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I don't think I even knew the TIC-80 website existed when I made this. If I ever make any other TIC-80 games I'll be sure to put them on there. And yeah, all my games are way too hard (I can barely even beat the demo level now).

I don't think get works for exported browser games, and the version I have on my computer is halfway through an update I never finished which still has some bugs. If you just want to play this offline though, you can download and play any browser game offline with the app, which can be found here.

Hey, big thanks to everyone who's been rating and commenting! I've written a post-results devlog here, and also the original jam version will be taken down soon to avoid confusion - download it now if you want it! (for whatever reason)

Thanks for the feedback! As the page/title says, you play as a sock. I feel that the download complications are a necassary evil for now, but once the jam's over I can remove the original version.

The sound design is amazing, both the bow sounds and the wind controlling sounds. I think that having to hit the targets at the right angle was my biggest problem, as it felt like it was just luck whether or not I hit it the right way, and at first I wasn't even sure if the angle was the reason it wasn't working.

This talk by Matt Thorson on the level design of Celeste has some quite interesting points that I think might help. Focus more on "stories" as he says, rather than each challenge being a puzzle with a single solution.

That's not a bad question at all! I remember using a tutorial but I can't remember which one specifically. However, there's a good list of tutorials on the Love2D wiki here and I've also heard that Sheepolution's tutorial is really good for learning Love2D, as well as programming in general. Hope you can make something cool! :)

Really like the core concept, but I feel the gameplay was somewhat limited by always being on the right side - the water to the left is almost never a threat. Maybe make the paper switch sides every 10 seconds or something similar.

The basic gameplay is really interesting and the artstyle works really well, but I think one glaring flaw for me was gravity. That might sound a bit weird but I think that removing gravity (or at least reducing it) would give you much more control so you can focus on the main gameplay, especially with such a harsh penalty for hitting the walls (though I would keep this). Also, the font was a bit blurry - might just be me but it made it quite hard to read.

The mechanic of sprinting speeding the obstacles up sounded really cool at first, as it adds choice to something that in a lot of games (e.g. Mario) you would rather constantly be using. However, it doesn't feel very well executed, mostly because I was never sure whether I should speed up or not - you might know as developer, but as a player there was no way to figure it out. Combined with the fact that every challenge seemed to need frame and/or pixel perfect actions and it ended up being more of a game of luck (holding left/right and seeing if I made it through). I think this would work better with more open challenges with combinations of different obstacles - maybe some could slow down when you speed up instead.

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately, I do not think I will be adding any new content to the game.

Thanks for the feedback! I was wondering why some games had C do the same thing as Z - makes sense now. If I do a post-jam version then I'll probably implement controls remapping so you can do that as well as play with a different keyboard layout.

Sorry about that! As it says on the page, if the game isn't loading, try refreshing.

Thanks for the feedback! The lightning hitbox is already way larger than you probably think it is, much larger than the visuals make it seem,  so I think that making it any bigger would make the game too easy. On the topic of difficulty, I think I need to start making my games less difficult, as I'm mostly designing them to be played by myself rather than new players due to being kind of the only playtester. Not sure about the controls thing though - have you been playing another game where Z is attack? That happens to me sometimes.




Thank you so much!

Sorry about that, uploaded 32-bit version now.

Really liked how the mechanics seem very simple at first before naturally showing the player different ways they interact - the animations also do a lot to support this. Nice work!


Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

In retrospect it would've probably been a good idea to show the controls on the menu, if at least for the first time playing. I actually might patch this in some time.

The reason you press x to start is mostly due to it being the button you press the most often, and so that you can see how shooting works, as well as how it helps you manoevre.

I did try putting other stuff such as planets in the background, but felt it was a bit distracting, especially as not paying attention for just a few seconds can cause you to lose. I also wanted to make the setting feel more barren/abandonded.

I also don't really like implementing XP/levelling systems just to create the feeling of progress - the only reason you can change ship at all is to make what is basically an achievement system feel more rewarding. Maybe that isn't something I should disregard outright, but I feel it would only encourage one type of gameplay, whereas the different tasks require you to focus on different aspects of the game.

Some of the areas you praised (flow, pixel art, game feel), however, are things I have been trying to focus on and improve in my games and I'm glad you appreciate them!


After the "Press any key to continue" screen it gives this error:

This is really good! I especially like how re-charge crystals are replaced with batteries :)


It's fun, a bit generic, but I like the aesthetics. Also, you can use the actual cursor in TIC-80 using mouse()


Thanks for the feedback!

I will think about your ideas when I next update the game.

Thanks for the feedback! I am thinking of updating this and doing just what you said, but as originally we only had 48 hours I just set it to the one. 

Thanks for the feedback!