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The graphics are incredible! Well done! I wish there would be more steel supports and plants later in the levels, but within the given time limit it's great!

Here a list of bugs I found so far in the case you want to continue this project:
When a tip appears in the text input ("press escape") it should disappear once the user starts typing, not append. So I often input "press escapeY" by accident.
The game is completely key-based, however opening the console works with your mouse. I recommend to move this to a key too. If you leave the cursor at the bottom of the screen you can not exit the console since it reopens all the time.
If you push a crate on a door and open it, it floats until you touch it.
Some objects like the crate has anti-aliasing and therefore more than 2 colors (it's just a bit, so still 5 stars)
Maybe I missed it but you should mention that B reverses the action of A (lift, ...)

An extra point for the dying animation :)


Tnk you a lot for your support ! I'm sorry to see this comment in late xD
It was our first game jam so we are really happy of the final result. Thanks you for reporting the bugs, it help us to corect the project !

already 111 days ago?!? The time is running like crazy :)

Glad I helped!