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Wow! Thanks for all this ardonite!

A few quick answers to some of your questions/feedback are:

We should be pushing a new build soon that will fix the in game feedback crashing. I'll let you know when the new build is up if you are not using the itch app which will download the update automatically.

The card stealing on death is when the game uploads your cards to the server if you are logged in (via the itch app/Facebook/Google) and these cards will appear in other player's games held by stronger elite enemies. If the player is able to kill these enemies then they can choose to keep these powerful cards for themselves or return them to you so during a future game you might start with a bonus card or two. This choice does have consequences though involving a holographic version of the original card owner who may help or hinder the other player depending on their actions!

At the moment you are unable to copy out the seed from the menu, we should hopefully be fixing this soon!

We'll take some time and have a look through the rest of your feedback as soon as we get a chance!