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(Build 30-11-16 : Daily Challenge) Crash to desktop in Zone 4 when moving through the shield barrier leaving the starting safe area. A single Itchicoo was visible and moving toward me as I moved.

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(Build 30-11-16 : Standard Mode) Crash to desktop immediately after moving into a space with a carrot in zone 4. No combat visuals had occurred yet. I don't know if the carrot was on offense or defense, but I think it was during the day.

Loot Rascals community · Created a new topic Crash Reports
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Here's a generic thread for crash reports. Add on with your own if you like.

-One post per crash for ease of browsing, please.

-Don't forget the build label found in the lower left of the title screen.

-If you can find a similar crash that has already been posted, please reply to that post with a +1 and any additional details you may have instead of creating a new post.

-Include as much information as possible. For example: "(Build 30-11-16) Crash to desktop when using a defense blender card with full card inventory." Not: "The game crashed while I was playing in the new build."

Happy looting!

My first complete run clocked in at 70-ish minutes. I was playing carefully, though--switching cards in and out of my deck for a situational advantage of just a few turns then going back to default. Can't imagine it going much longer than that for anyone unless you were really trying to optimize for score (fewest moves).

If we encounter crashes, are there dump files we should attach to an e-mail, or are these gathered automatically?