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the game is super fun to play, hard as hell in the beginning especially when monsters don't drop cards or when you cant find elemental cards to help.
some ideas that you guys can change and maybe implement:

- character customization, would be cool if i can choose my char face and suit(canned characters sucks :P)
- a "wait" function: a key to just wait and skip a turn instead of just walk to do that
- i think the difficult is par to roguelikes and turn based games, but it would feel more "fair" if there was more healing possibilities like "fruit/food cards" that heals 1 or 2 and could be collected by stepping on a bush tile or something
- the elemental cards could have lvls/rank, stacking more than one elemental card could add up to that type of damage effect
- card shop/trade to buy/trade cards, token slot machines in the overworld to get rare cards
- a message box that allow the player to type a msg to the person that he/she is sending the card back/stealing

and more options choices: audio volume, rebinding keys etc

Not being able to wait is a feature! There is an item that allows you to do this actually. I would actually say that the health powerups do what you are suggesting. Give you health as you explore.