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Thanks! Good to see that you managed to end on the mad cavalry rush that inevitably happens after ~85%. It's always a pleasure watching people play our entry, so thanks for making the video!

It's like a breaker switch, you gotta drag it all the way down. I've got some updates planned to make this a bit more obvious, so maybe check it out again in a few days.

Yeah, I have gotten this feedback a fair bit, that there is a lack of explanation. This was kind of my intention, as I was trying to go for a more intuitive interface that was just fun to experiment with.
I am dancing the line between experimentation and decipherability pretty hard though, and I think I'm almost there, but I've still got a couple more updates planned that should land the balance where I want it.
Also, the difficulty curve isn't the greatest right now, so I'll be working on the levels to fix that up too.

you're meant to pull down the engage slider


The thing that stuck out to me the most was the sound design and the aesthetic. The repeated rythm of the ball, and the slight tone shift with collision speed, worked really well, and the simplistic art style fit really well with the overall minimalist tone.
I was surprised with how many levels you managed to fit in, and the fans came up just as I was thinking you'd done all you could with just the bouncing mechanics.
The ball did feel a little painful to control at time though. This could be fixed perhaps by making the up and down keys also move you subtly in their direction, just enough to enable fine tuning of trajectories, and to let you decrease your bounce height.

Overall though, it was fun, which is just be itself an impressive achievement for a game jam.
Well done.

Nice entry!

The concept was simple, but well execute, and the addition of moving platforms and buttons helped add some interesting complexity. One thing that I think would really help to improve it would be some indication of how fast your ball is moving, perhaps through a trail. Changing the ball texture to have some features, like stripes, could help create a sense of rolling, which would also help with this, if you've used the unity rolling physics. It might not seem like a huge change, but there were times when it was really hard to gauge speed and slow down appropriately, especially when flying through the air, and it would really help there.
Other than that, it would have been nice if arrow keys were an option as well as WASD, but that's a pretty minor complaint.
The music was good, and fit the game well, and the graphics were nothing to complain about, especially given that it's a jam, and you've only got 48 hours.

Overall, great job!

Jam won't let me edit during submission period, ufortunately.

WebGL is supported by firefox, if you want to try out a new browser.

In my infinite folly, I thought I could get away with having a fixed resolution window, and not have to put in the effort to make it scalable. How naive I was.

Luckily I've been working on a web version, stripping out all the lovely shaders I used and contorting the elegant structure into something abhorrent. Jam won't le me upload new version though, so until it ends, here's a super secret link to the web release:

It might not seem like this fixes any resolution issues you might have, but remember, you can zoom in and out in a browser.
As far as jam hacks go I wouldn't say this is too excessive.

Löve2D, you can check it out here.
Also, just so I only have to do this once, what resolution is your screen?
It's a little hard to tell from the screenshot.

God damn it, I really hoped I'd be able to get away with 950 window height.
I'll get it fixed right away.

The link on the main page expired.
Pls repost.

Thanks for checking it out! Haven't watched your video yet, but looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it. Touching is definitely what we were aiming for :)

Glad to hear you got it working. From the bit of research I did into the issue, it looks like it might just be that the version of Löve I used has an error with your operating system.

Sorry, I don't have keyboard support implemented right now. That's definitely something I'll consider.

Woah okay, somehow I forgot to include instructions in the download.
You need to download love from here. Run it using that.

Thanks! If you wrote that all out by hand, that's really impressive. I'm glad you had fun with it.

press G

Really cool concept. I especially loved the thematically appropriate stat names, repose for health and that kind of thing. Really added to the mood.

Really cool idea. Placing the rocks to make runes was also a neat gimic, and something that I haven't seen a great deal of in roguelikes. It would have been cool if there was some way to push the infection back once you had it walled in, as I'm not sure there were enough rocks on the island to build enough guardians to completely destroy it.

Thanks for the feedback! We're not currently planning on continuing working on it, it's hard to think of a place we could introduce more content without harming the minimalist design, but interface and quality of life improvements are definitely something that we might come back and add in.
The menu hiding enemies is something that we have been receiving a lot of feedback for, so if we release a post-jam patch or whatever, that's definitely something we'll address.
And your offer to supply death screams is greatly appreciated, we'll make sure to call on you if we need more :)


Ah, yeah that's my bad, the instructions are unclear.
When the other guy is tapping their message, you are supposed to type in what they're saying, to translate it, then you'll be given an opportunity to respond.

Yeah I did notice that everyone was replying in morse code. Unfortunately my morse isn't as good as you might expect from someone who made a game about morse code, so I'm gonna have to pull out the translator. I'm glad someone picked up on the GVH implication though.

Thanks! I actually uploaded a patch a week ago that fixed the resolution problem, as well as some others people had mentioned. I was concerned that with the jam being over, no one was gonnna get to see the changes I made, but it looks like I don't need to worry about that anymore! I loved the video, and you got pretty close with your plot predictions.

Really interesting mechanics.
I had the most luck with the chicken, and even managed to get the egg, but the dragon slew me before I could get to the bottom.

Loved the dedication to the "control twiddling" feel. The controls really did feel like a bank of mysterious knobs and buttons to mess around with.
The figure eight ended up getting me in the end. I looked up figure eight fourier transform and all the results I got were academic articles with titles like "the figure eight solution".
That's some pretty intense difficulty you've got there.

It's a shame you didn't get to implement the magic system, I would have loved to sing me some fire spells.
That's some really nice pixel art though, great job.

Really cool idea.
Having to fight in an arena that is moving with you, and wrapping stuff around itself, is an experience I've definitely never had in a shooter before. I'd love to see this expanded, and really taken as far as it can mechanically go.
Great job!

Really cool way of telling a story.
I didn't really notice the polygraph mechanic most of the time, it would have been neat if there was more visible jitter whenever you lied.

Really cool take on the snake mechanics, there were some real brain busters in there.
I'd love to see more levels taking advantage of the moving through self mechanic.
It would also have been nice to have an undo button.

Cool interpretation of the theme, haven't seen anyone do a purely visual interpretation yet. It took me a while to notice, but the feedback on line touch was really solid, the tiny little screenshake and the bubbling on your snake body was a level of polish I wouldn't have expected from a jam game.
The only frustrating parts were, like others have said, the points bounds were very close to the death bounds, and also that it was really weird when the asteroids killed you by touching the very tip of your snake tail after you'd avoided them.

Top score: 24

Really cool idea for the theme.
The art was really nice, and overall the visuals were top notch.
It was kind of unclear when exactly you had to do what. Especially in the sections of the radio chatter that were silent, picking up on what was happening was hard.
It also would have been nice to have some more background noise to add to the ambience, and give an impression of more in the room than just the equipment, maybe even just some breathing sounds.
Other than that, nice job.

It was a sweet road trip. Dad let me handle directions this time, and we only missed one turn! The radio was playing up a bit, which distracted me a little, but also gave me something to do on the long road. Mum says dad needs to lay off the snacks, we went through a whole packet in 10 minutes. No one else was eating the licorice either, I dunno how he goes through it so fast.
We're still on that road trip. Dad's almost called it off so many times, but he's always calmed down before he's gotten serious about it. Sometimes it seems like we're passing the same barns, windmills and gas stations over and over again, and the long hours have been spent driving in circles. I don't mind though, Mum's a good driver, and I'll never get sick of listening to this station.

Solid shooter, would have been nice to have been able to hold the shoot button (my fingers aren't what they used to be), but other than that nicely polished. There was a good amount of enemy variation, and given the length, there was enough content to remain interesting the whole way through.

I freed Quency, but from what, I'm uncertain.

Cool idea, really fit the theme. Would have been nice to have a bit more than the command line for interface, it was very difficult to tell what was going on when you had to look back up through the text to find it. Maybe just a list on the side with what songs were coming up or something.
Other than that, sound would have been cool.

Cool puzzle game. Some of the early levels were kind of easy to just randomly jump through, but the blue blocks introduced an extra level of depth that dispelled that problem. It'd be cool to see this expanded with more mehanics beyond walls appearing and disappearing, like moving blocks that only move at certain frequencies.
Other than that, I also had trouble with the slow tuning. My first reaction on seeing the knob in the intro was that I wanted to turn it with my mouse, but after playing the game I'm not sure if that would work too well.

The voice acting hit me like a sack of bricks, it was amazing. Really impressive given the timeframe. You really nailed the aesthetic you were going for, it felt like a weird mix between janitor and grungy cop.
I feel like the poop cleaning was a little too far on the side of frustrating and not quite satisfying enough. The steps that needed speed were fine, but hitting the right frequency when cleaning slowly was a little painful. Maybe a more robust feedback system would help with that, on top of the sparkles you've currently got

Great job.

That's a fair point. I'll think about it.

Hey, that's awesome!

Those are great ideas, I'd love to see the Löve files for that property visualisation you've put in, that looks fantastic. To be honest, I haven't really worked on it much past those patches earlier this year either. It's always been at the back of my mind though, and I've been thinking about it a lot recently, as I've been getting into a lot of  latin American stuff, and their day of the dead tradition (playing through Grim Fandango right now).

Thanks for posting, I'm always open to ideas for improvement.
If you make any more changes, or just come up with more suggestions, I'd love to hear about them.

And those Löve files, please send.

Thanks! The audio queue for denizen making it is a great idea, I think I considered it during the jam but didn't for whatever reason. I was hoping that the flashing red circles around the drag point would help a bit in at least getting started, but yeah, more instruction definitely would have been good.
I was originally intending it to be more of, "you play a passage" instead of "you make passages", and the title was so amusing for the first one that I forgot that it didn't really fit what the game became :)