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By finding all dragon eggs in the smaller levels you can unlock the bigger worlds with two additional ores.

Thanks for reporting!

Ore Miner 2 is my submission for a 5 days game jam and is no longer in active development, it received a bug fixing update after it and it should be stable enough to be played without too many annoying disruptions.

I added these bugs to my todo list, but I can not promise an update.

I double checked the render engines, nothing special, nothing which could crash. Nano Space uses much more complex shaders and it works too. Based on the results you send me (textures wrong overlapped) it' definitely not an error in the game itself. To find the thing which triggers it I need a Mac to test it on. If you have the time and interest to help me finding the error I can send you several copies, each with code parts disabled, to find the error this way. However the chance of success is low since the error could be everywhere.

I apologize for this issue.

This behavior is new to me, currently I'm discussing this with other developers. It might be a bug in the framework itself.

Can you trigger this bug or does it happens all the time? Even in the main menu?

Only if you want to, please test another game located in the launcher, like Nano Space, to see if the bug appears there too.

Also, it has to be extracted first.

SquareWorld community · Created a new topic bugs

Sadly, every game has bugs. Please help me by reporting bugs here!

I receive a raw error message automatically, but it's always a great help if one explains under which circumstances the error occurred. What was your last action? What did you do in the exact moment of the crash? Does it happen every time?

Sometimes it's not even a crash but a graphical glitch or some other strange thing. In this case, please add a screenshot.

Include your ingame name so I know which error message is yours.

SquareWorld community · Created a new topic suggestions

I'm open for suggestions, but please keep in mind that I am a single person with limited time and it may take a while to implement more complex things.

If you have a suggestion, post it below!

Now I actually feel sorry: I received your recent crash and hopefully fixed it.

Sorry, use the escape key to exit every menu  :)

I will add buttons, I usually don't create them since I personally use the escape button instead, but you are not the only one searching for a button.

The character looks cute :)


There are villagers who move into your buildings. Currently they trade and has a little bit of text, in future they should offer quests.


SquareWorld is a 2D sandbox game focused on building, exploring and crafting.


Because too many people ask: no, it's NOT inspired by Terraria or Starbound :) Most sandbox games contains blocks, that's no invention.

The crafting system however is inspired by Minecraft and I do not regret it!

The combat mechanism is something new, or at least for me, I like it. As several times already mentioned the player should be forced to leave the middle room, for example when staying in a room for too long a more dangerous creature appears, or if you still have motivation you could implement these powerups you spoke of.

The door is hard to access in the hurry, but maybe that's just me :)

The music sounds nice, but it fits to the sleeping girl, not to the dangerous situation of the incoming blob invasion :)

Great game anyways, keep up the great work!

love.graphics.setNewFont(64) loads and sets the standard font in a higher resolution, this avoids the blurry effect.

love.graphics.setLineWidth(4) changes the thickness of the rectangles.

A simple and nice game, well done!

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Great game, the music sounds awesome! The coin sound is too much for the high amount of coins :)

Maybe it's a little bit too easy, the player gets a lot of health towards the end.

It's cool how many details a game which only contains circles can have! The events, blending effects, color change of the shield, ...

As already said the font can be further improved and the edges of the circles are very rough yet.

Take a look at the sound system, it's easy to use and improves your game for sure.

Nice game anyways!

Oh that's why I wasn't able to defrag, I had too less harvested bytes! I always selected several fields.

I like the idea, with a little bit of clean up it can be a great game.

The screenshake is perfect! It lets one feel the impact of the attack.

After you loose, you can still kill some squares inside the main square to gain extra points :)

Simple and neat graphics, the rather quietly music fits perfectly to the stressed situation. I like this emotional shout if the bomb detonates :)

Maybe you should include the tutorial in the game, I was very confused what to do before I found the controls. Also, not that important, the window title shows "unknown".

Great game, I like it, even if I blew up the world several times so far!

Thanks for the feedback! I will increase the power of the boss, adding some more attacks :)

Thank you! I'm going to add shadows for the arrows too, so it's easier to see the line, thanks for the feedback!

scripts/base/entity.lua:84: Frame out of range! Frame 3, Max: 2 Anim: walk

You have a very strange dog :)

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Really cool game concept!

I have two wishes if you want to update it someday: drag and drop, especially when 'throwing' intro the cauldron it will look more fancy. Also, if the color of the potion would change depending of the ingredients you threw into it it would be amazing :)

Anyways, great game!

Nice game, I like it!

When you die, you can still continue and will skip each level after 3-5 seconds. Bug?

(Edited 1 time)

I'm very thankful for the glow effect when an asteroid touches the atmosphere :)

With my upgrade "notepad++" I found next to the carrot plants I was able to improve the fire rate of my gun and killed 985 of these things, but then my PC starts lagging because of the 57984564783 other aliens. I'm not sure, but I think something isn't working with the enemy wave spawning system :)

(Edited 1 time)

That's not how a farm works XD

But the graphics are cute.

Well, I harvested tons of 255-bytes, fed the virus and am still very confused XD What is happening with my tree!

I dropped my key into the lava XD

I really love the game, great Job. I think I will cheat my key back, I want to see the rest of the level :)

Pixence - fight your way towards the gate and protect as many villager as you can from the (currently not existing) enemies!

@Agiaht The witch looks cute :)

LÖVE Jam 2018 community · Created a new topic music?

Just to make sure I read the rules correctly: music have to be made within the given time, so no premade ones from for example Waterflame.

thanks, now I'm feeling sad :(

Nice game!

Well done everyone! I really enjoyed playing all the games!

To prepare myself for minimalistic jam 3 I want to ask the people who rated my game (https://luke100000.itch.io/fading-existence) why it isn't minimalistic enough so I can improve my submission :)

that's what I said :)

Can you win the game?I destroyed everything and it goes on.

The window has some problems on a dual monitor, pops up much too large, resizes then and moves itself between both and over the border limit. Windows + Keys fixes it.

The graphic style is amazing, don't be angry if I copy some techniques :)

Beat the boss!

Very difficult, my record is just 80 distance units :)

I like the running animation, just 3 frames and still fluent.

You have to upload the GraphPuzzler_Data folder too, the .exe just contains Unity

Really interesting combat system, I took like 20 minutes to understand it but it's something new (at least for me) and I like it :)