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Submitted by rxi (@x_rxi)
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I can't seem to jump over the first cliff at the tutorial stage. I'm at the right height with the gift but I just drop down..

rxi your games are awesome!! keep up the good work :) could you make multiple input options for those who like to move the player with wasd because its nearly impossible to acces the action keys with the right hand when the left hand uses wasd

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(sorry for reply here after ~100 days but i couldnt contact you in any other way)


Solid platformer like always. Was a bit salty that I didn't get the good ending haha.


Hey, how do you make the love file non-editable?

Amazing work as always, rxi. Great controls that work smoothly. One small issue is that sometimes, if you duck slide too early and end just as you're transitioning into another room, you clip and die. But it wasn't a game-breaking bug.

Very fun and challenging and the music is great.

Awesome stuff as usual.


Art makes me smile; extremely pleasant to look at. Gameplay is good--movement feels fluid and dashing around is super satisfying. The concept is great and the game making you think about what to do next separates this entry from the others. Music is superb.


Really nice gameplay, and loved the music. Plus the lava comment :P


Great game, I really loved the aesthetics and gameplay, that little issue of dropping the key in the water/lava is a little bit sad but overall, it's  a great entry!


Seems that i'm not the only one who dropped the key in lava ;) 

Nice game, loved the controls and global feedbacks. Great graphics!


I dropped my key into the lava XD

I really love the game, great Job. I think I will cheat my key back, I want to see the rest of the level :)

Great game so far! Got to the lava stuff, but my key got dropped into the water... And there is no way to get it back. But I really love the game style, and the shadows are an awesome touch!


Just had the same issue with the key :) Dropped into lava.


How to make it work? File extension is .love

It is made with the game engine. Install that and it shall work :)

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it seems as though if you drop a key into the water it softlocks the game because you can't get it anymore?

also in instances with save points that are half on platforms if you're holding the direction of the platform as you respawn you'll just fall right through it.