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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the UI is quite rushed

Great entry! Well created art, sfx and concept. I think might be nice for the player to know from some sort visual cue what the dice rolls ended up being for those moments when you get either a very bad or good roll :)

Like the visual style on this very much! Very nicely executed!

Thanks for the feedback! 

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I think the game could do with more balancing or mechanics to help with cascades - either positive or negative.

Thanks! The third structure/thing allows you to build more of the basic buildings -- it's meant to allow growth :)

Thanks! :)

I was thinking about that, but didn't have time to balance the game for that unfortunately. Or rather didn't have time to implement a better system for ramping up the difficulty with more enemy types, I guess.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, turning the camera was something I considered, but abandoned due to lack of time. That idea of just flipping it sounds great though

Thanks for the feedback!

Really nice concept - my favourite mechanics so far from this jam! Really intuitive movement and combat, and the whole game was very quick to grasp. Great!

Excellent audio & visuals! The controls were a bit twitchy for my taste - like others have said, maybe some sort of drag or air resistance would make them feel more controllable. Overall great entry :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks for the kind feedback :)

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked the sound design :)

Thanks for the feedback! I checked Quickliner out, it's indeed similar, and a nice game!

Good gameplay and concept. Some way to compare where you're starting to your previous run would enhance the gameplay quite a bit I think though, as now it's quite hard to say where you're starting from and with the chaotic bounces that can lead to wildly different results.

A very nice entry - good aesthetics and fun, simple gameplay :)
As one small gripe, it'd be nice if the restart button was not the same as the shooting one -- now I keep restarting the game before I see what my score was.

Top notch levels of polish -- great audiovisuals and execution of a simple concept :)

At the start I didn't realize the rod connecting the balls could actually pass over obstacles. Maybe that could be made clearer somehow?

Great concept, some very good gameplay here - this is one of the best entries here definitely. I couldn't complete the last level though, couldn't figure out what to do. :D

Great visual style, and a nice interpretation of the theme :)

After a bit of trial and error I managed to get a 0:34 lap! Great concept, the controls & base gameplay loop is very good. I think this could be interesting as a mobile game (e.g tap one side of the screen for one thruster and the other for the other one).

Even though there is a difficulty selection some sort of difficulty ramp-up after the start could be nice - now on "medium" it gets a bit repetetive after a while.

Still, a great entry, good style and gameplay design :)

This is a good concept but it would need some more content :)
Great audio and visuals :)

Nice concept. I found the boost a bit tricky to use and some indication of it being ready would be nice, but it works nicely after one gets the hang of it :)

Great concept, good gameplay. Like said already in other comments, a restart button would be nice :)

This could be expanded to a nice one-touch mobile game too.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Initially I had the levels start with a push of a button but I removed that as I ran out of time to implement any sort of menus (and was already a bit overtime) :)

Also funnily enough we used the same name for our games :D

Completed with 4165 points :)

Very solid gameplay and concept. Sometimes the ball seems to tunnel through the rotating pieces, maybe some sort of continuous collision detection would be needed.

Good concept, I think this could lend itself well for a mobile game too.

Now the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly, I haven't been able to figure out how the first level with 4 number can be cleared.

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A very good and polished entry! I couldn't get past level 30 or so without always dropping down, I feel a bit stupid :D

Maybe I'll need to grab and some pen and paper.

Good idea! Difficulty could be tuned a bit I think - now it seems to me sometimes the circles are impossible to reach in time, at least with my reaction times. Maybe a bit more advance warning could help?

Other than the ball sometimes ending outside the screen (for example when falling down after long time in the air) this plays very smoothly, good gameplay. Great audio too :)

Great effort, nice clean visuals and gameplay :)
I found the controls a bit fidgety, it was hard to get accurate placements for the ball, as others have remarked.

Beaufiul entry, really liked the visuals and gameplay. Now I sometimes lose track of the mouse as it ends up outside the window on fast movements, which is a bit annoying - maybe the Itch's default full screen button might help if it works well with your game?

Other than sometimes missing some collisions that looked like collisions this was a very smooth execution! Great gameplay, and nice level of polish :)

Great concept! Other than the balls sometimes getting stuck (for example bouncing between a bumper and the walls) gameplay is very smooth :)