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Very true. Not getting a proper closure in a game is one of the worst ways to end it, which in this case we had to go for due to time frame. 

I like cheese :D Thank you!

The gravity makes it really difficult for me to turn down and shoot, after 10+ mins of play I could only see one green gem :/

Completed in 568 secs, this was actually very hard to play and grasp. But after a round it becomes understandable. If graphics were clear and there was a short tutorial at the beginning it would be very good. It's nice that game is not punishing but let's you revive at where you died.

Yep I am one of those who could not understand what to do but then it gets better. I really feel this mechanic would make a good casual mobile game with some obstacles and different levels.

Wow, I really like this game. The atmosphere is so complete it was just you play it but you forget you are playing a game. This can definitely make a great physics/puzzle game with some more mechanics and better graphics. The most difficult level was Horseshoe for me.

As an experienced Mario player I knew I could walk up the game screen and have a shortcut :D One thing I noticed is either players collision from left side or the spikes from right side is shorter so I was able to get passed after the second checkpoint.

This is literally the game of "Never judge a book by its cover." I got 8.58 in my first try and will try some more time to get a better timing. Great job!

Brings back the memories from NES Tank game but more difficult :D

Thank you VividReality, loved your game too but could not get passed the purple jelly :D

At first I had a longer story explaining that but I didn't want to get the player bored with a wall of text. And the issue of time frame as a game jam classic :0) 

There is another game project on the work right now i don't think I will be able to spend much time on this one but maybe later, who knows.

There is no other end than losing :0) That was just to save time from preparing a win condition and screen.

Wow that was difficult but I was able to reach the sea. Very well done.

Impressive visuals, I guess you used a kind of parallax 3D effect, it looks so good can't decide if 3D or not.

I'd really love this game to have different scenarios showing up at different places for finding different things with randomly generated scenes. Great job!

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That's an amazing game for a jam right here, very well done! Having shops, rune combinations, fights, dungeon crawling. I can't find a flaw.

Very nice work with the music and the shaders, my old laptop's heath could not take more of the processing burden and give me trouble playing the game :D I could not get passed the 3rd level. I wish there was an option to disable some of the visuals :0)

This was simple and fun! I got beaten a lot but then discovered a way, walking way down the screen give you chance to have clean shots easily so I was able to see the winning screen. Damn punks!

Very good level design, you feel the learning by playing in every next level. I finished all 10 levels and seems like level 7 was the most moves I made playing.

Nicely done! And I was able to get first hit in the hole claps. One thing I wonder is what are those birdie, boogey etc. do they mean anything in golf or mini golf? (beg my ignorance please :D)

Very nice and creative version of Sokoban! Gets difficult quickly i'd really love to have a cheat sheet somewhere.

Thank you so much for playing! We had some improvements and mechanics in mind but time wasn't enough. Hopefully after the jam voting is over we will update it.

In my opinion this is the most unique game this game jam, very calm and atmospheric. Also very interesting use of shaders!

This game really got my brain overclocked trying to play alone. Very fun idea and seems to be better played with a friend.

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Very interesting idea *rubs hands*

Post Jam Edit:
This was the very first submission just let the heat meter fill while I was working on my game :D I can imagine this game having some graphics like: Some hobos are sitting together  rubbing hands and the environment change the more stuff you buy, they become rich and cool but still squatting and rubbing hands.

Thank you for playing and your nice comment Bee :0) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

If you wait one hour after the end scene you actually get to fish for real. That was a quality easter egg.

A psychotic puzzle platform game with unique art style that definitely needs a longer remake.

Hey Lumps, I know the issue but didn't really revise the game after the game jam and left it as is, since many people plays on web player. If you play in low settings then it should be fine.

  • While under some obstacle if wait too long and Slime Girl stands up, she gets stuck there.
  • Some doors have green light on them but won't open, no text indicator.
  • After being destroyed sometimes one piece of Turret enemy's stuck on top of their broken foundation and it's really hard to collect then.
  • Is glowing ability a spot light? Shape of it looks a bit -not I would expect- when close to walls.
  • It would be so nice to have a magnet ability, definitely!

Thank you for your interest! Development is at very early stage for the time being, and we are not a team who invests all their time into this project. But when the time comes then we can announce the need of a VA here.

This more less how the adventure parts of the game will look. Trying to catch the look of old school adventure games. 

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Welcome to Vigil Dev Blog #2,

We are still working on game art and developing our ideas for the best we can provide. Today we want to tell you our ideas on the game map, usage of phones and romance.

Player will be able to reach the map at any time of the game except combats and the map will have multiple purposes. As we previously mentioned, there will be several factions in the game and these factions will rule different parts of the crime infested city. On the map, player will be able to switch through satellite view which shows all the available point of interests and visitable locations, faction view which displays colors of the faction areas on the map and lastly allegiance view that gives us information about enemy, ally and neural states of the faction areas.



We will also add several different type of phones to the game with distinct abilities. Players will be able to contact NPCs by these phones and this will help them activate and progress on quests, also help them get some tips when they make calls to the right people. Things phones can do will be limited with their technology and our protagonist will need to change them as story moves forward. Moreover we hope to implement some minigames to these phones, why not? 


Before I forget, there will be romance options in the game. Player will get into love or hate relations with some of the NPCs. This will change the course of the story to some extent depending on the choices the player makes.

Hope to tell you more about the game next time, till then take care! 

Hey people! Me and my mate recently started working on our new project Vigil.  It is a game that combines Point & Click Adventure and Management/Rpg genres with an old school pixel art style. The player will be witnessing the events take place in our protagonist’s life and will be helping him make moral decisions which will change the course of the story. It’s a game of revenge and our hero’s struggle to achieve his goal while turning into a vigilante.

After we started developing the idea, story and the design of the game, we decided to paint and code so we can create a demo as soon as possible to get your expressions and feedback.

The story takes place in a city with poor conditions where crime and danger is in every corner. We want to create an environment that would describe that city in a best way and we started working on an example place where we will be able to reach from the map. There will be many gun shops in the city where we can purchase different type of weaponry.

How we design pixel art places, buildings.


So far this is the looks of the gunz & ammo. We hope to add lots of references, small side quests and explorables to the game, such as getting hitmen jobs, delivery quests, hidden weapons and perks.

We already prepared more than a dozen of ranged and melee weapons for the game and hoping to increase the armory as much as possible and distribute different classes of arms to different type of shops. Here is some of the arms.


The city will host many criminal factions and the areas they control. And each faction will have their own mercenaries, their own quest line and key people. There will also be other people who are a part of our story. We prepared some characters and hoping to create a diverse criminal environment.

Pixel art characters, criminals and others

We hope to craft a solid and fun fight mechanic for the game where the player can choose different type of ranged and close combat options to play. Depending on the perks the player owns and uses actively, the protagonist will have different advantages and disadvantages.


The player will be learning much about the story from the dialogs before and after the figts. Sometimes our hero will have different answer options which may give advantages or disadvantages to the hero and change the flow of the fight.


This is all for our first blog post, hopefully we will update it regularly and tell you more about our ideas and progress. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions and give us your feedback, and don’t forget to follow the blog for future updates. Until then take care.