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A jam submission

Gale: First DraftView game page

Shoot arrows and control the wind
Submitted by NotExplosive (@notexplosive) — 13 hours, 40 minutes before the deadline
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Great game! Clever wind mechanic, I really liked it. It would be more complex, but slowing down the time scale and showing the big circle pad on the screen makes it pretty intuitive to use.

Bloody hard though.


Great level designs! The wind mechanic is genius and the level names remind me of BoTW's shrine names.


Wow, I really like this game. The atmosphere is so complete it was just you play it but you forget you are playing a game. This can definitely make a great physics/puzzle game with some more mechanics and better graphics. The most difficult level was Horseshoe for me.


I downloaded and at 2019/02/23. They are same file at all.

Could you upload file once again please?

Perhaps I played post-love-jam version. It was great game. I had excited about it.



omg I wish I read this sooner! You're so right! I had somehow replaced the jam version with the post-jam version. That's why I was getting so confused about what version people were playing.

The jam version is now up. It's the one with a black background. I'm so sorry for all the confusion.


Thanks! I could download and play jam version!


CLARIFYING COMMENT is the POST JAM BUILD. It's not labelled as such because it's actually a submission for another jam. Please base your ratings on thank you!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1) is really different from the version I originally downloaded


Yeah that's because I spent a week refining it for the post jam build. Sorry for the confusion


So hard but so addictive... It's a very good game.


Holy shit man, some of those levels were really god damn hard. I managed to get to level 16 (the chimney one), and that was just too much for me. It's very impressive that you managed to get that many good levels though, and have the game engaging enough to be playable for that long. I think the sound design was a huge part of that, as has been mentioned by other commenters. Overall, it felt really well polished. The only thing that was off was when the guy in the blue shirt didn't get impaled when I accidentally shot him.


oohh! I think you played the post jam version! I hope your rating  is based on the one without the background (aka no blue shirt person) :x

Thanks for playing anyway!




Not your fault-- I had the wrong version labeled as the jam version because I'm a dingus. It's fixed now but it's kinda too late. Really sorry.


it's fine, I am happy to have accidentally played a more complete version of the game.


The sound design is amazing, both the bow sounds and the wind controlling sounds. I think that having to hit the targets at the right angle was my biggest problem, as it felt like it was just luck whether or not I hit it the right way, and at first I wasn't even sure if the angle was the reason it wasn't working.


Completed all the level, I love how I can slow the time down and manipulate the direction of the arrow. The part where player has to shoot all the target with one arrow is pretty cool too. There are some interesting level design where the player can clear a level with different methods and it is up to them to decide which is easier, so that is good.

I also like the sound effect a lot, pulling the bow and shooting the arrow sounds very satisfying!

Maybe some sort of indication can be added to let player know that they can slow the time down by holding right click? I didn't know that at first and I was trying to manipulate the wind before shooting, haha. But maybe this is just me being a bit slow and didn't figure out sooner.

Fun game, great job!


Very neat game! I like that you can slow down time and the way the archer looks when he draws his bow. Too bad I got stuck on the level with the two upwards facing targets >.<


Was that the "precise angle" level? Try only pulling the string back slightly and not using the wind at all.

I was this close to cutting that level but after some changes I was like "nah it's fine!" I regret it.


Complex but very interesting concept , and you did that in 2 days ! Congrat.


I just released a patch that should make aiming much easier. You no longer need to click on the character and the sensitivity is much lower