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Le jeu est magnifique, vraiment, les couleurs sont magnifiques,les environnement sont variés et interessant à parcourir, et le design des personnages est super cool, les upgrades sont tres gratifiants, et on a vraiment un sentiment de puissance, gerer sa vie est interessant.Cependant j'ai remarqué quelques defauts, mais c'est du chipotage :
-Les personnages n'ont aucune description, donc absolument aucun moyen de les choisirs vraiment pour leur gameplay, on clique sur random ou on choisis au charadesign, en fait, je ne sais meme pas si le gameplay et les competence des persos sont differentes.
-Le jeu est parfois difficile a lire, apres, je ne suis pas un grands joueurs de shmup, donc ça doit un peu venir de moi , mais je trouve quand meme que les enemies clignottes trops, ils sont blancs 95% du temps, donc difficile a voir, et le clignottement me perturbe.

Voilà c'est tout ce que j'ai trouvé a redire, j'ai hate de pouvoir le faire en coop.

A simple but fun game, perfect for mobile, I don't know if it was done in purpose, but I love how the main menu look like the Lua logo, reminding which language was used. But I have a weird glitch, once I lose, I can't go back to the menu or replay, none of the buttons respond, I have to completely close the app and restart it.

Hello, are we allowed to reuse code and functions from previous projects ? Or do we have to build it all from scratch ?

Dog Castle community · Created a new topic Camera problem

Hi, I just finished the game, and I think it's great, the graphics are nice, level are interesting and gameplay is solid, but the camera annoyed me,  only 1/5 of the screen show where you are headed, I think it would be easier to play if the camera showed where the player is headed.

My friend (on windows 10) tried to join my game ( I'm on Ubuntu 16.04) and he got the message "Destination unreachable".

Hi, I tried to play in multiplayer , I hosted but my friend was unable to join me, I guess that's because I didn't opened the port, but the game never tell me which port I have to open ?

Fun game, I like the battle system, the graphics and the atmosphere. Dialog are well written. but having to watch the credit and read the dialog again when you die at the boss is very annoying, considering the fact that you can die in 4 seconds against the lord.

A really good game , the map is great , ( spoiler , caesar shift 3 to decode )

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WOW What a tough game , only managed to get 2 crystal , this is really frustrating that you loose energy when hitting a wall , no matter how slow you were , you shouldn't take that much energy if the person hit the wall at 1 pixel per minute. But the game is really cool , graphism are really nice , kind of remind me the Asteroid's clone on the Vectrex ,  the atmosphere is awesome , I like that there is a scenario , sound are great , and concept is great too.

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As Knox say , I think it lack a score system , with maybe a saved best score , graphics are pretty limited , but I like how the "mountains" doesn't repeat , is it randomly generated ? Maybe a little sprite for the character instead of a dot would have been nice , especially because the dot is not very visible when on a white pixel. But I like the concept ,it definitely have potential.

Finished it zith 226 000 point , this is pretty good , but I found it a little too repetitive , which is normal I guess considering the 3 days deadline. Also , I found the level design too vertical for this kind of game , and I would have prefered fewer but stronger enemy , but in general , the game is fancy , dynamic and fun to play.

Yeah I found that technic while testing it , but because it require skills , I leaved it and consider it as a legit technic.

Very impressive game , the mood is awesome and dark , the gameplay is very interesting , but for me it clearly lack something , I mean , there's no end , no score , no chrono , no best score , you don't have any way to know  if you're good or not , a simple timer would have been great.

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Great job , this is really fun to play , the spell system is interesting and fun to use , kind of remind me the one in "The Keep" , but there's some problem , for exemple when a rune "fall" on your table , or when 2 rune got stuck together , or when all the rune on your "table" got fucked up and you have to organize them again.

Found a bug : if you craft the destruction run too early in the adventure and try to use it on a barricade , the game crash.

Fun little game , Graphism are really smooth.

I followed your's and DigitPenguin and add movement to the paper , now it slightly move toward the opposite side and change side afeter 5-10 secondes , it's in the 0.6 post jam version.

Hi , people leaved feedbakc on my game and I upgraded it tanks to their feedback , if I want to publish it , have I to wait until the end of the Jam ? Or is it ok if I add them as alternate download and leave the choice to the player between Jam Version and "True" version.

Great game , challenging , fun and beatiful.

Definitaly a good idea , thanks a lot for your feedback !

Definitely a good start , graphics are fun. Also , you should add way to heal yourself or your magical shield , and is it normal to not die when your HP are below 0 ?

A fun little game , well done , but sprite are too static , you should add walk animation to the penguin , also music is a little too repetitive.

What a cute game ! I liked the graphism , putting a face on everything is so cute ! Also , the sound are relaxing . All the game is relaxing , but you should add the key "W" as an alternativre for "Z" for people like me who use an AZERTY Keyboard

It's fun , but it lacks graphics , yes the gimmick of red screen is fun but you should add little sprite to represent the different purchases we make , also it lack sound feedback.

Thanks for your answer , it's not the game itself that is confusing in reality , this is just that english isn't my native language.

The game is beautiful , fun , music and sound are great.

Hello , in the Jam there's a game called "Heat inc" it's a text based idle game , so how do I rate the graphics ? I mean , I'm obliged to vote in every category , but I cannot rate the graphics of a text based game.

Hello , is there any Linux port planned ? Or any place where I can find the .love ?

Complex but very interesting concept , and you did that in 2 days ! Congrat.

Cute and lovely game , congrat !

Good but confusing , are you the one who receive the radio messages ? Or the one who send them ?

Fun little game , but it lack an "highscore" function.

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Simple but pretty fun. I like the little "red screen" gimmick.

I took the picture on the homepage quite literally , and made a game where you have to light matches

I like the mood , I like graphism , I like music , I like gameplay , I like your game.

I love this game , I can't wait to see more , the battle system is thrilling , I like it even more than undertale's one !

Great game , congratulation

Graphism are good , tested it with a friend and had fun , thanks for your game .