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How to get castle map?

Hi, i will ask what language use to create ascii roguelike like that epic game named NetHack. Use Python3 or C++ ?

I just does it long time ago.

Hey, sooooo... Can i work with you?

I know that bug, but PuzzleScript + Me = Tons of glitches. (PuzzleScript doesn'ts help me with that bug.)

Wow it is so awesome. Editor was under | or \ . Very good.

Could he be Bob?

It was hard.

Ill try t make because there is one problem: PuzzleScript editor doesn't offer upload option. But !Duel2!... I can do!

Yes I haves fun with game "!Duel!".

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I can do(not good in scripting). ;)

I have:13xStrawberry, 00:23:52 Time and 229 Deaths. Is it good Highscore in Celeste? 


And there was two endings. Just follow flowers . down or right

Thanks so much! After that in my new game there are gonna be an special thanks and youd be in it.

Write here name of project or submision for this jam.

Hey there. I've been created a new project called "DarkRogue" about getting up in and as roguelike fans know, beating up some monsters. Program that I use to create a game: Game Maker: Studio 2.

Ask me what content about your game cans be.

Wait a minute... Games name is "iii". So first "i" is first part in caves, another "i" is sequel outside of caves and third "i" is triquel in clouds? Or... Games "iii" are: first "i" is first eye that sees first dimension, next "i" is next eye that sees dimension number 2, and "i" number 3 is an eye that sees third dimension... That coulds be a theory for this game? Or just my mind is so duuumb. P.S. It may couldn't be a true about game... Lol

Me too



Games story is Beautiful and Sad. This game is greatest game i'vebeen played in my life. Maybe.. Developer is creating a part 2 outside of caves, that's what I think. Good gaming ~Liquidus

I know that grafics can be maded better, but i maded this game in PuzzleScript, and art is sizet to 5x5 square and can't be smaller or bigger.

But thanks at all. ;)

Good, good... It accepts all requariments. Godd job ;D .

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& one more fact...

I'm from Poland :D

I know.

It's just like me, i have 12 years XD.

But i doesn't know on what program make "Home" Part 2. Bitsy or a puzzlescript?

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Ohhhhhhhh.... This is soooooooooooow cuuuteeeeeeeeee... :D