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Zak Stephens

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It felt like I was playing one of the LucasArts classics for a few minutes, really well done.

I'm too dumb for this game, lol. Really well presented, though.

Rad music. I'm too much of a scrub to finish the third level.

Your description took me on a journey, man.

The concept immediately made me laugh, and the game has just the right amount of jank, too. I did manage to hit the ball out of the arena a couple of times, though, so that might be worth a patch. But yeah, fun idea, fun game.

Thanks! Ambitious sounds good, I'll take that.

It doesn't technically have a Linux build, but I built it in HTML5 using Ubuntu. I thought about wrapping it in an Electron app, but it felt a bit pointless for the sake of a technicality.

Awesome, thanks for trying it out. The game has a Mac port now! And you're right, there isn't any background music.

The gameplay is a bit vague, so to spoil it a little bit, you want to make the inhabitants angry with the devices around the house to convince them to upgrade to the Froogle alternative, by turning them off. Happiness is shared, so the best way to do it is to focus on one device at a time.

Thanks again!

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Hey, thanks for your curiosity.

Exporting for Mac is pretty easy from Godot, so the only reason I hadn't done it thus far was that I had no way to test it.
I've uploaded a build now if you'd like to try it.

(And if you do, could you let me know if it works? lol)

Yo, I beat level two, I'm awesome.

I really like the idea, especially the way it's used on the first level. Good job!

A physics-based inventory is a very cool idea.

Cool aesthetic, I like it.

You obviously put a fair bit of thought into game feel here, reinforced by the soundtrack. Great use of shaders too, very polished and technical. Great work!

This game looks fantastic. Clever use of the theme with the power grid, too.

Rad sprite-work, controls are tight -- all it needs is more stuff.

Really good presentation, very clean.

Very cool art style, very creative. I really like your drunken camera light-bending/invisibility effect, it's one of the best ways I've seen invisibility done.

Great game! Clever wind mechanic, I really liked it. It would be more complex, but slowing down the time scale and showing the big circle pad on the screen makes it pretty intuitive to use.

Bloody hard though.

Thanks! Yeah, those are common names given to certain golf scores. More info:

Love2D has a relaxed community and aesthetic, so that's what I was going for with the ambience. Glad you liked it!


Both good suggestions, I especially like the overview idea.

Thanks for the kind words!

I definitely would have added more environmental mechanics given the time.

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Oh, that's not a big deal at all, if you feel that way then they just need to be refined.

I don't mean to soapbox like I have amazing advice to give, but I always come back to this article on the matter: I think it's great advice.

But yeah, rad game dude.


This is a rough gem.

The art style is very placeholder, and the controls are floaty, but flying though the air smacking into dudes felt great, once I got the hang of it.

This game has a beautiful aesthetic.

This game has a beautiful aesthetic.

Miss me with that meme shit.

I don't know what this is but I like it.

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Rad idea.