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A really good game , the map is great , ( spoiler , caesar shift 3 to decode )

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WOW What a tough game , only managed to get 2 crystal , this is really frustrating that you loose energy when hitting a wall , no matter how slow you were , you shouldn't take that much energy if the person hit the wall at 1 pixel per minute. But the game is really cool , graphism are really nice , kind of remind me the Asteroid's clone on the Vectrex ,  the atmosphere is awesome , I like that there is a scenario , sound are great , and concept is great too.

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As Knox say , I think it lack a score system , with maybe a saved best score , graphics are pretty limited , but I like how the "mountains" doesn't repeat , is it randomly generated ? Maybe a little sprite for the character instead of a dot would have been nice , especially because the dot is not very visible when on a white pixel. But I like the concept ,it definitely have potential.

Finished it zith 226 000 point , this is pretty good , but I found it a little too repetitive , which is normal I guess considering the 3 days deadline. Also , I found the level design too vertical for this kind of game , and I would have prefered fewer but stronger enemy , but in general , the game is fancy , dynamic and fun to play.

Yeah I found that technic while testing it , but because it require skills , I leaved it and consider it as a legit technic.

Very impressive game , the mood is awesome and dark , the gameplay is very interesting , but for me it clearly lack something , I mean , there's no end , no score , no chrono , no best score , you don't have any way to know  if you're good or not , a simple timer would have been great.

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Great job , this is really fun to play , the spell system is interesting and fun to use , kind of remind me the one in "The Keep" , but there's some problem , for exemple when a rune "fall" on your table , or when 2 rune got stuck together , or when all the rune on your "table" got fucked up and you have to organize them again.

Found a bug : if you craft the destruction run too early in the adventure and try to use it on a barricade , the game crash.

Fun little game , Graphism are really smooth.

I followed your's and DigitPenguin and add movement to the paper , now it slightly move toward the opposite side and change side afeter 5-10 secondes , it's in the 0.6 post jam version.

Hi , people leaved feedbakc on my game and I upgraded it tanks to their feedback , if I want to publish it , have I to wait until the end of the Jam ? Or is it ok if I add them as alternate download and leave the choice to the player between Jam Version and "True" version.

Great game , challenging , fun and beatiful.

Definitaly a good idea , thanks a lot for your feedback !

Definitely a good start , graphics are fun. Also , you should add way to heal yourself or your magical shield , and is it normal to not die when your HP are below 0 ?

A fun little game , well done , but sprite are too static , you should add walk animation to the penguin , also music is a little too repetitive.

What a cute game ! I liked the graphism , putting a face on everything is so cute ! Also , the sound are relaxing . All the game is relaxing , but you should add the key "W" as an alternativre for "Z" for people like me who use an AZERTY Keyboard

It's fun , but it lacks graphics , yes the gimmick of red screen is fun but you should add little sprite to represent the different purchases we make , also it lack sound feedback.

Thanks for your answer , it's not the game itself that is confusing in reality , this is just that english isn't my native language.

The game is beautiful , fun , music and sound are great.

Hello , in the Jam there's a game called "Heat inc" it's a text based idle game , so how do I rate the graphics ? I mean , I'm obliged to vote in every category , but I cannot rate the graphics of a text based game.

Hello , is there any Linux port planned ? Or any place where I can find the .love ?

Complex but very interesting concept , and you did that in 2 days ! Congrat.

Cute and lovely game , congrat !

Good but confusing , are you the one who receive the radio messages ? Or the one who send them ?

Fun little game , but it lack an "highscore" function.

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Simple but pretty fun. I like the little "red screen" gimmick.

I took the picture on the homepage quite literally , and made a game where you have to light matches

I like the mood , I like graphism , I like music , I like gameplay , I like your game.

I love this game , I can't wait to see more , the battle system is thrilling , I like it even more than undertale's one !

Great game , congratulation

Graphism are good , tested it with a friend and had fun , thanks for your game .

Wow , j'avais cherché des jeux H2G2 avant sans rien trouvé , mais le fangame parfait était là

Nice and sympathic game , but like Feldo said , you should add the key Z as an alternative for W , a lot of game completely forgot the existence of AZERTY keyboard , so I guess it's not a big deal.

Great Game , the gameplay is fun and addictive and the graphism are simple but nice. but you should've put sound and music.

Great , fun  , and addictive game

A beatiful game , especially considering the short time.

Fun to play with charming music and graphism , but very difficult. ( High Score : 18 )

Great game , addictive and fun to play.