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Well done everyone! I really enjoyed playing all the games!

To prepare myself for minimalistic jam 3 I want to ask the people who rated my game (https://luke100000.itch.io/fading-existence) why it isn't minimalistic enough so I can improve my submission :)

that's what I said :)

Can you win the game?I destroyed everything and it goes on.

The window has some problems on a dual monitor, pops up much too large, resizes then and moves itself between both and over the border limit. Windows + Keys fixes it.

The graphic style is amazing, don't be angry if I copy some techniques :)

Beat the boss!

Very difficult, my record is just 80 distance units :)

I like the running animation, just 3 frames and still fluent.

You have to upload the GraphPuzzler_Data folder too, the .exe just contains Unity

Really interesting combat system, I took like 20 minutes to understand it but it's something new (at least for me) and I like it :)

and I was searching the whole time an exit XD
waited until the time goes out, wasn't quite a success

Is there a third level? I cannot solve the second XD

You have to package the exe and the folder in the same .zip :)

download the second file and extract it next to the exe

as much as I understood: you have like 5 seconds at start and for every kill you gain a second and you have to kill as fast as possible.

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I mean the shadows and the bloom without a toon shader. The result is far above the 10 color limit. Anyways, great game!

Extremely cool game and poor rabbits :)

But, not minimalistic graphics.

Nice game concept!

As mentioned, pattern tool tips would be great!

Cute! I feel bad for killing that many ducklings :(

Thanks! By the way: do you think the time between events lasts too long? Because my friend said it's a loading screen simulator :(

Created a new topic Please rate downloadables too!

Sometimes it is not possible or hard to achieve to present the game as a browser game. Some of the submitted games are downloadables and most of them are unrated yet (Or have a single one by me).

It would be great if you rate them too, it just takes a few seconds to download and extract, there are no must-install games as much as I know.

Ratings are not just for ranking, but feedback also helps the developer to improve their work.

Thanks guys! It was fun to participate!

I got a lot of upgrades, but no speed upgrades. Well, another few runs incoming!

A really genial game, I played it longer than I planned! But it's too fast, it is not possible to reach more than 400 points, because you have to run, jump and shoot backwards to keep the speed of the camera and can't focus on the enemies. Did I miss something?

That's like the best tracks I ever heard XD well done

interesting gameplay :)
I and the enemies glitched sometimes into the block, but I did it!

controls worked fine for me, some objects were glitching a little bit but still a nice game :)

I recommend to take a quick look at the game page for controls, etc. :)

I did not tested it, but since the game blocks closing it some virus scanner might warn you. The unknown publisher warning is normal, no need to worry, just check what you are trying to launch.

I scanned the file with VirusTotal, here are the results (0% danger) if you are interested: https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/987982889e096c4b072c2bf52bb385747f4877d2f1ad0...

For example lightning (no smooth alpha blending to keep the limit of 10 colors) when this spaceship is over a sun. One main sprite (the ship) and another one appearing sometimes on top of it.

So, I want to overlap two or three textures to create some effects like lightning and slowly appearing objects, not just to exceed the given limit of 2. This will not break the rules, since each sprite has 2 colors and the total will be below 10, but the final result will look like there are like 4 colors. Valid or not?

3 overlapping sprites? No that's cheating.

Posted in Twitter Hashtag

#MinimalisticJam! :)

No really, I think that #MinimalisticJam is fine, isn't it?

Everyone, everthing starts small.

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No, I mean why is pixel noise helpful? :)

It doesn't look nice.

why should we include this?

How do you mean you bought the Tutorial?

"Post ideas and somthing like this in the comments!"

No problem, Just check out this awesome Youtube Channel for NEW ideas!


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Libcurl needs to be installed. Including it to the. love did not work since it must be installed. I was told that most Linux systems has libcurl installed, on mac I wasnt able to test it. Sorry for that, I will try to fix that by using pure Lua instead of 

I sent you a new key.

Also, can you explain what happens exactly? This error does not happen on every device so I can't test it. On my device for example it works fine.

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The extra long waiting time is a bug we are currently working on. Without a internet connection it should try max 3 seconds before starting offline. Currently you have to wait about 8-14 seconds until it starts. There are no restrictions when playing offline. Sorry for that, it will be fixed soon.

Thanks! I will try it out soon!