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I got my first handled exception in Skirmish. It said its being handled so hopefully the stack trace made its way to the devs. But what surprised me is that the Skirmish lost quite a few rounds of play (basically since I last exited and resumed). Skirmishes would benefit by being treated almost the same as online matches (save after every, single, action is committed before displayed [ala fire emblem]) that way crashes don't lose data.

Yea - from here.

Or to be honest, any time the game is open that the player is not already in a different online game. e.g. skirmishing while waiting for the opponent to make their move.

Also, if there were an in-game feedback button, I would use it 10x as often as I would this forum :/ The convenience of a system makes a big difference.

If I start a new quick match and nobody joins I'd like a means to cancel it. Otherwise it's definitely ending up as a this-will-take-forever match.

If I'm sitting on the Online screen, it would be nice if a sound played when an active VS game changes from Waiting to Play. I'm tabbed out while all the matches are waiting, and I know from previous async multiplayer games I don't like having too many games going at once. So I'd rather just get notified when a game is ready.

Price of Urchins/Thugs - the text states on this turn, but I've seen both be at 4 on the turn after if I left them on the street. Is the text out of date?

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Issue with submitting turn: I exited after submitting (assuming it would finish appropriately) so that I could switch to another game, but when I was at the menu it said it was still my turn. I went back in and it had undo everything I had done. Including letting me burgle different places. This seems pretty broken / OP if someone wanted to abuse it.

Edit1: Ah - it literally displays a submitting message when it does that. That said, you probably will need to submit after every single player action otherwise they will be able to guarantee that they explore the specific building they want on the first try every time.

Edit2: It seems to reconstruct the turn if I haven't pressed submit. So maybe the bug is limited to post-submit button during the end of turn update before it actually submits? The only way I see this happening is if you are saving the individual turn actions locally deleting that local save file on submit-button and then sending the local save to the server after the post-turn-update. If this is the case, someone will find and delete that local save file to undo turn actions. Safest to submit every single action, before the action is revealed to a player, just like Fire Emblem.

I had a player put Thugs on both sides of my start point, which feels a little cheap. I probably could've avoided it, but I generally prefer designing to prevent base-camping (maybe if there were 3 directions of movement from all start points?)

Ah! You're not the first to be confused here. So - the multiplayer is entirely Words With Friends-style asynchronous -- you get your opponent's entire turn once they hit submit, but not their individual moves as they come in. (You can quit the game in the middle of a match and come back.) This probably needs a popup explaining it the first time. There's an experimental synchronous mode that I've disabled in this build because it's buggy, and because I'm not convinced it would be healthy for the game (since it would require a bigger player pool), but we're still making up our minds about that...

Sounds good. It would still be nice if it had a status for the other player: {offline, active, idle} but I'm sure it's not a top priority.

The IOErrorEvent you saw was from a web request timeout - are you on a flaky wifi or something? Maybe the server hiccuped. I think in general the game needs to be a little less sensitive to that stuff, and just retry (the timeout is stupidly low).

This computer isn't even on wifi, it's wired. It didn't happen when I retried, though. So I'm good.

Additional health never feels worth a slot. Although this might be because I'm not experience enough to understand why it's good?

I agree, if it gave you the extra health at the point at which you equip it, then I could see it having uses - sometimes you just need an extra health. The game would need to remove that health if its unequipped, and maybe not let you kill yourself... but it would make the extra health cards relevant...

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Narrative question - do I get to name myself, or am I always "You"

Also, online account nicknames must start with a capital letter?

"There was a problem talking to the Antihero servers. Please check your Internet connection or try again in a few minutes. IOErrorEvent errorID=2032 type="ioError" text="Error #2032""

Is there a way to tell if my opponent is doing actions? On the first turn it was unclear if there's someone there. (Ah they just finished their turn)

It seems that burgling some buildings gives me lanterns... is there a way for me to know which is which?

"Waiting for <Nickname>" draws in front of the description for "Scout"

For PC builds, I dumbly assumed that I could use the mouse (without click-dragging) to pan the screen around. Now that I know about arrows/click+drag I can work around it, but my first assumption was wrong.

(Refinery Edition 13-12-16 LR:4930 / F2:1212 / o_c: 1113 : Daily Challenge) Crash to desktop in area 4 when moving to towards a scrootveg. It crashed to desktop early in the animation before the first attack. (i was going to attack and kill it on the first hit). (See attached screenshot of final rendered frame).

Emailing dmp as Loot Rascals_scrootveg161214.2050. Probably the same crash as previous submitted LootRascalsDump_scrootveg161208.2233.rar

A maybe related save game system: Fire Emblem. It auto-saves every action before it reveals to the player what the resolution of that action is.

By doing this, it preserves the permanence of turn based actions, while giving the convenience of quick save / pause / resume.

(Build 9-12-16 : Standard Challenge) crashed in area 4 in the HUD while placing a 2 ATK card in top left slot, replacing a gains lamp (emailing dmp: LootRascalsDump_hudreplacegainslamp161212.0012.rar)

Also, it looks like crashes during daily challenges post no results, not even partial results... I reached Area 4 before my daily challenge crashed yesterday...

While looting takes a turn, decompiling from the ground does not. So I now make sure that I need to pick up a card before I loot it.

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(Build 6-12-16 : Daily Challenge) Crash to desktop in area 4 when moving to towards a scrootveg that also moved towards me. It crashed to desktop early in the animation before the first attack. (i was going to attack and kill it on the first hit).

Emailing dmp as LootRascalsDump_scrootveg161208.2233.rar

Probably unrelated to the crash, I was 20 moves away from a sub-500 escape run daily challenge thanks to Chronoflange and Map Reveal.

More likely related, I had left it idling on a pause screen for 3 hours when I went to dinner.

Edit: if the dmp file is able to tell you what my total turn count was at when it crashed, I'd take solace in that information.

(Build 6-12-16 : Standard Mode) Crashed in 1st area after killing a Grabber that should have dropped my previously stolen item.

Emailed the dmp, you weren't kidding when you said the dmp files are big (519 MiB!). raring it does knock it down to 152 MiB.

For me the weird thing right now is that attack feels OP relative to defense. Largely because a tactical player will rarely if ever engage when they don't have first-strike. So I find myself running the later levels with 40 ATK and 4 DEF (of course if I screw up, I die in one hit)

Right now it feels like the deadzoning is being done per axis of the joypad, which will result in it feeling like its moving in a single axis when I am trying to move at a diagonal.

Not that this is pefect code, but here's what I'm doing on my current project. (V2 is a float[2], V2I is a int[2]). The relevant part is that it checks if the magnitude of the pair of axes exceeds the deadzone threshold, zeros it if it does and subtracts that much magnitude out otherwise.

Code provided "as-is"

V2I deadThumb(int ix, int iy)
   // was XINPUT_GAMEPAD_LEFT_THUMB_DEADZONE, but my older joypads were skidding with that.
   const int INPUT_DEADZONE = 11000;
   const int kMaxStickVal    = 32767; // positive or negative, post-deadzoning

   V2 thumb(ix + 0.5f, iy + 0.5f);

   //determine how far the controller is pushed
   float magnitude = thumb.length();
   const float kMaxMagnitude = kMaxStickVal + 0.49f;
   const float kNoiseMagnitude = INPUT_DEADZONE;
   if (magnitude > kMaxMagnitude)
      thumb *= kMaxMagnitude / magnitude;
   else if (magnitude < kNoiseMagnitude)
      thumb = V2(0, 0);
      // remove deadzone and renormalize
      float scalar = (magnitude - kNoiseMagnitude) / (kMaxMagnitude - kNoiseMagnitude);
      thumb *= kMaxMagnitude * scalar / magnitude;

   V2I ret;
   ret.x = Math::round(thumb.x);
   ret.y = Math::round(thumb.y);

   return ret;

I'm actually finding it harder to move in the patch than prior to the patch. Sometimes I'll try to move to the up+right hex and i end up in a different hex entirely.

I'm assuming this is because I asked for deadzone changes "Improved behaviour controller deadzone behaviour."

I'll post some code after my Daily about this....

For the audio settings, I'd like them accessible in game. I love the in game music, but sometimes I want to switch mid-game (like right now) and I don't have that option.

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When submitting feedback, some of the time, after the game thinks for a bit, it crashes.

Build 30-11-16

(Edit: haven't had it occur on the new build yet, and I've submitted probably 10-20 comments)

(submitting feedback sometimes crashes in the latest build)

Yesterday during my daily challenge the game crashed.

Obviously this is undesired and presumably won't be an issue once the refinery edition ends, but in the interim period where things are a bit unstable, maybe crashes shouldn't lock players out of retrying the daily challenge and we can be on the honor system not to force quit to replay?

Either way, loving it.

Running browsertest.exe I saw a Form1 with Open Browser button. Pressing Open Browser did in fact open a tab in chrome with URL ""

It's a little weird for me that the Night Wizurd can activate their ability before you ever see them (if they appear on a given turn, they will be actively forcing it to night on whatever battle you were planning on enacting).

That said, it's avoidable by not engaging while exploring.

The Hold to Decompile outside the card menu (when its on the ground) is right trigger, which is also change spells. So when I tried to change spells a card I was planning on picking up decompiled.

The language on the Attack/Defense Blender doesn't read to me that the current modifiers on the merged attack cards wouldn't be counted (it says there won't be modifers on the slab, but doesn't indicate transient bonuses don't count).

The card rocket minimap icon stays even after the rocket has been launched.

And I got this visual bug in today's daily challenge:

Did Space Death just spawn next to me and engage me in battle with no audio cue?

I'm sure I could have looked at the turn counter, but that specific turn seemed a bit rough...

Tapping RB will cast multiple abilities with no cooldown in between? I tried to just cast fire but I accidentally also cast spectral decoy as well.

Super minor, but if a exploding hazard cacti detonates, leaving a scorch mark, it's hard to see the purple Briggund's dark purple projectile target on top of it...

I've never understood the card stealing mechanic... is there a point later in the game where you keep cards through death? Wouldn't it make sense to introduce the card stealing at that point?

Engaging a horse bros in its current tile does not change its power, but engaging it in another tile does. This seems inconsistent with the night/day update logic, which always updates before the battle begins.

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Is there a way to copy the seed out of the pause menu? You might want to be able to access the last seed after dying...

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4 pieces of feedback:

  1. The feedback system crashed on me (Just start a game, submit any feedback, and after 20-30 seconds it'll crash)
  2. The original feedback I was going to leave was to request that the xinput deadzone be increased to ~11000. I have some older controllers that are functional but not with the default XINPUT_GAMEPAD_LEFT_THUMB_DEADZONE parameter. (Edit: this is really only an issue on the card equipment screen)
  3. The feedback button doesn't appear on the menus, so if I had any feedback on those I wouldn't be able to at the moment.
  4. <3 in game feedback