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Loot Rascals


Support Information Sticky

A topic by Hollow Ponds created Nov 29, 2016 Views: 1,583 Replies: 20
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Developer (3 edits)

As Loot Rascals is still in development there are sure to be bugs and crashes that we have missed!

The best way to let us know about these is to post in this thread with information about the bugs, email us on or to use the in game feedback form.

Please be aware that we are UK based so we will be monitoring support requests roughly between 9am - 6pm GMT during the week so please be patient if you send us a message outside of these times.

If you experience a crash, the game will now output a crash dump that will enable us to work out what caused it. When the game crashes, it will output a file called 'LootRascalsDump.dmp' in the game's working directory.

You can get to the working directory by clicking 'Show local files' in the Itch client (the working directory is usually C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\Loot Rascals\)

This dump file can be quite large, so to send it to us you can use - the email address to send to is Alternatively, upload it somewhere (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and email a link to it to us. If you have the facility, putting them in a zip/rar/7z file is also helpful.

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4 pieces of feedback:

  1. The feedback system crashed on me (Just start a game, submit any feedback, and after 20-30 seconds it'll crash)
  2. The original feedback I was going to leave was to request that the xinput deadzone be increased to ~11000. I have some older controllers that are functional but not with the default XINPUT_GAMEPAD_LEFT_THUMB_DEADZONE parameter. (Edit: this is really only an issue on the card equipment screen)
  3. The feedback button doesn't appear on the menus, so if I had any feedback on those I wouldn't be able to at the moment.
  4. <3 in game feedback
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Is there a way to copy the seed out of the pause menu? You might want to be able to access the last seed after dying...

Engaging a horse bros in its current tile does not change its power, but engaging it in another tile does. This seems inconsistent with the night/day update logic, which always updates before the battle begins.

I just try to remember the power number only changes if it moves spaces. It's not actually tied to day/night cycle.

I've never understood the card stealing mechanic... is there a point later in the game where you keep cards through death? Wouldn't it make sense to introduce the card stealing at that point?

Super minor, but if a exploding hazard cacti detonates, leaving a scorch mark, it's hard to see the purple Briggund's dark purple projectile target on top of it...

Tapping RB will cast multiple abilities with no cooldown in between? I tried to just cast fire but I accidentally also cast spectral decoy as well.

Did Space Death just spawn next to me and engage me in battle with no audio cue?

I'm sure I could have looked at the turn counter, but that specific turn seemed a bit rough...

The language on the Attack/Defense Blender doesn't read to me that the current modifiers on the merged attack cards wouldn't be counted (it says there won't be modifers on the slab, but doesn't indicate transient bonuses don't count).

The card rocket minimap icon stays even after the rocket has been launched.

And I got this visual bug in today's daily challenge:

The Hold to Decompile outside the card menu (when its on the ground) is right trigger, which is also change spells. So when I tried to change spells a card I was planning on picking up decompiled.

It's a little weird for me that the Night Wizurd can activate their ability before you ever see them (if they appear on a given turn, they will be actively forcing it to night on whatever battle you were planning on enacting).

That said, it's avoidable by not engaging while exploring.


Wow! Thanks for all this ardonite!

A few quick answers to some of your questions/feedback are:

We should be pushing a new build soon that will fix the in game feedback crashing. I'll let you know when the new build is up if you are not using the itch app which will download the update automatically.

The card stealing on death is when the game uploads your cards to the server if you are logged in (via the itch app/Facebook/Google) and these cards will appear in other player's games held by stronger elite enemies. If the player is able to kill these enemies then they can choose to keep these powerful cards for themselves or return them to you so during a future game you might start with a bonus card or two. This choice does have consequences though involving a holographic version of the original card owner who may help or hinder the other player depending on their actions!

At the moment you are unable to copy out the seed from the menu, we should hopefully be fixing this soon!

We'll take some time and have a look through the rest of your feedback as soon as we get a chance!

Sometimes I encounter invisible enemies. I'm not sure if this is intentional or a planned addition to the game.

Are you talking about the carrots? I hate those things!

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Carrots burrow once you enter their range of vision, probably similar to the Night Wizard's trigger. They were a nasty (fun nasty, though) surprise the first time you reach area 4.

(Edit: It appears they don't move from that spot)

I already wrote an ingame feedback message about this, but the tutorial message about the event that is counted down to below the day/night cycle was interrupted for me by the tutorial message about using the base teleport, which skipped the 25 turns necessary to reach the event. I'd just like to know what the message about the event said, because I never read it.

Just had a crash when I used the card that redraws your entire deck. It swelled as I was pressing right mouse to pop it and just as it was about to pop it crashed instead.

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When choosing Seeded Game, I can' go back to the main menu with the B button on my controller, I have to press Esc.

Also, when pressing L1 for the map screen, I'd like to close it with the B button. I know, I'm weird, but B to cancel is just in my muscle memory.

I am currently in China now. So I can not download from itch and I have to chose alterate download form website. It is really slow and it often crashes. Can you guys put it on other place which I can download without google services?

I don't seem to be able to log in using my google account. Whenever I try it just winds up with a broken-image icon in my browser and nothing else.

How can i get the game linked to my steam account?