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Issue with submitting turn: I exited after submitting (assuming it would finish appropriately) so that I could switch to another game, but when I was at the menu it said it was still my turn. I went back in and it had undo everything I had done. Including letting me burgle different places. This seems pretty broken / OP if someone wanted to abuse it.

Edit1: Ah - it literally displays a submitting message when it does that. That said, you probably will need to submit after every single player action otherwise they will be able to guarantee that they explore the specific building they want on the first try every time.

Edit2: It seems to reconstruct the turn if I haven't pressed submit. So maybe the bug is limited to post-submit button during the end of turn update before it actually submits? The only way I see this happening is if you are saving the individual turn actions locally deleting that local save file on submit-button and then sending the local save to the server after the post-turn-update. If this is the case, someone will find and delete that local save file to undo turn actions. Safest to submit every single action, before the action is revealed to a player, just like Fire Emblem.