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Great game , challenging , fun and beatiful.

Definitaly a good idea , thanks a lot for your feedback !

Definitely a good start , graphics are fun. Also , you should add way to heal yourself or your magical shield , and is it normal to not die when your HP are below 0 ?

A fun little game , well done , but sprite are too static , you should add walk animation to the penguin , also music is a little too repetitive.

What a cute game ! I liked the graphism , putting a face on everything is so cute ! Also , the sound are relaxing . All the game is relaxing , but you should add the key "W" as an alternativre for "Z" for people like me who use an AZERTY Keyboard

It's fun , but it lacks graphics , yes the gimmick of red screen is fun but you should add little sprite to represent the different purchases we make , also it lack sound feedback.

Thanks for your answer , it's not the game itself that is confusing in reality , this is just that english isn't my native language.

The game is beautiful , fun , music and sound are great.

Hello , in the Jam there's a game called "Heat inc" it's a text based idle game , so how do I rate the graphics ? I mean , I'm obliged to vote in every category , but I cannot rate the graphics of a text based game.

Hello , is there any Linux port planned ? Or any place where I can find the .love ?

Complex but very interesting concept , and you did that in 2 days ! Congrat.

Cute and lovely game , congrat !

Good but confusing , are you the one who receive the radio messages ? Or the one who send them ?

Fun little game , but it lack an "highscore" function.

Hey , your game doesn't work , because you put game files in a file in the zip , you have to put them at the root of the archive , else it will crash.

Hey , your game doesn't work , because you put game files in a file in the zip , you have to put them at the root of the archive , else it will crash.

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Simple but pretty fun. I like the little "red screen" gimmick.

I took the picture on the homepage quite literally , and made a game where you have to light matches

I like the mood , I like graphism , I like music , I like gameplay , I like your game.

I love this game , I can't wait to see more , the battle system is thrilling , I like it even more than undertale's one !

Great game , congratulation

Graphism are good , tested it with a friend and had fun , thanks for your game .

Wow , j'avais cherché des jeux H2G2 avant sans rien trouvé , mais le fangame parfait était là

Nice and sympathic game , but like Feldo said , you should add the key Z as an alternative for W , a lot of game completely forgot the existence of AZERTY keyboard , so I guess it's not a big deal.

Great Game , the gameplay is fun and addictive and the graphism are simple but nice. but you should've put sound and music.

Great , fun  , and addictive game

A beatiful game , especially considering the short time.

Fun to play with charming music and graphism , but very difficult. ( High Score : 18 )

Great game , addictive and fun to play.

Finished the game with 38% , a fun game with great music and awesome graphism.

A fun game , with some tricky puzzle.

Hello , your games seems great but unfortunatly I can't even unrar it , I tried with the Windows and the Linux version but I can't graphically open both of them( error ). I tried in the terminal , got better result but still unplayable .
In terminal all unrar well for the first 17 files , then it tells me that all files already exist .I tried to overwrite them , didn't launch "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"  , I tried to not overwrite them , and got the same error message :/

Really fun to play , the graphism are simple and beautiful , the feeling is great , kind of a fusion between Broforce and bomberman , it's just a little bit frustrating that you can't go back to take a chest you miss

La Pordrack enterprise vous remercie pour votre enthousiasme et décline toute responsabilité en cas de surdité ou de chomage du a l'utilisation de notre logiciel.

Great game , had fun with it , it's just a little sad that you lost your character forever after finishing the game , a little "replay" option or even a password system would have been great

I used the controller Thrustmaster Dual Analgo 4 ; it's a ripoff of the Xbox controller but with all the button twisted , I played on Ubuntu 14.04

Great game , tho I can't use the joystick of my Gamepad , only the D-Pad. I finished the crypt twice to buy all of the weapons , and had a lot of fun , I found the secret room "The name of the blessed will be reveal" , I also tried to translate the runic inscription on the gate but apparently , you inventend a rune the it's not a true runic phrase.

Salut , je suis sous linux mais j'aimerais bien testé , tu pourrais publier le .love que toutes les plateformes puissent y jouer ? vu que love 2D est multiplateforme

I know it's a little late , but you probably just have a version of love too old or new , on linux love games aren't retrocompatible :( , you have to follow this procedure :