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Loot Rascals



A topic by golem09 created Nov 30, 2016 Views: 672 Replies: 9
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Hi dear devs, just been playing this game for a bit now. It seems to me at least that each playing session can be quite long, is there no way for me to keep my progression but to the let the game run in the backgound until I keep playing?
Or have I overlooked some kind of option that lets me quit the game and reload it next time I want to continue?

Yep, I'm afraid you're correct, there's no mid-game saves at the moment.

An opportunity to leave a game at the end of a stage, and resume it later is on our "things we would definitely like to do, but can't promise" list. The last time we looked into it we discovered that there's a whole bunch of complications that could make it difficult to do well.

So how long is one run through the content at the moment? What kind of time would I have to set back to play through it, once I'm a bit better?

My first complete run clocked in at 70-ish minutes. I was playing carefully, though--switching cards in and out of my deck for a situational advantage of just a few turns then going back to default. Can't imagine it going much longer than that for anyone unless you were really trying to optimize for score (fewest moves).

Maybe ten to fifteen minutes per stage. Less if you're in a flow-state or experienced, of course.

If the game ships next year with the ability to save between stages, that alone would be a massive improvement. I can't think of another roguelike that has a similar restrictions. It's a bit of a buzzkill.

Yeah, I'm clearly veeeery used to the game now, but it takes me 30-50 minutes for a full playthrough, depending on luck and how much I'm hurrying.

Our comparison points are Spelunky and Downwell; which take a similar length of time to play, and don't allow saving. A reasonable argument could be made that this is a different sort of 'roguelike' to those games though.

To me that is an amount of time where it critical wether or not I want to start another game before going to bed. With Binding of Isaac I can just quit the game after 20 minutes, or die 10 times after 2, I don't have to worry, and just keep enjoying the game. When I have to decide beforehand, knowing it would keep me up another 30-50 minutes if I was successful, I'd just go to bed.

I knew this thread had to exist the moment I got to stage 3 and was starting to run late for work this morning.

While I love the aforementioned Spelunky, I feel like my investment in a Loot Rascals run is different due to the card-collection and turn-based strategy. I'd love to have some way to save & quit in the event a run goes better than I expected when I thought I was killing a bit of time. Collecting a dope assortment of cards only to have to close out ahead of my demise is a heart-breaker.

I do wonder why it's difficult to implement. If we are saving between stages, it should only save the character sprite and the 16 cards. Or is there more going on i haven't realized yet?

A maybe related save game system: Fire Emblem. It auto-saves every action before it reveals to the player what the resolution of that action is.

By doing this, it preserves the permanence of turn based actions, while giving the convenience of quick save / pause / resume.