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Loot Rascals


Loot Rascals Information Sticky

A topic by Hollow Ponds created Nov 22, 2016 Views: 1,435 Replies: 9
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Hi there,

Pat from Hollow Ponds here. Thought it would be sensible to post some info here for you lovely folks who've bought the refinery edition of Loot Rascals!

Support: The best way to get hold of us if you have any problems or issues then send us an email via or send us a message on Twitter at @hllwpnds.

If you have any press questions then we can be reached on

Feedback: As Loot Rascals is still in development we would love to hear your feedback here on these forums or via the in game feedback form. We are especially looking for feedback about how it feels to play and how fair the enemies and the level generation feel but welcome feedback on most things!

Who We Are: There are a few of us working on Loot Rascals so your questions might get answered by someone else rather than the Hollow Ponds account. Those people are supermaximo93, whitingjp, patashe & KommanderKlobb.

Keeping Loot Rascals Up To Date: The easiest way to keep up to date with any updates we make to Loot Rascals whilst it is still in development is to download the app. The app auto updates any games you have downloaded so as long as you have the app you'll have the most up to date version of Loot Rascals.

The itch page for Loot Rascals will also always have the latest version of the game to download if you don't want to use the app!

Min Specs:

Intel Core2 Duo E8400, 3.0GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6400+, 3.2GHz

Graphics Card: MUST HAVE at least 1gb of VRAM, and support OpenGL 3.0

If you think your system meets this spec but the game isn't working or running well enough then just contact us for a refund on (but please let us know what your spec is so we know!)

Streaming: There is no NDA or limitations to stream Loot Rascals. If possible it'd be grand if you could let your viewers know that this is a work in progress and not the final version of the game!

the game is super fun to play, hard as hell in the beginning especially when monsters don't drop cards or when you cant find elemental cards to help.
some ideas that you guys can change and maybe implement:

- character customization, would be cool if i can choose my char face and suit(canned characters sucks :P)
- a "wait" function: a key to just wait and skip a turn instead of just walk to do that
- i think the difficult is par to roguelikes and turn based games, but it would feel more "fair" if there was more healing possibilities like "fruit/food cards" that heals 1 or 2 and could be collected by stepping on a bush tile or something
- the elemental cards could have lvls/rank, stacking more than one elemental card could add up to that type of damage effect
- card shop/trade to buy/trade cards, token slot machines in the overworld to get rare cards
- a message box that allow the player to type a msg to the person that he/she is sending the card back/stealing

and more options choices: audio volume, rebinding keys etc

Not being able to wait is a feature! There is an item that allows you to do this actually. I would actually say that the health powerups do what you are suggesting. Give you health as you explore.


Hi Valdeir,

Thanks for this!

We will be implementing rebindable keys and other options at some point in the future.

Unfortunately we won't be able to offer character customization as we are a small team and the workload to make it really satisfying prohibits us from implementing it. Hopefully you'll grow to like either of the two characters you can play as though!

We'll have a look at the rest of your feedback when we get a chance.

I second the request for audio settings.

Have to disagree about the possibility of more healing sources, though, based on my play experience so far.


Hi there,

What exactly would you like from the audio settings? Is it just muting either the music or the SFX or would you like to be able to adjust them to your liking?

Audio sliders would be good, but a mute option would do for now. With roguelikes I often like to watch tv shows on a second monitor, and in that case I just don't want any music from the game.

If we encounter crashes, are there dump files we should attach to an e-mail, or are these gathered automatically?


Hi Morphix,

We have just implemented a crash dump system that will be included in the next build that we upload.

For the audio settings, I'd like them accessible in game. I love the in game music, but sometimes I want to switch mid-game (like right now) and I don't have that option.