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Toggling fullscreen seems to reset the in game stats

this will probably have to be the last pb, what a fun version
41 lines, I can't stop playing this

new personal best on the up to date version, 35

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my best so far for snaketrible

it seems the packing for the latest update isn't playing nice with the itch desktop app, it doesn't give me any options for a version to install

I've noticed a couple things while I was playing.  Firstly once you complete the game with all the coins and go through the restart door, only one of the coins actually comes back, specifically this one

also it seems as if the coin that is in this section... doesn't appear if I already have 19?

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it seems as though if you drop a key into the water it softlocks the game because you can't get it anymore?

also in instances with save points that are half on platforms if you're holding the direction of the platform as you respawn you'll just fall right through it.


not app-friendly :(

3:11 is a pretty impressive time!

How many berries did you collect?

We don't separate out any berry counts other than getting all 18 of them or however many you choose, but ANY time is a good high score if you're enjoying your time with the game!

At first the game ran fine but now everytime on boot I get to the powered by WWise splash screen and the game locks up. I tried re-installing and updating my gpu drivers to no avail.

CPU: Pentium g3258

GPU: nvidia GTX970


I had just returned to my desk with a bowl of oatmeal I was holding with my shirt when I played this

get out of my head samantha


We're definitly not insane people for having played this game for hundreds of hours you should join in the fun with us