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How do you mean you bought the Tutorial?

"Post ideas and somthing like this in the comments!"

No problem, Just check out this awesome Youtube Channel for NEW ideas!


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Libcurl needs to be installed. Including it to the. love did not work since it must be installed. I was told that most Linux systems has libcurl installed, on mac I wasnt able to test it. Sorry for that, I will try to fix that by using pure Lua instead of 

I sent you a new key.

Also, can you explain what happens exactly? This error does not happen on every device so I can't test it. On my device for example it works fine.

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The extra long waiting time is a bug we are currently working on. Without a internet connection it should try max 3 seconds before starting offline. Currently you have to wait about 8-14 seconds until it starts. There are no restrictions when playing offline. Sorry for that, it will be fixed soon.

Thanks! I will try it out soon!

I'm not able to start the game :(

DiscoInSpace_data is missing

Yes, that's what I meant. There is no reason to select the tool slot since you can't 'use' your pickaxe. I think the best way to improve this strange behavior is to finally add more tools so the player can see the switch. Thanks for the feedback!

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Explore a near infinite underground world and search for rare ores. Your mission, or more your greatest wish, is to find the legendary dragon eggs somewhere in the depth. Zombies, lava, orcs and hunger will try to crush your dreams, but equipped with your gear you will manage the danger down there!

Download from itch.io

Thanks for playing!
When you press "1" you would change your tool (currently only the pickaxe is implemented) and it will not activate the slot. Is this what you mean? I'm not happy with the tool selection either, I might add Q E to scroll through tools or something like that.
I really like how you compare it with Minecraft 2D because this was exactly my words when I first published Ore Miner 1 XD
SquareWorld, a game also playable from my launcher (currently in alpha) does even more look like Minecraft, because it's a building sandbox :)

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Create a new page since it is no longer the same game but part two.  Also (that's what I will do) post Images of your old game on the new game page to better see the difference additional to the link to the older games page.

Falcon-1.0 is now part of our game Nano Space!


Keep up the good work!

I give up, the game is too heavy for me :(

You did a good job, I like the game.
The dying-effect is cool, luckily I was able to see this effect very often...

The only small two "bugs" I found:
Scaling the window deforms the game, maybe borders look better?
When not moving, the player should show booth legs.
The font is very heavy to read.

Anyways, nice game!

@TRMG thanks for your feedback and bug report. I never made a game for phones, but I will try it.

@TRMG Turning off music doesn't help, but after a while the FPS raises to about 5. Enough to see how the game works, I really like it.

I'm using Android v 4.1.1

Small bug: when the screen turns off after a while (Should be disabled?) the music still goes on.

(btw, The music is awesome!)

Not playable on my Huawei Y300, I got about 0.5 FPS :( But it looks great!

Oops! Thanks for telling me XD

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Once it was intended to be a small endless space shooter, but now it's an epic endless shooter with awesome missions, fancy pixel graphics and nice unique ships to combat with.

Itch.io page:


  • 9 playable, unique ships with over 50 different levels and textures
  • additional 12 different enemies and obstacles
  • 14 missions with story
  • 3 different endless levels
  • nice pixel graphics, supported by some cool effects
  • and it's getting more!

Best of all: it's completely free!

My first, published game is not that simple, I hope I can do this is the given time :( But it's great I've found this jam, else I would never find the motivation for it!

It looks great! Maybe I will implement it in my game if you don't have any problems with that :)