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Great game , had fun with it , it's just a little sad that you lost your character forever after finishing the game , a little "replay" option or even a password system would have been great

I used the controller Thrustmaster Dual Analgo 4 ; it's a ripoff of the Xbox controller but with all the button twisted , I played on Ubuntu 14.04

Great game , tho I can't use the joystick of my Gamepad , only the D-Pad. I finished the crypt twice to buy all of the weapons , and had a lot of fun , I found the secret room "The name of the blessed will be reveal" , I also tried to translate the runic inscription on the gate but apparently , you inventend a rune the it's not a true runic phrase.

Salut , je suis sous linux mais j'aimerais bien testé , tu pourrais publier le .love que toutes les plateformes puissent y jouer ? vu que love 2D est multiplateforme

I know it's a little late , but you probably just have a version of love too old or new , on linux love games aren't retrocompatible :( , you have to follow this procedure :

Well , the glitch happen everytime I play on firefox , I tested with Chromium and it worked up without any problem

The Linux version work , even if it doesn't have any sound ( I don't know if Windows version have sound tho ) . A great game , very smart , the concept is very original and terribly addictive .It's a little too short tho , it would deserve an upgrade with a longer scenario.

Finished it with ~40 death , it's not Smiley in beach land , it's smiley in bitch's land xD

Hey I have a glitch which make all ink appear pink to me , but great game

Good job , especially the aiming part , it really feels like a game of golden eye with friends , using an old controller with a slippy joystick

I tested the game earlier , it's fun and has a huge pottential but I think there some little problem :
-I can't figure out how to play the multiplayer mode
-The sprite are maybe a little to big , especially our character
-You can't aim
-I can't figure out how to kill sentinel

I finished it , it was so good , just a little complain : once we killed the final boss we can't go back to get all the charms

Wow this game is so beautiful , I never played to the original Hollow Knight but this demake really get me into it

Well , I only managed 1 but it's still funny to see how you managed to do this

105 , it's a little confused at first but it's very fun and refreshing , I love how you kick the fourth wall in the grackignac