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Loot Rascals


Crash Reports

A topic by Morphix_314 created Dec 02, 2016 Views: 1,098 Replies: 10
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Here's a generic thread for crash reports. Add on with your own if you like.

-One post per crash for ease of browsing, please.

-Don't forget the build label found in the lower left of the title screen.

-If you can find a similar crash that has already been posted, please reply to that post with a +1 and any additional details you may have instead of creating a new post.

-Include as much information as possible. For example: "(Build 30-11-16) Crash to desktop when using a defense blender card with full card inventory." Not: "The game crashed while I was playing in the new build."

Happy looting!

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(Build 30-11-16 : Standard Mode) Crash to desktop immediately after moving into a space with a carrot in zone 4. No combat visuals had occurred yet. I don't know if the carrot was on offense or defense, but I think it was during the day.

(Build 30-11-16 : Daily Challenge) Crash to desktop in Zone 4 when moving through the shield barrier leaving the starting safe area. A single Itchicoo was visible and moving toward me as I moved.


Thanks for these Morphix,

Just want to post here to let people know that the game now outputs crash dumps that you can send to us.

This is the info from the latest patch notes:

Crash dumps:

You can now send us a crash dump file that, in the event of a crash, will enable us to work out what caused it

If the game crashes, it will output a file called 'LootRascalsDump.dmp' in the game's working directory

You can get to the working directory by clicking 'Show local files' in the Itch client (the working directory is usually C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Loot Rascals\)

This dump file can be quite large, so to send it to us you can use - the email address to send to is

Alternatively, upload it somewhere (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and email a link to it to us

If you have the facility, putting them in a zip/rar/7z file is also helpful

(Build 6-12-16 : Standard Mode) Crashed in 1st area after killing a Grabber that should have dropped my previously stolen item.

Emailed the dmp, you weren't kidding when you said the dmp files are big (519 MiB!). raring it does knock it down to 152 MiB.

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(Build 6-12-16 : Daily Challenge) Crash to desktop in area 4 when moving to towards a scrootveg that also moved towards me. It crashed to desktop early in the animation before the first attack. (i was going to attack and kill it on the first hit).

Emailing dmp as LootRascalsDump_scrootveg161208.2233.rar

Probably unrelated to the crash, I was 20 moves away from a sub-500 escape run daily challenge thanks to Chronoflange and Map Reveal.

More likely related, I had left it idling on a pause screen for 3 hours when I went to dinner.

Edit: if the dmp file is able to tell you what my total turn count was at when it crashed, I'd take solace in that information.

(Build 9-12-16 : Standard Challenge) crashed in area 4 in the HUD while placing a 2 ATK card in top left slot, replacing a gains lamp (emailing dmp: LootRascalsDump_hudreplacegainslamp161212.0012.rar)

(Refinery Edition 13-12-16 LR:4930 / F2:1212 / o_c: 1113 : Daily Challenge) Crash to desktop in area 4 when moving to towards a scrootveg. It crashed to desktop early in the animation before the first attack. (i was going to attack and kill it on the first hit). (See attached screenshot of final rendered frame).

Emailing dmp as Loot Rascals_scrootveg161214.2050. Probably the same crash as previous submitted LootRascalsDump_scrootveg161208.2233.rar

I think I found/fixed that crash yesterday. My bad, sorry! My fix will be in the next itch build.

At first the game ran fine but now everytime on boot I get to the powered by WWise splash screen and the game locks up. I tried re-installing and updating my gpu drivers to no avail.

CPU: Pentium g3258

GPU: nvidia GTX970


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Hiya mate, sorry to hear that you're running into problems. Are you running the latest version of the game, #13073? Updating might help. If you're still getting the problem on the latest version, does deleting your save game help? Maybe make a backup. Just delete the folder C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\LootRascals. Let me know how it goes :)