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hey, as a fellow cartoon lover/weird kid/someone who thought their value hinges solely on what they do, I really enjoyed your game! It made me a little emotional, too (and I can't believe you met Pendleton Ward tbh). 

I'll be looking forward to whatever you post/do in the future! 

(But if for whatever reason you don't, it's also ok. This experience still mattered to me) 

love the form, gorgeous and to the point <3

hi, so apparently something's glitching on Safari :o I can't really hear the music and the text comes out as a weird, pinkish Blob :/ I'm really excited about this game, though, and hope it's an easy to fix bug :D

so I've had similar problems in Speed It Up!, and the author found a solution that might work for you as well :)

yup, it works :)

it's more or less 20% of that jump 

a very cool game, the sprites are just awesome, especially the stones and the red eyes. The writing is cheesy in the best possible way - it's first class parmigiana reggiano cheese. Also, the idea was really clever and the music sounds nice. Generally coolness :D 

similar problems to Linux on Mac 

it seems I'm having a similar issue to what I experienced playing River- for some reason (Mac? new Love?) jumps on my machine are waaaay smaller than they should be. I can't jump over the first step, unfortunately

it's a neat, well-done game - I've just found the hitting mechanic a little counterintuitive. Usually, when I aim in other games, I tend to pull the "strip" in the reverse direction, to myself, to gather the necessary potential energy.  I'm not sure which way would be better in minigolf.

(in David Attenborough voice) "The life on the North Pole is not an easy one. Scientists suspect, that the ever-present mysterious puzzles stimulated penguins' brain development, causing what some are now calling "The Madagascar Effect"... Wait, is this one wearing a bandanna?" 

Jokes aside, the penguin theme is super cute, you've got a fun puzzle progression, which made me think (and start over) a couple times. The music is also wholesome - gets a little repetitive with time, but  still pleasant. I liked the level design too and I've had a fun couple moments pondering about the solution and making penguin noises. I think I've managed to break the mechanic a little - it's possible to push the box perpendicularly while sliding on ice, I don't know if it was intended. Overall: had fun :)

simple, yet very pleasant. my bf made a „oooo” sound when he figured out the controls and started skating :) The sounds and the visuals and simple mechanics make skating very soothing and fun. The physics of jumping has super minor flaws, when you look at the conservation of momentum - but it doesn't break the suspension of disbelief in any way, so it's just nitpicking

I got the same bug - running love 11 too - but I've seen it during the development of my game and so fixed it pretty quickly. Other than that, it's a really satisfying game! Idk, the sound effects and the screen shaking and fire animations make it really fun to just light them matches. The visual design is pretty cool, minimalistic yet highly readable. It was really hard to place the figure correctly, though - but I guess it's the only element of difficulty in the game, and it's just low friction, and the theme was friction, so I think it's cool anyways :)

the music, overall aesthetics, intro and credits/shaders so on are visibly more advanced than other projects I've seen here. Also, they're really cool :D and full of little jokes and thoughtfulness, you can see that so much effort went into this game. It seems you've got a small problem with input lag, though - the small gap between „pushing the left button” and „going left” made the difficult levels even harder, I personally couldn't get past the third. Also, I've spotted two little, changing white numbers in the upper left corner and I'm not sure of their purpose - it might be a leftover from testing :D  

thanks :D I didn't really plan for the boss to race the player, but it sounds like a fitting addition. I'll try to change that :)

thanks, I wasn't originally intending to make a second level, next time I'll label my buttons better :)

I think you've managed to squeeze a couple of interesting things in here. If you read it as a few words about introspection - and the internal friction that comes with it - the other elements turn out to be chosen very carefully and adding some meaning. Like the shaders - a simple, but interesting design choice - or the invisible platforms, or the quotes. And the idea you go with - I'm not a big fan of focusing on separation between self vs external world on its own (I'll blame Neon Genesis for that), but you're taking it a little further with the words about fighting yourself and it does add a lot of depth. I'll have to think about it some more.  I think you could make the writing a little bit more grounded (though the review I'm writing might be the most pretentious on this jam :D) and expand the levels, or go a little further with your train of thought - but overall, I think it's a creative, thought-provoking composition. 

I'm not able to jump on the boat - I'm only able to make reeeaaally small jumps and fall to the river and drown. I think it might be a Mac thing, though ;)

hi, I've tried to play your game and personally:

first, I think your art is stunning? or, idk, I just really, really like it. I like the little water animation and the texture, and the logo looks interesting, too.

second, I've been unable to move past the initial stage (jump on the boat).  It might be a Mac thing - my jumps are reaaaally small - I've only manage to push the boat a little and then drown.

Since I haven't really played the game in its entirety, I won't rate it just yet. I'll wait for your reply :)