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Unique use of the theme! You should make dark squares appear less the higher you go.

This is very fun! I like that you have text within the level.

Thanks for playing! The heavy attack is slower and has a longer cooldown but I may need to increase those durations. I wanted players to constantly attack rather than hit and run so the long stun time was intended.

I agree that it is too difficult. Decreasing both the gravity and energy reduction when hitting a wall would be nice changes.

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Playing with someone else was fun! Enemy AI would be a nice addition for a single-player mode. To be frank, the music is somewhat off-putting. 

This is so fun! You should make the name of the rune show up when the cursor is hovered over it because I didn't know what some of them were initially.

Simple and unique. Great job! More hazard variety would be nice.

Incredibly polished. The movement was unpredictable and I think the sliding should be removed or made very subtle just for the effect. The difficulty should come from the levels themselves. I think mazes would work really well with what you have here.

Nice visuals and intro scene!

this game is lit (sorry feel free to rate my entry 1 star for that (dont))

Nice visuals and core gameplay! You should add sounds for the flame, worms, and actions (z and x).

I can teleport the match by bring the cursor out of the window and back in lol

Unique and challenging. I am able to wall climb by holding the directional key that is facing towards the wall and spamming space. Is that an intentional feature?

If you finish it, I could see this being something great.

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I liked your use of the jam theme! 

I think you can remove the blurriness from your text and images by putting `"nearest", "nearest")` in your `love.load`.

I have never seen this type of gameplay before. It's very fun!

You measured the performance of the driving through distance but you did not measure the performance of the shooting. A simple point system could work.

This mechanic has a lot of potential. Visuals and sounds were on point!

I liked the experimental art style and how the writing connected with the level. I think the game could benefit from a parallax effect so that it would be easier to gauge distance and see motion.

The aesthetic and sounds are really nice! I also think it is more intuitive to drag away from the intended direction.

Very cute! Good puzzle design.

I agree with everyone else. Graphics and sounds are especially important in an idle clicker to keep the player engaged.

The level of polish is insane. Awesome job!

I think you need to slow down the fast projectile. The ship moves way too slow to avoid it. Otherwise, I enjoyed playing and the small bit of story you put in.

That was difficult but I liked it! I also agree that the movement should be more predictable. You could possibly do that by reducing the bounce factor.

Very wholesome game! My only complaint is that I found the movement unpolished. I didn't like how you bounce off the under-side of platforms. If that was intentional to make things more difficult, the player should have an opportunity to recover.

Great level designs! The wind mechanic is genius and the level names remind me of BoTW's shrine names.

You really captured the essence of hope here. I think I explored all of the map and I'm still not sure if there really is an escape or not. I liked how the backtracking forces the player to find paths without rocks, but I didn't enjoy having to spend the time to walk to and from the taskmaster in increasing distances.

You did a fantastic job making this game look aesthetically pleasing with only circles!

Thanks! There is some sound and a above-head dizzy effect (don't know the term for it lol) when the enemy gets hit but I guess I didn't make it noticeable enough. We planned to have a hurt animation but had no time.

Looks and sounds amazing. I was able to reach the 5th level!

Very creative!

Weird stuff happens when both my mouse and controller are connected. AI doesn't work and I am able to control both the blue and green cars when using the controller.

Awesome use of the jam theme.

I really like the role of each item. It forces you to manage your resources and think fast on which one to select. Adds a lot of depth to the game. Great job!

The art and level designs are great!

I think the game is too easy. Maybe place more spikes and make the skulls move faster?

Thank you for the feedback!

Feedback noted. I thought the projectiles moved slow enough and that the warning laser gave enough time to avoid.  Or were you talking about something else? The game doesn't use shaders and it runs smoothly on my non-gaming laptop so I'm not sure why it is choppy for you. 

Thanks for playing and for the compliments!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Working with 3 other people was hectic but fun at the same time. And you did reach the end. I couldn't give it a more proper ending because of the time constraint haha. MapleStory was definitely an inspiration here.

Thank you! I will work on all the points you mentioned.


Nice art and music--gives off nostalgic retro arcade game vibes. There's an appeal in that it's not a super simple game and requires some concentration. With that said, it's a bit too difficult, for me at least, and could be improved with a life system.

chill dude
Callum is just making a harmless request; plus, he has an entry in this game jam so he most certainly has love2d installed. It's probably his preference to have games as a windows exe. Also, no need to assert your own game lol