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i really like this theme, really cool

thanx radek o>

well the game is very raw, simple and totally miss a lot of gameplay features  to make it interesting as a roguelike but at least this year i could finish something for the 7DRL, i wont say is a success but i'm very satisfied with the overall feeling of the game

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all the area transitions are working which for me was the most boring part to do

still need to do some minor things with the enemy AI and add a few collectibles to spice thing up a bit, but i'm really happy with the result i have this year so far

thank you man

adding other areas and making some UI simple elements, i think the "combat" will be around you revealing where the ghosts are and if you spend some turns on the enemy line of sight he start to chasing you, i have ideas for more weapons but i'll stick with only 2 for the jam maybe and try to make at least 4 different areas

- enemies can walk in turns, have a basic line of sight and can attack, nothing fancy

- the player basic attack is working, you can deal dmg/kill enemies by clicking then if they are on your line of sight, i will rework this later, had an idea to make the battle a little bit more interesting but for now this is good (maybe only stun the enemies for a few turns)

- i have a basic inventory system, but i'm having trouble implementing a nice way to detect objects on the ground

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i'm inspired by rpg maker horror games and junji ito, so will try to do a little roguelike with those influences, maybe this year i can finish
instead of full procedural map generation i'm using some prefab pieces, just did this little piece to have an idea of what types of objects i'll need, the tile/tile movement is done and i have a dirty FOV working already

the player have to explore some haunted place and face some ghosts or other supernatural beings, maybe the hunger clock will be the flashlight juice and the player have to collect batteries, i don't know yet...

Construct 2

the game is super fun to play, hard as hell in the beginning especially when monsters don't drop cards or when you cant find elemental cards to help.
some ideas that you guys can change and maybe implement:

- character customization, would be cool if i can choose my char face and suit(canned characters sucks :P)
- a "wait" function: a key to just wait and skip a turn instead of just walk to do that
- i think the difficult is par to roguelikes and turn based games, but it would feel more "fair" if there was more healing possibilities like "fruit/food cards" that heals 1 or 2 and could be collected by stepping on a bush tile or something
- the elemental cards could have lvls/rank, stacking more than one elemental card could add up to that type of damage effect
- card shop/trade to buy/trade cards, token slot machines in the overworld to get rare cards
- a message box that allow the player to type a msg to the person that he/she is sending the card back/stealing

and more options choices: audio volume, rebinding keys etc