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:D 🥕

bad gaem

Hi Rami,

We did have but ceased the development of the game for some years already now. Hope we can get back to it at some point and make it actually happen :0)

Great work, considering this was a custom engine game everything works just great! I had played it for an hour or so but will spend more time to see what’s more in there. The map is actually larger than I thought.

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I can’t get past here, and cannot double jump or wall jump. Help!

It was quite difficult but the music makes it so fun to play!

Was able to finish submitting the game 5 mins before the time, that was intense :D

We tried to make an experimental game using Signed Distance Field functions and Ray Marching to make it look like a 3D game, please check it out

Hi! This was a game we made for a game jam in one and a half day. We didnt have time to finish it up, level design and game itself has some missing and unpolished parts. And yeah we didnt add dying at all again just to save time.

Hi! I was checking the source of the game to see where it was from and I see it's named "royaltyfreeMusic.wav" lol, so i guess that clears that :D This was a game for a game jam so you can as well  check the source here:

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Hi! Which platform did you try it on? The worst case you can download love2d and try afterwards.

If it wont start on browser, it most probably is related to your browser. You can try on latest Chrome to be sure.

Hi VampireLord1024,

Yes, we had to give it a long break but recently got back to it. Once I make some more progress I will keep here posted.

Good point, thx for the feedback! 

Thank you! I hope to add some more to it after the jam ratings are over :0)

It was really nice to have variety of attacks, well done!

Thank you so much!

Interesting idea for "You Are The Weapon" topic, I tried to do the bullet curve thing from Wanted movie but could not manage :D

Thank you so much! Love2D web exports are a bit messy when played in iframe windows. Losing focus kills the controls completely.

Thank you Oneak,
Seems like I messed up the game play a bit and made it too difficult. I will update it once the ratings are over.

I love the story details spread around the game, especially level switches. Maybe a smaller color palette would make it look more retro.

Thank you for the suggestions! We didnt have much to to spare even the the jam was 2 weeks old, after the ratings are over im planning to fix the issues and make it a little more interesting. 

Thank you! When the mouse loses focus out of the game window (clicked or moved outside) for some reason this happens. Must be due to Love2D web export.

Aha now i see. Even tho i knew from the description its a sound based game, seeing the screen like this made me think something is still broken. 

Still looking for my brother. Wish I had a map.

That's true, blocking and attacking are not immediate, and everything works by the count of the frames. Needs time to getting used to controls. I wanted to make it a bit more simpler later but the deadline was already passed :D

Thank you so much!

Thank you, best thing to do is run back a little to cancel their attack then it becomes fairly easy.

It was difficult to grasp the game play at first but then it gets better once you get used to the places of the ingridients, looks very nice! 

I hear the sound but the window looks like this.

We were inspired by the Eye of the Beholder a lot! And the trick is to move back before the enemies attack, it cancels their attack sequence.

Thank you so much!


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Very good execution of rock/scissors/paper mechanic in an RPG.

This was hell of a game. And the last level gave me quite an adrenaline rush!

I am having a problem as if acceleration is always pulling me lefy instead of pushing forward. 

It was short but beautiful, the color palette and the atmosphere the graphics give is very nice i wish there was some music to support that. At first I thought it was all about the monster in the forest but then found the cave, key and the orb.

This was a very solid game, liked it a lot and enjoyed playing. Could be improved and detailed even more imo!

My best is 17 so far, it gets real difficult after a while and gets tense. Looks very nice overall!

I wandered around the map again and again but could not find anything :D and the R button teleports us somewhere random I guess. The character looks nice tho.

This was a very interesting idea, I wonder of the world map is colored by all the players here, and do we have a chance to come up with them on the map. So far I did not see anyone. 

2:16 gotta get gud :D best part of the game was chilling in the mud :D