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A game about precision platforming and pretentious poetry
Submitted by Chao (@ChaoatGames) — 11 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Very cool art style, very creative. I really like your drunken camera light-bending/invisibility effect, it's one of the best ways I've seen invisibility done.


I liked the experimental art style and how the writing connected with the level. I think the game could benefit from a parallax effect so that it would be easier to gauge distance and see motion.


Well that ending sure was something, just spooked me actually xD

This game, for one reason or another, reminded me of the game where you play as a man in a kettle of water with a hammer trying to climb a mountain, as he gives you inspirational quotes whenever you reach certain milestones or lose significant progress.


You mean sexy hiking? I've always wanted to make something that someone would compare to sexy hiking.

Sorry about the spooky ending, I swear it wasn't my intention ;)


Oh I never heard of sexy hiking until now, the game I was referring to is called Getting Over It, but it would seem that the game I was referring to is based off of the game sexy hiking!


I did not understand everything, but I felt this was something interesting.


I think you've managed to squeeze a couple of interesting things in here. If you read it as a few words about introspection - and the internal friction that comes with it - the other elements turn out to be chosen very carefully and adding some meaning. Like the shaders - a simple, but interesting design choice - or the invisible platforms, or the quotes. And the idea you go with - I'm not a big fan of focusing on separation between self vs external world on its own (I'll blame Neon Genesis for that), but you're taking it a little further with the words about fighting yourself and it does add a lot of depth. I'll have to think about it some more.  I think you could make the writing a little bit more grounded (though the review I'm writing might be the most pretentious on this jam :D) and expand the levels, or go a little further with your train of thought - but overall, I think it's a creative, thought-provoking composition. 


Thanks man. I find that not many people notice these kinds of philosophical musings, at least in the stuff that I've made, so it's great to hear from someone who did. I've been reading a text by the Dalai Llama recently, so you can see where a lot of the ideas came from. It's always been a great aspiration of mine to have someone really dig into and analyse one of my creations, so thanks for fulfilling that for me.

As for the groundedness of the writing, in the end it really came down to time. Coming back to it, I would spend a lot more time thinking about the writing tweaking it to be much less pretentious.


awesome experience, graphically so interesting, catchy atmosphere !


Thanks! "Interesting" is definitely a good way of putting it :)
I'm glad you liked the atmosphere too. I was worrying towards the end that it was going to feel unfinished and dull, but I feel it came together pretty well in the end.


yes I was quite mesmerized by the experience, I would add it was kinda hypnotic in a good way ^^


In my opinion this is the most unique game this game jam, very calm and atmospheric. Also very interesting use of shaders!


Thanks! I haven't played many of the other games yet, so I can't comment on whether it's the "most" unique game, but I am hoping it'll score pretty highly in uniqueness.