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Jimi Masuraki the troll :D

How to get castle map?

Hi, i will ask what language use to create ascii roguelike like that epic game named NetHack. Use Python3 or C++ ?

I just does it long time ago.

Hey, sooooo... Can i work with you?

Wow it is so awesome. Editor was under | or \ . Very good.

Could he be Bob?

It was hard.

Yes I haves fun with game "!Duel!".

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I can do(not good in scripting). ;)

I have:13xStrawberry, 00:23:52 Time and 229 Deaths. Is it good Highscore in Celeste? 

Write here name of project or submision for this jam.

Hey there. I've been created a new project called "DarkRogue" about getting up in and as roguelike fans know, beating up some monsters. Program that I use to create a game: Game Maker: Studio 2.

Ask me what content about your game cans be.

Wait a minute... Games name is "iii". So first "i" is first part in caves, another "i" is sequel outside of caves and third "i" is triquel in clouds? Or... Games "iii" are: first "i" is first eye that sees first dimension, next "i" is next eye that sees dimension number 2, and "i" number 3 is an eye that sees third dimension... That coulds be a theory for this game? Or just my mind is so duuumb. P.S. It may couldn't be a true about game... Lol

Games story is Beautiful and Sad. This game is greatest game i'vebeen played in my life. Maybe.. Developer is creating a part 2 outside of caves, that's what I think. Good gaming ~Liquidus

Good, good... It accepts all requariments. Godd job ;D .

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& one more fact...

I'm from Poland :D

I know.

It's just like me, i have 12 years XD.

Ohhhhhhhh.... This is soooooooooooow cuuuteeeeeeeeee... :D