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WOW thanks for spotting that out man !! ( one life goal fulfilled !!! )

PLIZ WINDOWS BUILD \o/  I want to play it moaaaaaaar :D

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Hi ! If you upload your game as a zip with a .exe inside ( and selecting windows ), it would make it installable and usable in app ! It makes it much easier to try games, so your discoverability is better :)

EDIT: if you just update your download as "windows executable" it will probably be playable in app

love2d is great for mobile ! I am finishing blending jam, same feeling as you : interesting things to do in my proto but hard to make interesting levels for the deadline!

yes I think that the slowdown and a meaty sound effect when your whip connect would be good ( as in an old capcom beat em all like final fight ) .  Also , a smear animation when the player dashes towards the catched victim would be great , would increase satisfaction ( a little "reward" for playing well ) .

the hook mechanic is cool but requires more positive visual feedback ( my entry has the same pb, I was running out of time)

it is hard to understand why cops behave differently, they do not look distinct enough;

also why not make them whippable with some kind of 3 hits stun? Right now it feels a bit strange that they stop periodically .

Worth polishing, whip is always fun :) Let me whip the cop ! I like the theme and graphics.

I will definitely come back and play an updated version :) You really have something here !


this looks so good and is so immediately attractive , the gameplay feels rich,

but the strange scrolling and the choppy player movement kill the fun ...

Please at least make the player movement fluid !!!

So much polish and potential :)

The main character needs a simple walk animation this is disturbing :)

The world you build is really cool and intriguing I must say;

some details like being able to walk behind pillars are "WOOOOOOOW"

It's hard to get the objective from the explanation but since it is explorationny,

it might be part of the intended experience !

I can see myself coming back to this , but you need probably more feedback when you light a pillar.

Worth polishing !

I like it but the flicker kills my brain :'(

It has the one more go feeling and it looks fresh and bright :)

It is really cooll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can totally picture my kids loving this game on android; but it needs to be harder.

You nailed the visuals and the sound.

looks really impressive !!!!!!! 

nice physics, the melting ground is cool, the graphics are top pico 8 .

The impressive destructible terrain nonetheless gets a little bit in the way of the playability,

because it gets harder to move around after a while.

Maybe instadeath would be better ?

well it's pretty good !
shame about the stuttering it really detracts from the experience;

I'm going to have one more go :p

Pretty cool for one week game !!! Graphics look good sound is ok and fitting ; the difficulty is too easy for me though I would need a bit more pressure :)

Pretty cool for one week game !!! Graphics look good sound is ok and fitting ; the difficulty is too easy for me though I would need a bit more pressure :)

Well thanks  !  :)