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Liked this, although the controls were quite confusing at the start. Some indicator of which finger is selected would be nice to avoid key misses, although I guess it'd make this considerably easier to play.

Yeah, I agree with you! Exploding barrels and possibly some loot drops from them were going to be a feature, but didn't have time for that :)

Another thing for the post-jam version.

Thank you for the feedback! I'll work on the sounds and will make the reload indicator clearer in a post-jam version (plus it should be possible to reload before your magazine runs out etc.) :)

Well, it did get easier after playing for a while - I think something in the control scheme just threw me off! Might not make sense to change it - challenging gameplay might be better!

Really liked this one, although at least for me, the difficulty curve was perhaps a bit too challenging. Or maybe I expected something too easy from the cute outlook ;)

With sound effects etc this'd make a really nice small game.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll try and get this into a more finished state as  post-jam version later, so this is very useful :)

Really nice gameplay, and loved the music. Plus the lava comment :P

A very nice little game! Overall I think this is the most polished entry here. The gameplay also flows nicely!

Cool concept, and I like the visual style very much :)

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah. the difficulty ranks up too quickly, but I didn't have time to test out ideas and build more interesting mechanics (like more challenging  or different individual enemies)

:D Yeah, the wave spawning thing is meant to kill you a lot earlier (it's _far_ from a good system)

Thanks! I did think about adding parallax at some point, but never had the time for that!

Great mechanics on this one! As already mentioned, the difficulty curve and how some levels are more puzzle-like than others is worth thinking about. For me, I enjoyed the puzzle-type a lot more.

Anyhow, a great concept and implementation. :)

Sure! My point was more about perhaps starting at faster movements at lvl 1, and making moves across multiple tiles a smooth movement, instead of individual "hops". Anyhow, the skill system is a good touch :)

Loved the visuals and music, great job on those fronts :)

I felt like the controls could've responded faster though - now there were cases where it felt like there was ample time to get to some wanted point in the game, but the box did not move fast enough. I guess that's design decision though!

Great job overall!

This was a very good one! It really felt quite polished and ready for a jam game, and I liked the style, especially the music! The difficulty felt good, and the gameplay was smooth and compelling. One of the best submissions I've tried in this Jam :

Perhaps the only thing I felt was missing was some sort of particle or explosions effects, or some other response to enemies being destroyed to bring a bit of juice to the gameplay.

Thanks for the kind comments. The blobs flow because they're done with a so-called metaball shader: for each pixel in screen, it's distance to the blobs is calculated and that info is used to color that pixel. 

From the lua-side of things, the game sends position, color and radius data about the blobs to a pixel shader, which calculates the effect (the blobs are fully drawn in that one shader).

Here's a small love-file to demo that a bit better (only the drawing is demonstrated). Feel free to unzip and look into the code:

Didn't get as finished this time around as I'd have liked - simply did not have enough time this January to spend time on this. The plan was to finish an idea I had on Christmas Day about a game centered around growing a glowing "blob", rendered with a stylized metaball shader. Too bad now it's not really more than a rough prototype with quite incomplete gameplay. Submitting soon anyway, I'd like to get this done and over with!

Taking screenshots with the tools built into the framework apparently is quite heavy on the game, FPS drops quite a lot when doing that, as you can see from the gif.