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I mean, not that it matters, it was just speculation. But why? It's simply reality that holding a spear one-handed is a terrible life choice if you aren't in a formation.


That will be interesting. I look forward to how you'll manage to integrate that with the lore. I- I can't stop looking at my pfp. Nothing against frogs, but it just feels unnatural. 


I wonder how traits would work. I find that there is a sort of trait-like nature already present in certain combinations, like getting haste every time you... follow? the Path Of The Guided Fist, though the two are not intrinsically linked.

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Once again, great concept, great execution. As the judges have remarked, it would be very interesting to see a system like this in a more classic environ, but I can see how that would be difficult. Perhaps as a ritualist? Drawing complex designs of chalk sort of thing? It would be nice to be able to fiddle around with techniques in a less chaotic scenario, and I could definitely see potential for an array of randomly generated techniques being scattered around in manuscripts and scrolls. While automatic performance works well here, an alternative would be to have a spell casting mode that the player can activate to perform moves at a cost of an arbitrary unit for each movement, allowing for limited casting and discovery of the aforementioned techniques by trial and error. If absolutely necessary, the whole system could be downsized to a minigame of sorts, allowing the player to stand still. This seems like it would work well for carving/drawing detailed runes on some medium like a scroll (this could be great if you needed more complex combinations) or a single tile, and could even be used in conjunction with a larger scale endeavour.

Oh, and teleport + killing half the map is very fun. I love the synergy between [that one that produces a massive cross], teleport, and Mantra Of The Guarded Spirit.

All in all, I'm genuinely addicted.

In any case, It's a beautiful game.

It's not so much that the game is in some way incomplete, more that it's such a solid base. You just managed to do everything right. Like for instance the trees. Why doesn't everyone do that? As long as it's so small, it won't get nearly as much praise as it deserves, and these features will not pass on to other games.

Firstly, excellent game, closing in on Brogue in terms of aesthetic.

Secondly, please expand on this, or give it to someone who will. 

It would be perfect for an open world CRPG akin to CoQ, and while extremely time consuming, I don't see how one couldn't integrate basic party mechanics (imagine the possibilities, you could have legitimate battles between pike phalanxes! That would of course require modifications to the AI*, but still), inventory, and armour/defence systems (percentage based defence would work a treat, with armour utilising the already present health system via flat reduction). Oh, and dismounting, of course. Then determine some theme appropriate missions, and disperse them throughout a few permanent settlements. Bonus credits for the slow growth of Atagan territory as a time limit for the main questline.

* A possibility to increase realism and interest would be a reaction speed system, where at the end of an action, the actor stores the best possible current action for their next turn. Upon that turn, they then have a chance to revert to that action, allowing the sequence @  \L  =›  @ —L  =› @ —L the alternative @  \L  =›  @ —L  =› —L, wherein the @'s stored action of moving towards the lancer is acted upon even after a threat is superimposed between the two. This allows for further unpredictability and natural flow between AI combatants, though applying it to the player is of course not recommendable.

As previously mentioned, armour would function best as a flat decrease to damage taken, perhaps with a 1 value variation so it doesn't get absurd. For reference, gambeson (padded cloth) can realistically stop the sort of arrow fired from a horse bow on occasion, and lamellar should nullify the majority of blows. Given the theme, encumbrance doesn't seem particularly appropriate, nor realistic. Weapons might provide a (relatively large) chance to avoid an attack. Shields seem tricky to represent, but if possible would serve as a large increase to defence, greater against lances and arrows than against swords, and of course directional. Peak defence would realistically be somewhere around 80%, given a combination of sword and shield. Where possible, spear and shield should lose consistently to sword and shield. 

All systems above are easy targets for a skill system (the sort without flashy manoeuvres, like in dcss).