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I give up, the game is too heavy for me :(

You did a good job, I like the game.
The dying-effect is cool, luckily I was able to see this effect very often...

The only small two "bugs" I found:
Scaling the window deforms the game, maybe borders look better?
When not moving, the player should show booth legs.
The font is very heavy to read.

Anyways, nice game!

@TRMG thanks for your feedback and bug report. I never made a game for phones, but I will try it.

@TRMG Turning off music doesn't help, but after a while the FPS raises to about 5. Enough to see how the game works, I really like it.

I'm using Android v 4.1.1

Small bug: when the screen turns off after a while (Should be disabled?) the music still goes on.

(btw, The music is awesome!)

Not playable on my Huawei Y300, I got about 0.5 FPS :( But it looks great!

Oops! Thanks for telling me XD

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Once it was intended to be a small endless space shooter, but now it's an epic endless shooter with awesome missions, fancy pixel graphics and nice unique ships to combat with.

Itch.io page:


  • 9 playable, unique ships with over 50 different levels and textures
  • additional 12 different enemies and obstacles
  • 14 missions with story
  • 3 different endless levels
  • nice pixel graphics, supported by some cool effects
  • and it's getting more!

Best of all: it's completely free!

My first, published game is not that simple, I hope I can do this is the given time :( But it's great I've found this jam, else I would never find the motivation for it!

It looks great! Maybe I will implement it in my game if you don't have any problems with that :)