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Amazing work as always, rxi. Great controls that work smoothly. One small issue is that sometimes, if you duck slide too early and end just as you're transitioning into another room, you clip and die. But it wasn't a game-breaking bug.

thanks for playing! it's really nice of you to play and do commentary on everyone's games!

the game did not lie ;)

(if u saw this comment on another comment thread it's because I accidentally commented on someone else's game and not mine oops)

Thanks! And yay :D

Which exits did you find? (what room they were in, how you got there, w/e) I'm just curious.

I never really know what people's genders are on because no one talks about it much. I am indeed a girl, just not really fitting into I guess what a typical society would define a "girl." I make games, or at least try to haha.

Thanks Sky for the great response.

I have a question regarding your Rule #3 though -- Do you know of any specific social media/forum/discord server that is dedicated to game dev community? I'd like to check those out myself.

I only see people giving advice on how to stay motivated to finish a game, not how to stay motivated to stay in game dev altogether.

The problem with me is that I guess I have too high expectations for myself. But every time I see someone I admire submit a really cool game, I enjoy their creation, but at the same time I doubt my skills. I've been going on and off in game development because of my erratic motivation levels.

I don't get a lot of exposure in general either, so there really isn't anyone telling me that I'm doing a good job. Nor do I have any friends who are interested in game dev. (Note that this isn't a plea for attention; I'm simply explaining my circumstances)

I feel like all I really need is discipline, but even that is hard to achieve especially because game dev is only a hobby for now. I am merely a high school student about to go to college.

But I'm certain that I am not alone. We all burn out, don't we? If so, what do you all do in order to stay motivated or disciplined to just keep making games?

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I'm not sure if it's something wrong on my end but this happened just after I downloaded Game Creator. It's hard to config anything if my cursor is hidden.

When I (somehow) click on the back button and go back to the music editor, the cursor reappears. It's only on the config where the cursor is hidden.

Also it bothers me that the notes on the piano don't match up with the notes that are played. Perhaps this is on my end as well but I don't know how to fix it.

you got me addicted to this game. well made.

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(Can someone please tell me how to add an image to my post)

It's been six years since I last used Scratch, and I made this. Making games in Game Maker and LÖVE proved tiresome to me because 1) the language itself was slow to learn for me and 2) I wasn't familiar with game logic, so I decided to go back to the beginning and make something in Scratch.

Frankly, I'm amazed that I could make this in Scratch.

The scripts are open-source in Scratch, so you can check out how I made it:

Hi, I'm Ted. I've made games in my childhood with Scratch, got busy with school for many years, and a little more than a year ago I regained my passion to make games. Even though I'm still busy with school. I've used Game Maker for a while and it's what I used to make my only finished game on this site, but I'm currently learning Love2D.

A lot of game devs who I look up to for inspiration and motivation use, which is the primary reason I joined. After a few more months of practicing and making substantial small games, I wish to fully participate in this community and game jams. In the meantime, I have a lot to learn.