Submission open from 2018-07-20 16:00:00 to 2018-07-22 16:00:00
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-=- Welcome to the 2 Colors Game Jam -=-

What is 2 Colors Game Jam? It's a 48H Game Jam where you have to create a game with only 2 colors. You can use a Pixel Art, or other type of graphics.

-=- RULES -=-

1. You can use any engine you want
2. The whole game need to be create during the 48H
3. Use only 2 colors (you can use other than black and white)
4. You can use premade assets for musics and SFX
5. You can create a team (max 4 people)

If you want to upgrade your game after the jam's done, please make a POST JAM version and a JAM version.

-=- Theme -=-

You can submit your idea for the theme on this form. You can submit your theme ideas until the 07-15-2018. You can return here after this date to vote for the final theme.

-=- Other and FAQ-=-

Do you have any question? You can contact me on Twitter or on the community.

You can search or join some team on the Crowdforge page!

You can join the Discord of the jam here !