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Slay alien yakuza in this combo-based beat em' up.
Submitted by Kalamitous (@kalamitosu)
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Very impressive art for the time frame. The combo system was cool, but I didn't really see any reason to ever use a light attack, since heavy attacks just seemed better. The enemies also stayed stunned for a long time, which really encouraged me to run in and hit as many people as I could to stop them from attacking back.

Other than that though, a pretty solid entry.


Thanks for playing! The heavy attack is slower and has a longer cooldown but I may need to increase those durations. I wanted players to constantly attack rather than hit and run so the long stun time was intended.


Finished it zith 226 000 point , this is pretty good , but I found it a little too repetitive , which is normal I guess considering the 3 days deadline. Also , I found the level design too vertical for this kind of game , and I would have prefered fewer but stronger enemy , but in general , the game is fancy , dynamic and fun to play.


Not bad! I like how you added some combo into the combat system. The different variation of enemy is quite interesting too.
I think you can make the slashing more satisfying by adding some animation and sound when the enemy got slashed, currently the enemy just stand there.


Thanks! There is some sound and a above-head dizzy effect (don't know the term for it lol) when the enemy gets hit but I guess I didn't make it noticeable enough. We planned to have a hurt animation but had no time.


Music switching by progress is interesting!

I feel dash movement is too sensitive. I often fell down.


Thank you for the feedback!


hi , it looks very good, if you just outline black the tile set, it would make it look much better !!!

I like sword/ninja game so I have a bit of a bias there ^^ but it feels good . Still it's hard to feel / see the danger in the ennemies , it should be "foreseeable" for the player . I don't know if it uses shader but fore some reason it could get very choppy on i5 + hd 4000 ? otherwise a solid entry, looks very good, sounds good , just if you are punished as a player you should have a chance to escape/see what's coming to you . looking forward to see an expanded version ^^


Feedback noted. I thought the projectiles moved slow enough and that the warning laser gave enough time to avoid.  Or were you talking about something else? The game doesn't use shaders and it runs smoothly on my non-gaming laptop so I'm not sure why it is choppy for you. 

Thanks for playing and for the compliments!


Cool game. Having a team of four must have been pretty fun! I played the game and got as far as I could, but I wasn't sure if I actually beat it, because when I beat the level with jetpack people, it gave me the option to retry or quit. I liked the music and what the idea was here, it reminded me a lot of Maplestory.


I'm glad you enjoyed it! Working with 3 other people was hectic but fun at the same time. And you did reach the end. I couldn't give it a more proper ending because of the time constraint haha. MapleStory was definitely an inspiration here.