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hi , it looks very good, if you just outline black the tile set, it would make it look much better !!!

I like sword/ninja game so I have a bit of a bias there ^^ but it feels good . Still it's hard to feel / see the danger in the ennemies , it should be "foreseeable" for the player . I don't know if it uses shader but fore some reason it could get very choppy on i5 + hd 4000 ? otherwise a solid entry, looks very good, sounds good , just if you are punished as a player you should have a chance to escape/see what's coming to you . looking forward to see an expanded version ^^

Feedback noted. I thought the projectiles moved slow enough and that the warning laser gave enough time to avoid.  Or were you talking about something else? The game doesn't use shaders and it runs smoothly on my non-gaming laptop so I'm not sure why it is choppy for you. 

Thanks for playing and for the compliments!