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Yeah, sorry, this is my first time jamming. The description of the game in its main page explains how to play. I was expecting it to show up here. It's a tad bit too long for me to post here, so go there.

I went for that aesthetic as a challenge (it's a pseudo-Meggy Jr. RGB). Maybe next time I should just try to make something good, period, without any crazy ideas. Although not having to worry much about the graphics was a good thing.

Yeah, there's no sound... some beeps and buzzes would be nice. But even if I had had the time, I would  have spent it trying to improve gameplay. Sound is secondary.

No I meant, that I read that stuff and didn't finish understanding what I had to protect and how, or at which stage I was (to activate the shield) I always end up dying for some reason, not sure how to make progress.

Yeah you should really port it to that handheld someday and post images of it over here! And of course sounds can come after

Oh, thanks, I'll try to make the description there clearer, it's a confusing little game.

I'll try to rephrase it here: you have to protect the green circles, and at the same time you have to try NOT TO protect the brown circles. If you protect them all, you can make the game go on indefinitely, but that's not necessarily a good thing, as brown circles hurt your score for as long as they're there. If a brown circle gets shot, it turns green. If a green gets shot, it's gone.

The power measure is those eight yellow lights above the 8x8 multicolored grid (I guess that would've been obvious in a real Meggy Jr., but not here). But remember that you can't place a shield overlapping another one, no matter how much power you got!

You are supposed to end up losing all green circles at some point, though, at least in theory. You should just try to keep them going as long as you can.


I'll definitely will give this a second try and rate it again, thanks for the detailed explanation!