My fault! Should have seen that deviation in language there.

I think there are already ongoing efforts to do things like that. :P

Small bundles would be great! I find when developing without an engine huge amounts of assets can be somewhat overwhelming (And costly.) As well as being somewhat cumbersome to include in my code. e.g. Organizing everything into a nice file structure when you have 100s of assets (Not fun.) 

This looks fun! I'm going to give it a try!

Yup. :) I think it is. Your art looks great! Sadly I have little money or else I'd probably buy it. :P

If so, this is awesome!

What is this designed with? Did you code the entire engine from scratch?

Very interesting. Reminds me of the Pathfinder series. :) They have a law called the conservation of causality where the causer of an event must be conserved or else the event could never happen.

Averse to the command line? What kind of developer is that?

You say 1MB is small?!?

I've always wanted to do this. But then again the "wonderful" job of moderating all of that content would be a major pain in the butt.

Well hello spambot. It's nice to meet you! How are you?

Well, hello! Aren't we all?

I'd be really sad about losing Nitrome... They had some great games.

Interesting. :) It would be quite easy to remove your water marking though...


This looks epic! :P

Very nice! :) Better graphics may be helpful.