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Antihero First Access

Fast-paced strategy with an (Oliver) Twist. Bribe, blackmail, and assassinate your opposition. · By Versus Evil

Feedback from First Access Sticky

A topic by Versus Evil created Dec 07, 2016 Views: 2,104 Replies: 115
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Thanks for checking out First Access for Antihero. While we hope you have fun and a great experience, please let us know what you think could be done better, or what could use some tweaking to improve the experience. We're open to any and all feedback from every skill level. Thanks for all of the support.


Yay! Very excited to try it out! I was hoping this would be cross-platform from the get-go though. Any plans to eventually release a Linux-compatible version? Re-booting into Windows whenever I want to play is a pain.

Developer (1 edit)

Unknown at this point about Linux - sorry!


This was super fun to play at PAX East, I'm really excited to finally get my hands on it!


Sadly our official Linux plans are "probably not" (unless you count Android -- we'll be launching iOS and Android versions later next year). But desktop Linux is tricky because our framework (Adobe AIR) is not Linux friendly. A Linux version would have to be a rewrite in e.g. Unity - which, never say never, but is unlikely.


Just fooled around with it and lost the 2nd tutorial (!), but I think I'm finding my way. Much slicker and more polished than I expected, it seems like a lot of fun so far.


Re: losing the 2nd tutorial - yeah, I'm doing lots of fiddling with the AI at the moment. It's currently tuned too hard on the tutorials - Lygrave shouldn't be such a monster and I'll be addressing that in a future release :)

Actually rather than restart the tutorial from the beginning(it would be nice if you could save it, or there was an autosave) I just jumped into a skirmish game and found that with the basics I was pretty much able to pick the rest of it up on my own. I still lost to the AI, but by only one point, which isn't so bad, I guess.

Yeah, I just had the same thought after accidentally exiting during the second tutorial. Certainly being able to save/restore would be useful.


Ye...esssss. Definitely. I'll add this post-haste.


Booted up a VirtualBox windows appliance. Nerd on Fedora with love in my heart...

Re Linux: Ah, that's a shame. There are ways to get AIR to run under wine under Linux, though it looks like the distributed version of Antihero doesn't work with it. I think it requires distribution in the form of an "AIR package":

Any chance of also distributing an AIR package so that we have some way of trying to get the game to run on Linux?


Can you send an email to I can set something up.

Having played the tutorial, a skirmish game against the AI, and a few turns of multiplayer,I have a couple of thoughts and questions:

1) Zooming in and out of the map should be in the tutorial. I didn't know I could until I discovered it by accident.

2) Cursor placement needs fine tuning. When placing it over a building it sometimes brings up the option to scout the square next to it.

3) Charity is overpowered and makes some victory points too easy to get. Perhaps allow it only before any other actions and have it end the turn.

4) Are games with more than two players in the works?

5) LIkewise, how about a perk for each playable Master Thief?


Re: charity -- it may be that the AI is simply underpowered in responding to those particular strategies. A charity-heavy strategy doesn't hold up against good players in multiplayer. I'll look into the AI!

I played through the tutorial and a skirmish. I agree with tgb on points 1 and 2. Charity felt OK to me. I like the idea that if you can't upgrade you can get a small boost.

I disagree strongly that it was too hard. I won handily on all 3 maps. As I play more I will continue giving feedback.


@TGB - Thanks for the feedback!

1) Noted!

2) We'll continue to fine tune that aspect.

3) We need a lot of more playtesting to get the balance just right on things like this.

4) Only as ideas, not actual work

5) Perks could be interesting

I believe I've found a bug: Buy an Urchin at the very end of your turn, and then *don't place him*. On your next turn, the price for an Urchin is now +1, even though you *didn't* buy an Urchin this turn.


That's not a bug (though the game doesn't do a good job explaining this) - it's meant to discourage "urchin hoarding" (also "thug hoarding") where you all of a sudden swamp the board with characters your opponent wasn't able to see coming and therefore couldn't counter. (Originally, the game didn't work this way, but after a bunch of internal play testing we changed the rule because that strategy was no fun.)

Oh, I see. The text in the box should certainly be updated then, because it currently implies that the reason for the higher cost is that one was hired this turn..

It's also an extra punishment for getting your urchin stunned by a trap. Since he's in the field at the start of your next turn you're at +1 cost. I think the mechanic makes sense.

Also, it'd be really handy to be able to report bugs from directly within the game!


Good idea, we can look at our options for something like this.

Is there any way to rotate the map? I ask, because the money bag that's displayed above buildings can be completely obscured by minions (I clicked on the building to see if it could be burgled, and it could, despite me not being able to see the money bag icon).

Question: what determines how far one's Master Thief can move with a single AP when scouting?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Can't currently rotate the map.

The only things that stop a Master Thief's movement are Thugs and Fog of War. (as well as NPC Thugs)


And traps! (If he triggers a trap, he loses all action points.)

It looks like the MT can scout, at most, three squares into the FoW.

(6 edits)

Narrative question - do I get to name myself, or am I always "You"

Also, online account nicknames must start with a capital letter?

"There was a problem talking to the Antihero servers. Please check your Internet connection or try again in a few minutes. IOErrorEvent errorID=2032 type="ioError" text="Error #2032""

Is there a way to tell if my opponent is doing actions? On the first turn it was unclear if there's someone there. (Ah they just finished their turn)

It seems that burgling some buildings gives me lanterns... is there a way for me to know which is which?

"Waiting for <Nickname>" draws in front of the description for "Scout"

For PC builds, I dumbly assumed that I could use the mouse (without click-dragging) to pan the screen around. Now that I know about arrows/click+drag I can work around it, but my first assumption was wrong.

Developer (1 edit)

(Hey there!)

  • The (in-development) story will assign you a character and a name (you'll be playing as Longfinger, as well as one of his mentees).
  • Yeah, currently I'm requiring nicknames start with a capital letter. This was mostly to encourage people to choose names that sound like names, rather than xxGamerDudexx, but maybe that's too heavy handed. I'm definitely open to reconsidering.
  • The IOErrorEvent you saw was from a web request timeout - are you on a flaky wifi or something? Maybe the server hiccuped. I think in general the game needs to be a little less sensitive to that stuff, and just retry (the timeout is stupidly low).
  • Ah! You're not the first to be confused here. So - the multiplayer is entirely Words With Friends-style asynchronous -- you get your opponent's entire turn once they hit submit, but not their individual moves as they come in. (You can quit the game in the middle of a match and come back.) This probably needs a popup explaining it the first time. There's an experimental synchronous mode that I've disabled in this build because it's buggy, and because I'm not convinced it would be healthy for the game (since it would require a bigger player pool), but we're still making up our minds about that...
  • Burgling a large money sack will either give 2 coins or 1 lantern, with about a 25% chance of getting 1 lantern. Small sack always gives 1 coin. THere's no way to know what you'll get from a large sack ahead of time.
The IOErrorEvent you saw was from a web request timeout - are you on a flaky wifi or something? Maybe the server hiccuped. I think in general the game needs to be a little less sensitive to that stuff, and just retry (the timeout is stupidly low).

This computer isn't even on wifi, it's wired. It didn't happen when I retried, though. So I'm good.

Ah! You're not the first to be confused here. So - the multiplayer is entirely Words With Friends-style asynchronous -- you get your opponent's entire turn once they hit submit, but not their individual moves as they come in. (You can quit the game in the middle of a match and come back.) This probably needs a popup explaining it the first time. There's an experimental synchronous mode that I've disabled in this build because it's buggy, and because I'm not convinced it would be healthy for the game (since it would require a bigger player pool), but we're still making up our minds about that...

Sounds good. It would still be nice if it had a status for the other player: {offline, active, idle} but I'm sure it's not a top priority.

It did take me a second to realize that "Exit" wouldn't terminate the current game, but rather just take me back to the multiplayer window while the opponent can still take their turn. There also doesn't seem to be a "Leave" functionality for actually ending a multiplayer game early?


To leave a game early, hit the Gear icon in the top left corner and choose Resign. (You can currently only do this on your turn, but that will be fixed before release.)

(2 edits)

Issue with submitting turn: I exited after submitting (assuming it would finish appropriately) so that I could switch to another game, but when I was at the menu it said it was still my turn. I went back in and it had undo everything I had done. Including letting me burgle different places. This seems pretty broken / OP if someone wanted to abuse it.

Edit1: Ah - it literally displays a submitting message when it does that. That said, you probably will need to submit after every single player action otherwise they will be able to guarantee that they explore the specific building they want on the first try every time.

Edit2: It seems to reconstruct the turn if I haven't pressed submit. So maybe the bug is limited to post-submit button during the end of turn update before it actually submits? The only way I see this happening is if you are saving the individual turn actions locally deleting that local save file on submit-button and then sending the local save to the server after the post-turn-update. If this is the case, someone will find and delete that local save file to undo turn actions. Safest to submit every single action, before the action is revealed to a player, just like Fire Emblem.

Price of Urchins/Thugs - the text states on this turn, but I've seen both be at 4 on the turn after if I left them on the street. Is the text out of date?


Not out of date, probably just needs to be reworded. If you have purchased but not used an Urchin/Thug the price remains raised. (this prevents Urchin/Thug hoarding which was a problem before)

If I'm sitting on the Online screen, it would be nice if a sound played when an active VS game changes from Waiting to Play. I'm tabbed out while all the matches are waiting, and I know from previous async multiplayer games I don't like having too many games going at once. So I'd rather just get notified when a game is ready.


Noted - it *should* play a sound now when it is your turn and it *should* e-mail you as well. But we are looking for other options as well. (Blinking game icon perhaps)


It doesn't currently play a sound when you're in the Online Menu but I'll add that.

Yea - from here.

Or to be honest, any time the game is open that the player is not already in a different online game. e.g. skirmishing while waiting for the opponent to make their move.

Also, if there were an in-game feedback button, I would use it 10x as often as I would this forum :/ The convenience of a system makes a big difference.

If I start a new quick match and nobody joins I'd like a means to cancel it. Otherwise it's definitely ending up as a this-will-take-forever match.


Have both ideas already being looked in to!

Minor inconsistency: the description of the Saboteur is not consistent across all instances:

  • On Purchase bar, "Traps buildings and reveals Districts. (one-time use.)"
  • In Thieves Guild, "Traps buildings, scouts tiles."
  • On the streets, "Traps a building, or reveals a District. (one-time use.)"
I suggest using "Traps a Building or Reveals a District (one-time use)"

General notation comments:

  • Capitalizing game elements, such as the name of map locations and actions (Buildings and Reveals/Scout/etc., respectively), makes it easier for players to understand and follow
  • Within (), periods are not normally used to end a phrase, unless the phrase ends in an abbreviation
I'm not trying to be picky. I'm just trying to make the tooltips easier on the eyes, more easily understood, and consistent. :-)

I'm (for real) super fussy about copy-editing so I really appreciate this sort of feedback!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

One thing I slightly disagree with, though, is the capitalization of game-specific nouns and verbs. Or more specifically, I agree with the sentiment, but the capitalization looks unattractive to me. What I prefer is bolding or coloring those words instead, which I'll look into!

My suggestion comes from reading many board game rule books, so I blame them! I'm looking forward to seeing what you folks decide on!

I got my first handled exception in Skirmish. It said its being handled so hopefully the stack trace made its way to the devs. But what surprised me is that the Skirmish lost quite a few rounds of play (basically since I last exited and resumed). Skirmishes would benefit by being treated almost the same as online matches (save after every, single, action is committed before displayed [ala fire emblem]) that way crashes don't lose data.


Yeah the stack traces get sent to the server and I get pinged, so I see the crash. (Unfortunately Adobe AIR doesn't give line #s in its stack traces when running a Release build, so there's a bit of guessing I have to do about what exactly is causing it :( )

Suggestion: add a button that allows the player to replay his opponent's previous turn while in-game. Currently, one has to click the gear icon, click to return to the MP screen, and click the Play button. So the required clicks would be reduced from 3 to 1.


I'm adding this to the list!


Loving the game guys! Saw you at PAX 2015 & 2016, so happy to finally get my hands on it. One bug me and my wife came across tonight: The sounds and then the music seem to stop playing after a few turns in a game. Quitting out of it and starting it back up gets them back up.

Keep up the great work!


Strange! I haven't seen that before. Thanks for the report - I'll look into it! (And thanks for the kind words!)

(2 edits)

I like this game so much! Thank you to the couple of chaps in here that told me about it, and mainly you, guys for making it!

I have some interrogations

The Saboteur description in the "tech tree" specifies it can "scout tiles". Is this a wording only issue, or can he also raise some fog of war in some way?

The few games I have played, excepting a very particular situation (specifically in the very early game, so the MT's dagger isn't upgraded, and right after dispatching the rival's gang) the boosting of health of gangs through Thugs seems like a major waste of ressources. Anybody having the same experience? Is it only a newbie trap so we invest into our gangs thinking we can kick ass with them, while we have to learn to say 'good-bye"? Or maybe it is because I am such a thugs lover *errm*

Related: the bonus to gang's health from upgrading the... whatever the thug place is, doesn't apply for the existing one(s) - only the newly spawned ones - which is the reverse of the behavior of the tech tree upgrades, so a bit of a bummer. But it also makes investing in this building much less interesting in my opinion. Would it be overpowered the other way around?

Finally, is a Friend's list (preferrably, with stats) envisaged for the full game?


Thanks, Danjuro!

To your questions:

  • The saboteur can scout buildings. More specifically, he can scout any unscouted district anywhere on the map, and in doing so he'll reveal the location of the primary building in that district. (He doesn't scout street tiles.)
  • Re: gang health -- definitely not a newbie trap! :) -- I frequently boost my gang's health in order to prevent him from being one-shotted by an enemy gang or thief. That said, thugs are a bit overpowered right now. In an upcoming patch, their starting health will be reduced to 1.
  • Totally agree that the Strangefellows Level 2 is a bit underpowered. In the forthcoming patch, it will be modified so that it gives all Gangs AND Thugs +1 health -- and this will apply to existing gangs and thugs as well as newly-spawned ones.
  • Re: friends list - probably not at launch, as it's a fairly big undertaking and I'm hoping that e.g. the Steam Friends List can carry us some of the way there. That said, the longevity of the multiplayer component is hugely important to me -- it's why I created the game. We'll be adding leaderboards, stats, and whatnot for sure; and if there's lots of demand for a friends list, we will look into that as well!

Thank you for the explanation about the saboteur's scouting: I didn't know (nor figure) you could use to raise the fog on districts.

And aw! the thug nerf is going to hurt the thug lovers ;D

See you in-game!

Ah, another small question (it probably was explained in the tutorial, but...) : I thought the burglary reward were 2 coins -> 1 coin -> nothing, but sometimes, when I enter a building, I get a lantern while, honnestly, I am really looking for coins. Is it random, or because the building had already been visited by the other player, or maybe is it tied to the Art Critic perk (it seems to be happening later in the game, although it could just be an impression)?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Per the devs:

"Burgling a large money sack will either give 2 coins or 1 lantern, with about a 25% chance of getting 1 lantern. Small sack always gives 1 coin. THere's no way to know what you'll get from a large sack ahead of time."

I think I've received nothing, at times, when burgling a dark building (which means it hasn't be burgled, yet). So I'm not certain dark buildings always have a large money sack waiting, or if there's a chance it contains nothing.

(1 edit)

Ah, thank you. I wonder if not receiving anything from a dark building isn't tied to the fact that you didn't scout it, but maybe your adversary did, and already retrieved some? That would be logical, although I am not dedicated enough to have tried it myself in a fake hotseat session.

Developer (1 edit)

If your opponent has gotten to the building first, you will get nothing (or 1 coin if they've only visited the building once). So, all dark buildings are guaranteed to have burglary rewards at the beginning of the game, but your opponents can change the playfield out from under you :)

(Also, it's possible that a dark building that doesn't have footprints next to it has still been burgled by an opponent saboteur.)

So if my opponent burgles for the first time a building that shows dark for me, it will continue to show dark for me? In other words, only buildings I burgle for the first time change from dark to light?


When a building is dark it just means that you haven't scouted it yet - which usually means there's still a burglary in it. (Unscouted/dark buildings also don't reveal whether they're guarded or have enemy urchins in them.)

(1 edit)


I've been enjoying the game for a few days now, and wanted to share some of the stuff I think can be improved:

  • When clicking on a building on the outer edge of the screen, the popup is shown, but often outside of the screen, and the screen doesn't shift to show both the building and the popup.
  • Sometimes clicking on a tile behind a puppet is difficult.
  • It would be nice to see if your online opponent is online or not (whether to wait for a new turn...)
  • I can imagine online games might never end if your opponent never takes a turn, is there a time-out or something for this?
  • It would be nice to see stats of how many games you played/won/lost

I'm sure some of it has been noted before, just trying to help by letting the dev's know. Good luck finishing the game! (It actually looks pretty finished already :-)


Huge thanks for the feedback! We're already working on several of these things and love the idea of some basic stat tracking. We're going to take a look and see what info we can get to track/display.

Currently, it's difficult to see red footsteps in squares that are located behind certain builds. Perhaps you could allow the player to make the buildings temporarily transparent, assuming you can't make the map rotatable.


Transparent buildings is a neat idea. Something Tim can investigate for sure!

Tried to load latest build got this msg along with a black screen :

Build ID: 712d2e7
Error: Error #2032
at Function/$1:anonymous()

I fixed the issue by deleting the file and just unzipping it again(just felt like it was something that I should share).

Also , the latest update seems to trigger windowsscreen protection. It brings up a blue box that says it is from an unknown publisher and may harm your computer and I have to select run anyways.

Prior version didn't do that. So, I don't know if it's something with the new build or my computer suddenly became over-protective, or it's being a good wingman for Stardew Valley.


Thanks for sharing - we'll take a look and see what all changed.

(1 edit)

Just played multiple games simultaneously without logging out of the game, and continuously got emails telling me a new turn was ready, which I already saw in-game. It would be nice if the email notification for new turns is turned off while you are in the game itself, as I now have a ton of emails telling me about turns I already took.

Second comment is that I just lost a game, and it immediately took me back to the menu. However, I could see there was a message from the other player, but was unable to read it due to automatically leaving the game and after that I could not return to it as it was finished.

Developer (1 edit)

Yep, this is on the list of things to fix. The (minor) trickiness is that, since you don't have a persistent connection to the server (that is, the game reconnects to the server each time you load a game or send a turn or fetch new games or whatever), the server doesn't "know" when you're actually in-game. But I think we can work around this by simply putting off sending "your turn!" emails until your account hasn't made a server request for X minutes or whatever.

After playing the game I have a couple of suggestions. There seem to be some random elements that can really affect a game, I'm not sure if this design is intended or not but I figured I'd mention it anyway.

1. Depending on the location of the starting trading house sometimes it can be accessed without having to walk through fog of war. This means one player can get a small advantage very early by essentially gaining one free action point (as they only spend one AP burgling the trading house instead of two scouting the trading house then burgling it.

2. The spawning of gems in estates can give players a big advantage. I have had games where gems spawn on my opponents turn four or five times in a row and instead I get paintings spawning on my turn four or five times in a row. In the mid to late game where lanterns become less relevant this can determine games.

3. The starting location of the bank can be too favorable to players. If one player has the bank right next to their starting location they have a massive advantage over their opponents. 3 gold per turn that is difficult to contest if the bank is on your opponents side of the map is too strong. I have some suggestions: 2 banks spawn on each map at opposite ends, the bank's starting location is set to a specific neutral location or a random allotment of neutral locations, or the bank only awards 2 gold per turn when fully infiltrated.

I also think the ability for urchins to evict other urchins from buildings should be a starting ability of theirs and not only available to the person that has fully infiltrated the orphanage. Gangs are not very effective as eviction tools as doing so exposes your gang to your opponent which means your gang dies and theirs snowballs. Therefore gangs are most effective at contesting your opponents gang or farming gold. This leaves only truant officers which are quite far down on the perk tree and are only cost effective when removing 3 urchins at once. Thus there are only very inefficient methods to evict buildings with 1 or 2 urchins in them. Allowing urchins to start with the ability evict others will assist this, otherwise it might be good to create a new unit entirely for this, like a mini truant officer.

A final suggestion. I understand that this one will most likely only be viable much further down the development line. A mode that has round timers to ensure turns are played consecutively would be good. This eventually could be turned into a ranked mode if there is any interest in running something like that.

Thank-you. Really enjoying the game.


Huge thanks for this feedback! Certainly appreciate you taking the time to both play and share this.

1) Agreed, something we need to look at to ensure fairness.

2) Also something we need more data to accurately determine what work's best. The maps and estate locations also greatly impact how the Gems/Paintings come in to play and when.

3) Agree to an extent, but nonetheless something we need to evaluate for fair play. If one person has a clear advantage to the bank, then the other play should have something on their side of the map to balance it out (in theory).

4) Urchins and Evicting -- This is an area I've been tinkering with as well, and it may well be the fact that evicting only currently works well when someone is way head. Like you said, maybe urchins should have this ability from the start or perhaps it's an upgrade in the skill tree. This is an area I'm particularly interested in exploring more as I find evicting a somewhat tedious task currently.

Thank-you for the reply.

Totally understand that balancing a game takes time. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents for what I had noticed so far but I understand that you need to gather enough data to ensure that my experiences are reflective of all games.


Forgot to mention your comment on turn timers - we're actually working to release a mode where there are turn timers and it functions much more like a live game.

That's great news.

About turn timer : I haven't tried live games yet. But it could also be casual game feature, with long turns (12 or 24 hours). But, if a player does not connect, the AI would take over for 1 turn (until the player connects)

Hi. Thanks for opening up the First Access again. I watched Splattercat's 3 part series on the game and knew instantly that I had to try it. So far it's a fun game. A touch too easy but you've already stated that the AI is kinda stupid at the moment, and that's okay.

Just a suggestion. The character selection feautre is purely cosmetic. I think it would be cool if each character had a unique trait or ability or some such thing. I understand that that might prove probelmatic for multiplayer, so maybe the player could choose from a list of traits or abilities to make the character a little more unique. Perhaps it could be an in game feature, infiltrate 3 urchins into a unique building will unlock the PC's special ability, and the player and his/her opponent can fight over the building.

Thanks again for the cool game.


Thanks for the feedback - and yea, we do like the idea of having the Theives having something unqiue about each one of them. It's an idea we have on our table, but not sure when we'll get to look at it.

Besides after winning (or losing) a game you are unable to view any messages sent, you also cannot have one last look at the city. As I play multiple games I don't specifically remember all the details, and it would be nice to see the city (and messages) one last time before the game is removed from the games list. Maybe a button to visit the city after ending the game, with a default click on the screen going to the menu?


Yep, that makes sense for several reasons. We will see what we can do!

(2 edits)

Something needs to be done about Thug spam. It's too easy for a player with 3-HP Thugs and the use of Charity to force a Poison Dagger Master Thief to always use his one attack on one of those Thugs, thereby preventing him from eliminating enemy Gangs that level up without resistance. He needs to be given a means to bypass enemy Thugs (but not Villains and Henchmen), perhaps adding such a skill to the end of the Skulldugery Sneakery tree.

In one of my current games (which is closing in on Turn 20), my opponent has been plopping two 3-HP Thugs on either side of my Guild Hall's exit point for the last 8+ turns, forcing me to use my Master Thief's one attack to kill one of them to acccess the remainder of the map. So now I'm unble to threaten his 2-HP Gang (also note that he no longer needs to add Thugs to them, since my Master Thief must always use his one attack on a Thug), since newly hired Gangs come with only 1 Damage. So any Gang I hire is immediately killed by his Gang on his next turn.

It's not a fun experience when a player has no means to deal with such a map state.

(1 edit) (+1)

Totally agreed... and I am the guy that who was doing that spam, in that game.

I suggested a simple workaround elsewhere, as this exploit is probably not at all what the author had in mind when designing the thug: maybe making the thief's lair have 2 exits (i.e, a backdoor) once the back of the building is scouted?


I agree, and we'll be making changes to nerf this strategy soon. The suggestion about a skill that allows the master thief to bypass enemy obstacles is interesting. I think what we'll likely do - to start, at least - is just designate a set of protected tiles around each guild. Enemies will be able to pass through those tiles, but not stop on them.

skills, or special ability picked up in a buildng.

A good game.

What I will say is that it feels that the game can be won or lost on area control. If you manage to control all areas and deny resources to opponents, then there will be no recovery and an automatic victory... to me it detracts from the theme as well.

Also its a bit confusing that there is only 1 thief in a theives' guild.


Don't discount the poor hard-working urchins! They're thieving for you every turn that they're embedded in a business! :)

Controlling resources and denying your opponent access to them, while they are trying to do the same to you, is what makes it a strategy game. Problems arise when there is a certain strategy that cannot be countered. Then the game becomes a simple race to see who can be first to push the 'I win' button.

I think the arbitrary point control is the problem. I can't see why people can benefit from the same locations. Multiple teams of Urchins stealing from the same area and if there are two many on the same site, the bobby (Police) investigating and scaring them off (lost to the players for a few turns but slowly come back) creating a risk reward mechanic, even using this to deny resources in this way.

Come to think of it, where are the Police? You'd think that the Police would be present in a game about thieves? Patrolling every turn and detecting in an area.

Patrolling police could be a map idea. ;p


Love this feedback folks - please keep it coming!

Hi! Loved playing your game at PAX South! I bought the game a couple days ago after the con, but just got the first access email, since I've already purchased it will I still get the steam code when those are available?

I really love the game, the concept and the art! Great job!


Thanks, Nyxiaus, and welcome to Antihero!

Yep - everyone who purchases the game on itch will receive a Steam key when we launch there.

Awesome! Thanks so much for you hard work!

A couple of MP UI things that I presume are on your list, but I've not seen mentioned:

1. There should be a way to decline a MP invitation.

2. Who goes 1st in a MP game should be randomized.


1. Noted - yes

2. Yes - we're in agreement.

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Hey there! Found this game through the current charity competition from a streamer I watch, love the game and the core mechanics thus far from what I've seen and the handful of games I've played now. (this got lengthier than I intended, whoops)

A lot of my feedback stems from simply a lack of other players at the moment which is to be expected given that the games in early access with a limited # of keys out right now, that said the game doesn't make it any easier to accommodate for that currently. I personally prefer to play 1 game of antihero start to finish in single sitting as opposed to multiple simultaneously. The current system makes that exceptionally difficult, promoting opening dozens of games through the asynchronous format in the hope to find that one person who is actively present on the other side. And for that one person you find, you end up with 10-20+ active matches across only a couple people who at the time were likely doing the same thing but unable to leave the queue if they had to leave. Finally once you've found that person whose actively playing, you're forced to communicate between turns before the game ends (it updates during turns but isn't retroactive I've noticed, requiring a refresh of the current game to see if anything was said before turn ends) to find each other through 3rd parties/social media such as facebook, discord, forums, etc. if you want to have future subsequent active live games.


  1. needs live match making, at least on PC's side, or you end up micromanaging 10+ games, likely worse once player base grows.
  2. friends list/conversation outside of matches. steam friends should suffice on release, as for now just a means to talk outside of games would be greatly appreciated, an inbox of sorts similar to how the in match chat work perhaps?
  3. ability to close asynchronous match queues incase you have to leave before it finds an opp, so they aren't left hanging for who knows how long (I've had several hour long queues before it found someone) would help limit the amount of open games as well.
  4. look into estate cost vs. reward? EDIT: after playing a few more games against people that go into it, it seems to combo well the more into bullying you go (such as rushing double dagger to lockdown opp's gang) instead of competing for victory points as the game gets dragged out.

Few bugs/minor things I've seen

  1. music and/or sound effects randomly cut out, requiring a re-launch of the client.
  2. clicking out of the window cuts music, minimizing the window keeps it (not a complaint, I enjoy the menu tune to just be on in the background, just inconsistent.
  3. names of buildings can cover entire tiles, preventing you from seeing if the opp has scouted a tile you have yet. (make name fade when hovered over perhaps? or a toggle?
  4. perhaps its just the # of people playing currently, but I've only encountered about 8 different people randomly from queuing and multiple hour long queues, not sure if that's the matchmaking derping or not.
  5. only has happened once, but threw me into 2 queues at once.

Hi there,

I bought the first access yesterday, and so far i am liking it. Only been playing skirmishes so far and i read the disclaimer about the AI being 'dumb'. Still i thought some feedback in this regard might be useful.

- In the scenario 'masquerade' the AI seems to ignore the masquerade ball tactic so far.
- I think i saw the opposing master thief attack my gang, followed by an attack via assassin - isn't that wasting an action point?

I'm still getting the hang of the game. Just trying to be helpful. I'll just post whatever i think feels weird.

Great work in creating this game, you guys! Thanks.


Thanks, Toastgeraet! Yep, the AI is particularly dumb on the Masquerade map, but it will be improved before launch.

I just got this game and have been playing it with a friend. It's very enjoyable so far. I don't have much feedback to provide on balance yet, but I can already tell this game is very well suited for more than 2 players. I don't believe it would be too much work to implement and I think it's a feature that would greatly enhance the enjoyment of the game.

I know someone already mentioned this, but I wanted to stress how important I think it is and reinforce it with another request for it!


Thanks, Eagleheart! This is certainly something on our radar. The game won't get support for > 2 players before its (imminent!) launch, but it's something I'll be experimenting with after version 1.0 is out!

Is it supposed to be, that the saboteur can also burgle, scout a building, and not be hindered by fog of war or enemies?

Not criticizing here, just curious whether it is a bug or not.


Yup, that's the intended behavior. Saboteur has been nerfed a few times, and _may_ get nerfed again in this particular respect - the jury's still out! But unless/until that happens: enjoy your additional burglary! (With the right upgrades, this means that a Saboteur can pay for himself...)

Ah okay, first i thought it was a bug, but then i figured as much. I was just confused because the description just tells about revealing districts and trapping. At the moment i don't feel it's overpowered, but then again i just found out about those possibilities. Maybe some other players feel the same and would use him even more.

What really made him interesting to me is that he can't be block. Just like the knight in chess. I always compare your game to chess in my head or when i tell people about it. I guess that is what fascinates me so about it. That the randomness factors in very little (although there is no randomness at all in chess) and that you basically have a relatively small, overseeable set of possible actions that allow four countless combinations and tactics.

I read that some remarked that the placement of buildings is sometimes a little unfair, e.g. when one player starts with a bank very close by. Or that one time where i was able to infiltrate to Trade House in the first round :D. I basically agree with that statement, although i think one has to be careful how to handle that. If one makes everything same for parties then players would never have to adapt, and "best strategies" would quickly emerge. What i think is necessary is something on the other players side that allows him for a counter strategy. I also get the feeling that you already wrote the algorithm with this in mind, but sometimes i think one side is really worse off. Then again, i probably just lack the experience.

Anyways i am really excited to see where this is going and i am glad and thankful to be a part of first access.

Hey guys - please note new Patch Notes from yesterday's update (March 20, 2017) up on the community home page.

bug I just found, its not possible to place a guard where it spawns, nor is it to move the guard to place it where it was. I had my thief on the normal home tile and then bought a guard. the guard appeared 1 block down at a cross roads where I wanted to set him to guard. since selecting the tile just selects the unit even if already selected, and ending my turn pulls him back into the hideout, the gold was wasted that turn and the area wasn't protected. either make it so selecting the space the units are already on actually selects the space, or have guards deploy where they stand if they aren't given actions the turn their bought on please and thank you.

another bug that was just noticed with the recent update (found during a live game) killing a guard in a trapped estate does not prompt/give a level to a gang that killed it, giving away the trap entirely. this might have been intended to hint to the player trying to take it, but not being mentioned in the notes it didn't seem likely.


Whoops! Thanks for the catch. This will be fixed in the next patch.

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on a roll, 3 in almost a week. if there's a stunned unit adjacent to an opponents building and that tile is where your gang is meant to land after evicting, it causes the match to crash you back to the lobby and undo what you've done. in my exact instance it was a stunned saboteur next to the contested trading house, with my thief next to the stunned unit and my gang behind my thief (to put my gang back safely) instead it attempts to put my gang on top of the immobile stunned unit and errors out. it might be possible (I didn't try) to probe the map with this, such as using your thief's actions to scout around and see buildings, crash, then take the optimal locations instead.

tested in single player skirmish as well, crashes out of that too which makes the game unrecoverable (thus couldn't test the probing possibility, will need to get a live game to try that out), will update once known.


Huge thanks for helping find these things!

have since been able to test this proper. it is possible to probe the map with this. the maps are seeded from the start, and when this crash happens it forgets everything that has been done that turn so far. so one could scout using all of their action points, force the crash, and scout other things until they get a satisfactory result and map knowledge.


That's no bueno - will make sure Tim sees this and hunts for a fix!


This is fixed, and will be pushed out in the next patch soon.

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so im not sure if its a result of this fix, but... now the probing bug is even simpler. so prior to the update, exiting to the menu/lobby would retain anything you did this turn, now it doesn't. so simply exiting out of the game gives the same result. on the other end of this fix, now if a stunned unit is infront of a building with no other entrances available (notably the guard towers in the new map is where I noticed it) you cant enter the building at all even to fill not evict. the stunned unit can still be walked through just not to get to a building adjacent to it. this very well may be intended which is fine, just pointing out the finding.

*edit* so it doesn't always happen, but when it does its consistent for the turn. possibly from a high ping? not 100% sure, but I did it on different turn to test, and it didn't have the same result.

Just played the tutorial and a first match against AI (which I won 5 to 0)  and I LOOOOOOOOOVE what I saw! Of course The AI turned out to be pretty dumb, but I was warned.
I'll be back to it for more constructive feedback :)


Great to hear :) -- Thanks, Pierrec!