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Usually I get the logs, but this time it seem it got lost. I had no time to improve performance ^^ You can hit "return" to switch to the more lightweight renderer, usually doubling FPS when GPU bound, but I think there is still a long road to go to fix all the performance issues XD Especially the realtime shadow around the player is a massive bottleneck, 50% of the power is used by this effect ouf

Awesome idea! A little bit silent maybe

Really nice atmosphere, but as already mentioned before it took me some time to read the text. The end phrase was not visible at all.

Awesome! Only thing I was missing was some sort of fullscreen, I clicked far too often outside the window :D

Haha I may come back to this offer :D

Haha, here we go, the first graphical bug ^^ I assume its the bone skinning shader.

Yes, sadly the theme and the story got stripped for time constraints. I plan to continue this project some day. The physics engine is a hacked Box2D, quite buggy  right now but I will fix that eventually :D

You can't see it in the list because it already has been added :)
Check the link on your page on the right.

1920x1080 60Hz

Make the game independent from resolution with a target aspect ratio of 16:9 and you should be fine if it does not contain too much text :)

Good job! Thanks for sharing!

"for the time being" Be careful, once its CC0 you are allowed to change the licence any time, but everyone who already got it may upload it under a different license. You are no longer copyright owner.

If you want you can add that an attribution is welcome, but not required. I usually attribute, even if not required.

Thanks for sharing this art with us, its beautiful!


Definitely worth the price + tip. Especially the smaller flames look nice. Some annotations:

Not all animations are perfectly repeatable, there is a small cut.

Blaze2 has some none transparent black backgrounds.

Some textures like blue 3 look cropped.

All animations blend to black instead of alpha, which in my case is annoying.

These images are large as promised (for an animation), but with a lot of empty margin (partially > 50%). I had to resize them manually.

No texture atlas included (not promised, but I consider them helpful for animations)

As seen on the screenshots too, some animations are colored and reused, so the actual count of "unique" animations is a little bit lower.

creative ^^

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As written on the page this game comes NOT with a steam key, even if the purchase window says so.

I apologize for this problem and am trying to fix this as soon as possible!

If you are a collector and want the old original SquareWorld removed from Steam, buy SquareWorld Unpixeled on and contact me directly at conczin[at] to receive the prequel key.

already 111 days ago?!? The time is running like crazy :)

Glad I helped!


I wish that you can move diagonal when pressing two keys at once :)

I remember playing worms and waiting 75% of the time until the AI made their turns. You are right, now I can make changes and add a quick-forward :)
Added this to my Todolist!

Thank you for the feedback!

Yes, especially with the tactic part, which should be the main topic, I am not satisfied. There were grappling hooks planned and more types of weapons and maps where each hero of your squad should be part of a plan. But I was thinking too big in the given time frame. I'm interested in updating it, so let's hope I can improve it :)

The graphics are incredible! Well done! I wish there would be more steel supports and plants later in the levels, but within the given time limit it's great!

Here a list of bugs I found so far in the case you want to continue this project:
When a tip appears in the text input ("press escape") it should disappear once the user starts typing, not append. So I often input "press escapeY" by accident.
The game is completely key-based, however opening the console works with your mouse. I recommend to move this to a key too. If you leave the cursor at the bottom of the screen you can not exit the console since it reopens all the time.
If you push a crate on a door and open it, it floats until you touch it.
Some objects like the crate has anti-aliasing and therefore more than 2 colors (it's just a bit, so still 5 stars)
Maybe I missed it but you should mention that B reverses the action of A (lift, ...)

An extra point for the dying animation :)

Saw all 3 endings :)

The interpolation caused the fonts/smaller images to be blurry, resulting in more than 2 colors.

What's about the music? I found a music file in the games data and it says Waterflame in the credits, however none of both played.

It feels like the boy wants to flee in the opposite direction :)

Good job!

The graphics are awesome! Great job!

To be honest I'm a little bit confused right now, especially after the laughter of the coconuts tree :)

Very creative game idea, great Job.

Made with love!
Simple but interesting game idea, using the 2 color rule as a feature rather than a limit.
Great job!

Try using delta time (love.update(deltaTime)) in your game code to avoid different game speeds on different systems :)

It's because you do not use delta time. That means it will work fine with 60FPS, if he is using a 120FPS monitor or vsync is disabled it will be faster.

Pale Moon, Firefox based browser can run it fine :)
Sometimes two rocks appear at once which makes it impossible to dodge, but I like the idea of hitting the rocks with the ship, not just shooting them :)

I can't rate the game, but the fighting mechanics are interesting :)
The hand-drawn look fits well with the game's topic.
Some parts in the menu and the island contains gray colors.

You deserve an extra point for the interpretation of "space"!

It's great that every enemy has it's completely own movement and attacks so you are scared at first and may fail at the first attempt to dodge, making the game more interesting. My favorite one is the laser-tie-fighter.

Graphics are simple but look polished, the animations are great too. Only thing I'm missing so far is a score or wave counter so I know when I hit my highscore :)

Well done!

Ah my head and eyes hurt, but I'm impressed by the graphics. The backgrounds, font and explosion look very polished.

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Well done! The texts are not just random, but tells a whole story. Is it possible to help Nancy or the sleeping Simon? (I hope I remembered the names)

I encountered a problem in the main menu after I won, neither play nor exit worked. Also, the exit button at the sleeping guy restarted his... dialog? I took a while to realize I had to click on the text :)

Keep up the great work!

The dashing, switching to a different type of controls, is new to me. That makes games way more interesting!

I'm a little bit confused that I sometimes loose health during the dash. Is the trick to avoid the enemies in general?

Anyways, keep up the great work!

Until today I thought to know how to make coffee :)

The graphics, together with the calm, coffee color, are awesome!

I stuck at getting the heater on, but I will try this game again tomorrow (after a cup of coffee). Or I will use your provided source code to cheat :)

Is the music self made? I like it! It has this "not from this world" feeling which fits to the games theme.

Yup. 5 different dither textures and a canvas/framebuffer containing the density of the explosion/smoke. For values between 0 and 0.2 it takes the first dither and so on. The dithering is scaled so it's not as small as a pixel, that would be boring.

Yes, I'm trying to reset very fast :)

Good luck with your future plans!

The games title fits perfect!

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The story hit me more than I expected. To be honest, I played it again and tried to fly back in the hope there was a secret ending :)

Also I gave some points on audio. Because the silent fits perfectly to the scene.

I'm not exactly sure what my mission is but the way the physics work made me smile :)
Keep up the great work!
(The game crashes/freezes sometimes without an error message, if it exports it somewhere I can send it to you)

Contact the Jams host (on discord for example) and ask him.