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You'll be glad to know that I'm actually working on expanding this one right now, and am expecting to release a more fleshed out version within a couple months. I'm keeping the smaller arena fights setup, but with a bunch chained together instead of just one really long one. I'm also introducing a kind of "passive traits" mechanic to add some more diversity to the run throughs.

Would love to hear your thoughts on it once it's released :)

That will be interesting. I look forward to how you'll manage to integrate that with the lore. I- I can't stop looking at my pfp. Nothing against frogs, but it just feels unnatural. 


I wonder how traits would work. I find that there is a sort of trait-like nature already present in certain combinations, like getting haste every time you... follow? the Path Of The Guided Fist, though the two are not intrinsically linked.