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Thanks for the test PHI, much appreciated!

Thank you :D

Hi thank you, I used aseprite for the pixels art. 

Just noticed this was a reply to me, the cat was taken away from me because it was being very expensive :(

URL is not public :´)

Thank you, that last level indeed was annoying sorry if you punched the screen :D

(1 edit)

Thank you so much. It's not a game I made alone and credit to myself, it would really be impossible without the help of the community.

Ah it was in a way unplayable too.

Thank you for the reply, it feels very nice, loved it. That would be even nicer if there was a relaxing background music and images of the buildings as in the house instead of text.

And I guess I broke something, clicked space twice at some point and started getting this error message:
"first: contract violation
expected: (and/c list? (not/c empty?))
 given: #f"

How can I run the game, could not find any instructions.

Thank you, glad that you liked it :0)

At first I though the numbers had a logic but I guess they are random.

I believe the game is not really finished but it's almost there, please go ahead and finish it after the jam.

Happens during installing the package [package cl-mixed]

Now I get a message that I need either out123.dll or win64-libmixed.dll, could not find any of them with a google search :S

I will second duuqnd's comment, I got very excited but the the game was just over. I thought I did something wrong, all I could so is walk level up touch the other guy and win.

But your code is very clean and tidy, I will try to learn from it thank you :D !

Yeah there was a spooky platformer called HIM which is also gone.

Now everything went well until loading sdl2-examples package, I get this error message:

"debugger invoked on a CFFI:LOAD-FOREIGN-LIBRARY-ERROR in thread

#<THREAD "main thread" RUNNING {23170329}>:
  Unable to load foreign library (LIBSDL2).
  Error opening shared object "SDL2.dll":
 The specified module could not be found."

I could not play it due to some dependency error, could you help with that?

"While evaluating the form starting at line 6, column 0

  of #P"~/quicklisp/local-projects/bulletwar/bulletwar.asd":

debugger invoked on a MISSING-DEPENDENCY in thread #<THREAD "main thread" RUNNING {23170329}>: Component "deploy" not found, required by NIL"

Bad collision detection makes it look like Moppu is sitting on the wall :D

Now I will never get a cat :D

I loved it, it's sad in a way how people avoid you and move away when you get close to them. Very well done.

Well I couldn't play the game since it does not have Win executable but watched the video. I never played a endless runner that changes the camera to side scroll or has boss battles, this could actually be a very novel idea in this genre! 

The movement when switching buttons were very smooth, I noticed that right away because I could not manage to get it right myself :D The noise sound freaked me out at the beginning.


Didn't see the repo, awesome!

Nice idea! This game is made with Löve2D tho :D

Very true. Not getting a proper closure in a game is one of the worst ways to end it, which in this case we had to go for due to time frame. 

I like cheese :D Thank you!

The gravity makes it really difficult for me to turn down and shoot, after 10+ mins of play I could only see one green gem :/

Completed in 568 secs, this was actually very hard to play and grasp. But after a round it becomes understandable. If graphics were clear and there was a short tutorial at the beginning it would be very good. It's nice that game is not punishing but let's you revive at where you died.

Yep I am one of those who could not understand what to do but then it gets better. I really feel this mechanic would make a good casual mobile game with some obstacles and different levels.

Wow, I really like this game. The atmosphere is so complete it was just you play it but you forget you are playing a game. This can definitely make a great physics/puzzle game with some more mechanics and better graphics. The most difficult level was Horseshoe for me.

As an experienced Mario player I knew I could walk up the game screen and have a shortcut :D One thing I noticed is either players collision from left side or the spikes from right side is shorter so I was able to get passed after the second checkpoint.

This is literally the game of "Never judge a book by its cover." I got 8.58 in my first try and will try some more time to get a better timing. Great job!

Brings back the memories from NES Tank game but more difficult :D

Thank you VividReality, loved your game too but could not get passed the purple jelly :D

At first I had a longer story explaining that but I didn't want to get the player bored with a wall of text. And the issue of time frame as a game jam classic :0) 

There is another game project on the work right now i don't think I will be able to spend much time on this one but maybe later, who knows.

There is no other end than losing :0) That was just to save time from preparing a win condition and screen.