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Thank you! I will work on all the points you mentioned.


Nice art and music--gives off nostalgic retro arcade game vibes. There's an appeal in that it's not a super simple game and requires some concentration. With that said, it's a bit too difficult, for me at least, and could be improved with a life system.

chill dude
Callum is just making a harmless request; plus, he has an entry in this game jam so he most certainly has love2d installed. It's probably his preference to have games as a windows exe. Also, no need to assert your own game lol

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Thanks for playing! I will think of ideas to give the sword more functions.

Will definitely do some stuff to add variance. Thanks!

Feedback noted. Thanks for taking the time to play my game!

Thank you for the feedback! Originally, I planned for different blob types and Mario Kart style power-ups, but due to time constraints, they couldn't make it into the game.

The game is unintuitive. Despite the simplicity of the art, the game is difficult to follow. The colors don't correspond well to the dots in that they aren't good visual representation of their roles. Maybe actual symbols could alleviate this and make the game more playable. With that said, the concept overall is pretty good--it just needs more visual aid.

In its current state, the game seems to be extremely easy and slow. The gameplay is rather bland with only a few things to spice it up: meteor shower, life blob, and puhhh? Even these things feel like they were randomly thrown into the game solely for variation… I’m not sure what the life blob looks like, and I’d also like to know what puhhh is. I think it’d be nice if the text could be made more clear and the colors reconsidered—it’s pretty straining on the eye, especially with the flashing text against the black background. The text is blurry and the circles could benefit from anti-aliasing. Also, for some reason, the blobs are consumed faster when they touch the shield while it's moving--you might wanna look into this. Overall though, it's a cool concept that could be great if you build it up more.

I like the art style and ambient sounds, which set the mood really well. The dash mechanic is also cool.

I like how there's no set attack speed and that it's dependent on user click speed. This makes the attack very responsive. Nice touch that the cursor is confined, so there's no accidental clicking outside of the game window. I like the hand-drawn art style and that the game is playable in the browser as well.

Cute art! The animation when the zombies are hit is nice and adds a feel of impactfulness. The sounds are a little obnoxious though, and the reload indicator is barely noticeable.

Nice twist on a classic game with retro art style and music that's appealing to look at. Looks good and polished. Love how the magnet mechanic makes for a good challenge. Unbelievable that this was made in a day. Good work!

Simple but not bad. Use of real life images is refreshing, and it that regard, it stands out from other games.

Art is fantastic. You should definitely add some kind of mechanic to differentiate this from other tower defense games :)

Creative idea. I like the way you introduced new mechanics--made for easy and natural adaptability to game. Nice and appropriately challenging.

Simple and clean game with nice aesthetic appeal. The idea is creative and challenging. Con is the sudden difficulty spike.

Funny game. Funny idea. Funny sounds.


Game concept is good but can be polished. The maze generation is cool, but some way to attack would be nice.

The hand-drawn art is cute and the movement is good. The look of the numbers doesn't match the general art style, however, and the shield hitbox is too generous.

Game, as of now, seems to be pretty confusing but the idea is promising. The eye thing is snapped to the grid but not to center, which you might want to fix.

Art makes me smile; extremely pleasant to look at. Gameplay is good--movement feels fluid and dashing around is super satisfying. The concept is great and the game making you think about what to do next separates this entry from the others. Music is superb.

Game is fun, and picking up money is a nice twist to tower defense. Feels like a game I would actually play if polished a bit more.

Game is hella good. Everything looks really polished--art, music, and everything. Difficulty is near perfect, so it's fun to play.

Art is super nice, as well as the sound--not overwhelming and fits game mood. Colors could use a bit more thought as the text is somewhat hard to read, and implementing a scoring system might make it cooler.

Good game idea but can be polished. The fact that the bullets come out to the chicken's right should be reconsidered; might be intentional to prevent holding space and not dying, but it's disorienting. Hitboxes are off, and music is somewhat unfitting, but the art is cute.

The nice mood with the simplicity of the black of white makes me feel like I'm in space. the curved "bullets" are a neat concept and looks nice. Doesn't feel like hits any impact though because enemies don't react. Constant beeping is a bit overwhelming, and attack sounds don't sync up when you rapid fire.

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Game has a cute, simple concept with good art and music. Hitboxes are off though, and there's a suddenly difficulty spike that could use some reconsideration.

Bomb Fingers has a clean aesthetic appeal with interesting mechanics and a nice story. The concept is funny and definitely has a lot of potential. However, the explosion sounds were rather loud in comparison to the background sound. Moving finger to another key should also release the previous key. It could use a scoring system as mentioned in the comment below too, but otherwise, it seems like a cool game.

Assault^2 is a cute, clean game. The simplicity is nice in that there are no distracting elements so the focus is isolated on gameplay. Some things to consider, however, may be the blurriness of the text and the chosen colors against the black background, which are a bit straining to look at for an extended time.