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Hey, tu peux nous dire sur quelle version tu as eu l'erreur ? Et si c'est sur itch, avec quel navigateur tu as testé ? On a pas eu l'erreur, donc merci de ton retour :)

Good concept especially with the limited ammunitions and that you have to make a step away from the earth to refill. Really liked the earth aesthetic, even more when it is being destroyed ! The game window could have been a little bigger though :)

I really loved the scoring and the chaining system. Add to that the karate hand and you have a really fun game !

The controls are a bit tough to start with, and the difficulty curve seems a bit random.

Still, it's an excellent game with cool graphics, I loved all the little details (the "characters" faces, the main menu, and your page).

Great game ! Others already said it all, nice mechanics, with a lot enemy types :)

Great difficulty curve, except for the boss which is a bit too easy and slow (but interesting that he has all the moves we learnt so far). 

As the other pointed out, the game freeze if you click outside and the hitboxes are a bit off. But I liked the game and the concept anyway. Great graphics/animations!

First, I had to change my keyboard layout (I have an azerty one), but definitely worth it ! Great concept, I had a lot of fun. Nice potential!

As some already said, all I did was staying inside kelly's room (except when the enemies first appeared), poor Kelly, alone in a house this big and empty :'(

The sword's playing idea is great, that would be even better if we could push enemies around instead of just stopping them.

I liked the graphics, blobs are cute (nice intro too !)

So bad for the sounds/music and it's a bit confusing about which blob makes you increase/decrease.

But overall, I really liked the fact that the shield's size can increase and decrease, and swallowing blobs instead of making them disappear. Nice ideas !

Yeah I guess the game is a bit difficult, espacially in some of the last waves.

I'm glad you liked the tutorial, and I hope you enjoyed the game anyway :)

One time I had the impression that the ball spawned in the corner, behind the paddles (and lost instantly). The other the ball seems to have pass through the paddle, but I might just be bad ;) Anyway, pretty impressive for "programmed graphics".

Thanks for trying the game ! It was hard coming up with new wave ideas (and drawing keys and mouse on the touchpad :) )

I really loved the graphics ! My best is 18 and lost because of weird physics but was fun anyway!

I laughed a lot thanks to the sounds! bark! How many dogs do you have? ^^
Funny game!

Seems that i'm not the only one who dropped the key in lava ;) 

Nice game, loved the controls and global feedbacks. Great graphics!

I had fun turning people into stone! Not sure I understood the whole game though but the idea seems promising !

Fun and cute tower defense! Purple tower is powerful ;) It would be nice to see tower's range and improve them ^^

Hey Jupiter, 

We really appreciate you took the time to play our game, and made a video of it! Silly of you destroying your own towers ;) 

Hi, first of all thanks for playing our game and thanks for reviewing it ! It's cool to see someone play your game and how they play it. As you said, the blue tower slow down the enemies, that's why some of them couldn't move after so many shots. I guess we could have explained that, and there is room for improvements :). Anyway, we are pretty proud of having finished our game, so thanks again for playing !

PS: We also played and enjoyed your game. So  good job finishing a game in so little time too ! ;)

Nice game, with nice animations ! A little hard though.

Nice entry, fun little game ! My best score is 85 !