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Thanks! I could download and play jam version!

Hi! I had speedrun this game. 

My best record is 2:05.59. Can anyone beat this record?

I want a friend to play with.

Wow! Unique movement by only control rotation! I completed all levels twice!

But I was concerned about the unpredictable movement.

Beautiful pixel arts!

Music switching by progress is interesting!

I feel dash movement is too sensitive. I often fell down.

Nice ambient sounds❤

Pleasant dragging attack!

I did not understand everything, but I felt this was something interesting.

I love this dark mood and great music! 

I feel wall jump unnatural. When I hit the key repeatedly fast, the character jumped at high speed like a rocket. 

And I lost my way.

I finally completed this game. Great idea of speed-ups of time! Nice game!

But I feel character collision is too large contrary to apparent, and some traps are unreasonable.

Nice vector graphics! I love it!

But it's too hard for me...

Sensuous movement! I enjoyed it!

Cute pixel arts! Sensuous movement!

I feel it's gameplay is too simple. I want more gimmicks.

I love this minimalistic style! Great jobs!

Great and unique visual! I love it!

But it's too short. I want to play more.

Musics are marvelous! Graphics are great!

But it's too hard for me...

I enjoyed make elements.

Cute characters! Nice sound effects by voice!

Hoi hoi hoi~~~~~~😍😍😍

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My favorite chiptune music. My Favorite pixel art.

But It's too hard for me...

It's very very cute game! Kawaii! I love it!

I downloaded and at 2019/02/23. They are same file at all.

Could you upload file once again please?

Perhaps I played post-love-jam version. It was great game. I had excited about it.


Hi! Wonderful game!And I love Super Monkey Ball too!

I see your source code using io.lines() at level.lua. You should use love.filesystem.lines() instead of io.lines() so read file in archive(.love).