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Hey, how do you make the love file non-editable?

I have this hunch that this would work out better at a width of 20 tiles, rather than 16. I mean, it's not like it was difficult to avoid enemies, but it's just a hunch.

Unless the game was actually meant to be 20 tiles wide, but it shrunk to fit my screen...

An ole simple idea, but the subtle little improvements (varying pineapple angle and speed, chains, moving pizza, slow motion) make it stand out. Though the slow motion makes it different, not necessarily better than fast-paced action.


The earliest versions of the game were actually twice as fast =P

But yeah, after a certain point, there's no "forced progression".

You should ask the hosts. But hey, don't forget that you've made a game! And that's a cool thing!

Ahm, the game page description gives me the impression that you may have borrowed assets from other places... is that the case? Cause it's ok to work as a team, but all assets must be made during the jam.

What? Barrels don't explode? Missed opportunity there.

There, I've updated the game's main page, I think it's much clearer now!

Oh, thanks, I'll try to make the description there clearer, it's a confusing little game.

I'll try to rephrase it here: you have to protect the green circles, and at the same time you have to try NOT TO protect the brown circles. If you protect them all, you can make the game go on indefinitely, but that's not necessarily a good thing, as brown circles hurt your score for as long as they're there. If a brown circle gets shot, it turns green. If a green gets shot, it's gone.

The power measure is those eight yellow lights above the 8x8 multicolored grid (I guess that would've been obvious in a real Meggy Jr., but not here). But remember that you can't place a shield overlapping another one, no matter how much power you got!

You are supposed to end up losing all green circles at some point, though, at least in theory. You should just try to keep them going as long as you can.

Yeah, sorry, this is my first time jamming. The description of the game in its main page explains how to play. I was expecting it to show up here. It's a tad bit too long for me to post here, so go there.

I went for that aesthetic as a challenge (it's a pseudo-Meggy Jr. RGB). Maybe next time I should just try to make something good, period, without any crazy ideas. Although not having to worry much about the graphics was a good thing.

Yeah, there's no sound... some beeps and buzzes would be nice. But even if I had had the time, I would  have spent it trying to improve gameplay. Sound is secondary.

I'm not SURE that PICO uses two. Maybe the browser was using the other one (even though PICO was running on the browser). I don't know if that's possible.

I have a crappy computer. One of the things that attracted me to fantasy consoles was the assurance that, no matter what game I try, it would perform well on my machine. Also, secondarily, if I end up really making a game, it would run on pretty much anyone's computer. "It even run on your grandma's rig!", like they said in the good old days of Ace of Spades*.

But very soon while trying out TIC-80 games, I came across FPS80. On my computer, it shows a red "sync" all the time. The movements seem alright (compared to a youtube video), but the music is super slow, sound effects are choppy. It seems to be too heavy for my computer. And yes, I was running it directly on my TIC-80, not on the browser.

After that, I made a little research. I'm pretty sure that PICO-8 puts artificial limits to CPU usage, so no one can make a very heavy program without running into that ceiling. And I never had any problem, not even running the seemingly heaviest cartridges. PICO-8 (running in the browser) seems to use at most 60% of my two cores. FPS80 on TIC-80 uses 100% of one core, but seemingly ignores the other.

Now, the questions: Does TIC-80 limit CPU usage? If not, are there plans for it? What would be the minimum requirements, then? Could it be a problem of it not using both cores?

*Funny thing. Ace of Spades (the original game) was made using Voxlap, which inspired Voxatron, which led to PICO-8, which inspired TIC-80.

TIC-80 community · Created a new topic Controller config

So, I was running this controller test, with my actual controller, and the buttons are all in the wrong place. Is there any way to configure this?

I know it's not in the game menu. The game menu lets you change how the gamepad maps to the keyboard, and I want to change how the gamepad maps to... the gamepad! Also, the game menu (pressing Esc) only shows in an exported game.

My guess is it has something to do with the config file, as there is a gamepad thingie there, but I can't find any docs.

Sorry if someone has posted this already, it seems there's no way to search old threads.