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Loot Rascals community · Created a new topic Controls
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I like that skillchange is now on L1, because I don't think the button you need to hold should be on the same side as the stick you need to use. Maybe as a final step on polishing that, you could disable movements of the target circle in the direction of the skill that was selected. Currently it sometimes happens that the target circle is moved because I haven't let go of it yet when letting go of L1. Minor nitpick though.

For the new Map on Circle I'd really like a toggle options instead of heaving to press the button twice. Or just make the map on B toggleable and non-toggleable when pressing select/share.

I'd also love the option to turn on a permanent map that does not darken the screen, but just floats over the game with some transparency, like in an ARPG.

I personally like both of these mechanics, but I've also played quite a bit of Crypt of the Necrodancer, where waiting a turn is a special skill as well.

Ok, but then I really like 3 tokens more than one. It's a pretty useful ability, especially later when the maps get bigger. 1 token is nothing by then.

"Increase cost of Reveal Map card to 3 tokens."

Shouldn't this increase with the world you're in, like the health machine?

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When choosing Seeded Game, I can' go back to the main menu with the B button on my controller, I have to press Esc.

Also, when pressing L1 for the map screen, I'd like to close it with the B button. I know, I'm weird, but B to cancel is just in my muscle memory.

The healing skills feels pretty game changing every time i get it. I think I'd remove it as a drop and instead offer it as the world 1 quest reward. Would make it less overpowered to stack them, but also give it more consistency. I never reached world 4 yet, so i don't know how valid my thoughts on balancing are atm.

I do wonder why it's difficult to implement. If we are saving between stages, it should only save the character sprite and the 16 cards. Or is there more going on i haven't realized yet?

To me that is an amount of time where it critical wether or not I want to start another game before going to bed. With Binding of Isaac I can just quit the game after 20 minutes, or die 10 times after 2, I don't have to worry, and just keep enjoying the game. When I have to decide beforehand, knowing it would keep me up another 30-50 minutes if I was successful, I'd just go to bed.

I already wrote an ingame feedback message about this, but the tutorial message about the event that is counted down to below the day/night cycle was interrupted for me by the tutorial message about using the base teleport, which skipped the 25 turns necessary to reach the event. I'd just like to know what the message about the event said, because I never read it.

Audio sliders would be good, but a mute option would do for now. With roguelikes I often like to watch tv shows on a second monitor, and in that case I just don't want any music from the game.

So how long is one run through the content at the moment? What kind of time would I have to set back to play through it, once I'm a bit better?

Loot Rascals community · Created a new topic Savegames

Hi dear devs, just been playing this game for a bit now. It seems to me at least that each playing session can be quite long, is there no way for me to keep my progression but to the let the game run in the backgound until I keep playing?
Or have I overlooked some kind of option that lets me quit the game and reload it next time I want to continue?