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Once again, great concept, great execution. As the judges have remarked, it would be very interesting to see a system like this in a more classic environ, but I can see how that would be difficult. Perhaps as a ritualist? Drawing complex designs of chalk sort of thing? It would be nice to be able to fiddle around with techniques in a less chaotic scenario, and I could definitely see potential for an array of randomly generated techniques being scattered around in manuscripts and scrolls. While automatic performance works well here, an alternative would be to have a spell casting mode that the player can activate to perform moves at a cost of an arbitrary unit for each movement, allowing for limited casting and discovery of the aforementioned techniques by trial and error. If absolutely necessary, the whole system could be downsized to a minigame of sorts, allowing the player to stand still. This seems like it would work well for carving/drawing detailed runes on some medium like a scroll (this could be great if you needed more complex combinations) or a single tile, and could even be used in conjunction with a larger scale endeavour.

Oh, and teleport + killing half the map is very fun. I love the synergy between [that one that produces a massive cross], teleport, and Mantra Of The Guarded Spirit.

All in all, I'm genuinely addicted.



You'll be glad to know that I'm actually working on expanding this one right now, and am expecting to release a more fleshed out version within a couple months. I'm keeping the smaller arena fights setup, but with a bunch chained together instead of just one really long one. I'm also introducing a kind of "passive traits" mechanic to add some more diversity to the run throughs.

Would love to hear your thoughts on it once it's released :)

That will be interesting. I look forward to how you'll manage to integrate that with the lore. I- I can't stop looking at my pfp. Nothing against frogs, but it just feels unnatural. 


I wonder how traits would work. I find that there is a sort of trait-like nature already present in certain combinations, like getting haste every time you... follow? the Path Of The Guided Fist, though the two are not intrinsically linked.