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A topic by seckswrecks created Sep 23, 2016 Views: 4,480 Replies: 16
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We're definitly not insane people for having played this game for hundreds of hours you should join in the fun with us


i played more than 5 minutes before understanding how to finish 1st room.

found 1 secret... but at 900 meters i give up. its too hard for me. or must be some tricks, like i do suddenly on 800m...

I have:13xStrawberry, 00:23:52 Time and 229 Deaths. Is it good Highscore in Celeste? 


We don't separate out any berry counts other than getting all 18 of them or however many you choose, but ANY time is a good high score if you're enjoying your time with the game!


It was hard.


Finished in 3:11 minutes with 5 deaths. I absolutely loved this game!


3:11 is a pretty impressive time!

How many berries did you collect?

I love this game. The grip is quite fast and once you are in the game, it gets cool quickly. The level of difficulty is not obvious, but after a few games, that's fine.

I got 8:50 with 79 deaths and 1 berry


has several errors in the game for the simple reason that it has to walk on top of the spines this facilitates the speed run and this is my time

I got 6:25 with 44 deaths and 1 berr

4:57 18 deaths walljump is key another thing I found is a easier path on the second last room

wow i did a 6:54 and then realized that it wasnt impressive compared to other times here XD

5:07, 17 berries, 23 deaths...

I got 2:59 with 0 berries and 4 deaths

I got 10:40 with 3 berries and 90 deaths